Behind the Scene of 'We Are the World' Remake, Lady GaGa Reportedly Refused to Come

February 03, 2010 03:14:51 GMT

Rumor has it, Lady GaGa didn't come to the recording session of 'We Are the World' remix because she has turned down the offer to be part of the charity project.

Behind the Scene of 'We Are the World' Remake, Lady GaGa Reportedly Refused to Come
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More than 50 big musicians have gathered at the Hollywood's Henson Recording Studios on February 1 to record a remix of "We Are the World". From Jonas Brothers and Nicole Scherzinger to Kanye West and Akon, they brought their voice together to make a beautiful music which will be released to benefit Haitian relief effort.

Spotted missing on the star-studded line-up was Lady GaGa who was previously reported to lend her vocal. That leads to a speculation that she snubbed it. "They literally begged her to come," a source told The Hollywood Reporter. "She turned them down. She didn't get it."

Singing on the opening line, which was performed by Lionel Richie in the original song, reportedly is Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, delivering Bob Dylan's part is rapper Lil Wayne. Though at first admitting that he didn't know how to sing, Weezy feels honored with the task given to him.

"After I did Bob Dylan's part, it kinda hit me that I guess this is something way more important than I could've ever imagined," the rap mogul told the press and responded "hell no!" when asked if his rendition was better than Bob's.

A music video for the song is filmed in 3-D and will be premiered during NBC's coverage of the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics Friday, February 12. Paul Haggis is serving as the director.

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posted by wtf on Feb 06, 2010
where is britney, madonna, maraih carrey, beyonce ,alicia keys, jay z,justin timberlake,whitney houstan,lady caca,taylor swift,carrey underwood,eminem and even prince!!!!!!!!!!!!where are you people!!!!!!!!!!!!your good enough to show up to grammys but not haiti fund raiser?????????the list of celebs is worse then dog poo!!!!!!!1NICHOLE RICTHIE OMFG!!JUSTIN BEEVER, washed up tony braxton thats the best you can doo??????please get them off the embarrasment train now!!!!!!!!
posted by OMFG on Feb 03, 2010
Foto op douche bags. NONE of them are thinking about the starving people in Africa; not a one. Why not "We Are the World" with barking dogs and meowing cats next.
posted by Arsenio Echo Park on Feb 02, 2010
Lady gaga, "GAGA" means stupid from other language somewhere in Pacific west. Only gaga cannot understand the word relief effort and the song "we are the world."
posted by Gay on Feb 02, 2010
This whole thing is a terrible publicity stunt with shit ass talent participating. I'm sure the public will love it. African's are still hungry, so Haitians will still be homeless in 25 years I suppose.
posted by Lucy on Feb 02, 2010
I agree.. lolz ... major publicity stunt...
posted by TU PAPA on Feb 02, 2010
posted by ted bundy on Feb 02, 2010
the whole thing was reported by the hollywood reporter. you stole it from them. give credit.
posted by lolz on Feb 02, 2010
lady gaga shelled out over 500k to haiti relief efforts, lets try to see this publicity stunt top that...

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