'The Bachelor': Jake Pavelka Keeps Vienna, Sends Home Corrie

February 02, 2010 04:48:06 GMT

Although Corrie got the one-on-one date with Jake this week in San Francisco, she was unable to steal his heart completely like Vienna was able to.

'The Bachelor': Jake Pavelka Keeps Vienna, Sends Home Corrie
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On "The Bachelor" this week, Vienna got to stay while Corrie went home. The 23-year-old wardrobe consultant was the 21st girl who did not get a rose from Jake Pavelka, for a reason he only knows. In the rose ceremony, she was pitted against Vienna who has been placed as the 'villain' this season.

Corrie actually had a lot of opportunity to get to know Jake this week since she earned a one-on-one date. They went to a park and rowed boat down the lake before moving on to a science center. Unlike in the other dates that week, Jake did not kiss the girl. During dinner Corrie said she is reluctant to move in together with her boyfriend until they get married. Jake said it was not a problem to him and he respected her for that.

Vienna meanwhile was in the two-on-one date with Gia. They were taken to Castello de Amarosa Vineyard in Napa where they got to visit the vineyard and went down the wine cellar. Vienna dominated the date but Jake picked Gia first for some alone time with him. Jake told Gia that he was falling for her. Vienna in the meantime poured her heart out to Jake about how the other girls treated her in the mansion.

In the rose ceremony, Jake gave the first roses to Tenley, Ali and Gia. Together with Vienna, these girls will go home in next week's episode and introduce Jake to their family.


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posted by coffeegirl on Feb 08, 2010
I think Jake wants his to have his cake and eat it too - he is stringing all the girls along - shame on him .......
posted by Julie on Feb 03, 2010
I agree that Bungee Jump was amazing. Holy Cow! You couldn't get me to do that with any hunk. Vienna was incredibly courageous. They were strong for each other. That's why the girls were jealous. I don't think, Ali, Tenley or Corrie would've dived head down, hanging upsidedown. BRAVO VIENNA!! I am rooting for ya, girl!
posted by Dancer on Feb 03, 2010
TENLEY MUST go, she can't keep up with Jake. We can not stand her mousey look. Like a sheep, she follows others with gossiping & giggling-Grow up girl!! Jake needs someone with self esteem & has a heart of gold. WE vote for Corrie but since she is gone, WE love Vienna. WE admire her courageous way of handling ALL those CATTY girls. You know the ones we are talking about. Hissing, Clawing & pissed off. Vienna & Gia never displayed those negative attitudes. KUDOS to both.
posted by lbof sanfran on Feb 02, 2010
i'm for vienna anyone who jumps off a bridge deserves jake.
posted by whoknows on Feb 02, 2010
I am glad to see Corrie go. I don't see the 'sweet' side that people are talking about-why? just because she is a virgin does not make her 'sweet'. The only times I remember her are when she was making fun of someone else or stirring the pot to continue the drama between ali and vienna. I think alot of that stuff was not 'funny' and was very mean-spirited. The only time she had any personality was when she was knocking someone else down. Also the way she speaks, she's really not too bright and sounds like she's just out of kindergarten. Ali certainly has issues. Is that they way she treats everyone in her life that she does not like/that doesn't like her/ that is different from her/ that is more opinionated/ or has what she wants in life/ etc...? I bet she has to have an enemy everywhere she goes. Drama, drama, drama, and then to act like you don't have any issues when jake repeatedly asks you directly about it. snake in the grass. She really went out of her way to make sure no one liked Vienna. That must be exhausting to live your life based on how much you hate someone else. I feel sorry for her that she had this opportunity and got so distracted. Gia- seems nicer than I expected and I thought it was good she stood up for Vienna. Tenley-something seems very odd here. I can't put my finger on it but I'd be willing to bet she has a much darker side. I have to say that all of the women talk like 4 year olds. Maybe he likes that. Anyway, whoever he picks, good for him. It's his decision and we only see part of the story.
posted by SHAWN on Feb 02, 2010
posted by Maxine on Feb 02, 2010
I thought Corrie would be the best choice. Now that she is gone, Jake doesn't have much to choose from. I hope he doesn't choose Vienna. Can't imagine him with that girl.
posted by LICORICE on Feb 02, 2010
Vienna needs to go, she is so fake. Getting so tired of her.... I like Tenley for him..
posted by MommaMareq on Feb 02, 2010
Vienna has absolutely no personality. If all the spoilers are right, Jake additionally has no personality
posted by ross on Feb 02, 2010
I think Jake should have kept Cory...oh's too late now. Hopefully he will not pick Vienna...she's weird!!!
posted by Ed Nakh on Feb 02, 2010
I wonder , In the land of almost no Virginity when the girl is beautiful with beauty contest standards and still virgin it is only because of high Moral values. Her intellectual and spiritual beauty is a s equal as her physical. This type of Girls will not cheat on their husbands. Ali is the opposit way and a good material to replace Pamela Anderson. When it comes to beauty she is not comparable to any of the rest. Corrie still number one any beauty judge will tell you , she is almost the only one among them that has symetrical face dimensions , gorgeous eyes and teeth , lips hight to weight , size of legs hips and chest dimensions. She should apply to beauty contest as miss universe not to stand in a raw with other girls to compete with other normal girls for a normal Guy made celibrity for the benefits of the sponsoring Marketing company. The bachelor decision about Corrie was not a surprise . The former Bachelor BOB did the same with Crystal another Gorgeous one that I have seen face to face in her Church .CORRIE YOU ARE THE WINNER NOT THE LOSER I am your advocate :-)
posted by vlbarnett on Feb 02, 2010
I like Vienna and I want Ali to go home. She was very sweet at first but since Jake went on that one on one date with Vienna she's been mean and sneaky. She's the villian on the show I think
posted by vlbarnett on Feb 02, 2010
I'm rooting for Vienna, I like her and I think the other girls are so mean to her. Just talking about her behind her back.
posted by Linda on Feb 02, 2010
I like Vienna and I think Ali should go. She is sneaky and I wouldn't anyone like her.
posted by Ed on Feb 02, 2010
I think he has done the biggest mistake by eleminating corrie. That gorgeous Virgin is the type of girl that you die Titanic way for her. innocence , beauty and a golden heart. Definitely he is blinded of all these treasures. Ed Nakh

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