52nd Grammys: Beyonce Knowles Sings Alanis Morissette's Angry Song

52nd Grammys: Beyonce Knowles Sings Alanis Morissette's Angry Song

The multiple winner of the night came out with 'You Oughta Know' followed by Lady Antebellum with 'Need You Now' and Zac Brown Band's collaboration with Leon Russell.

Beyonce Knowles delivered one hair-rising performance at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, belting out a crotch-grabbing act accompanied by a band of dancers dressing in LAPD SWAT costume. Beyonce actually could not get on stage to accept the award of Song of the Year because she was preparing for the particular performance.

Instead of singing her winning song "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", Beyonce, who was introduced by Simon Baker, preferred "If I Were a Boy". But she followed it up with an angry song "You Oughta Know" which was popularized by Alanis Morissette.

Other performers of the night included Lady Antebellum who appeared behind a thin veil resembling a house while singing "Need You Now". They were introduced by the Jonas Brothers. Shortly later Zac Brown Band who won Best New Artist took the stage with the "legendary" Leon Russell, performing "America the Beautiful", Russell's "Dixie Lullaby" and the band's hit "Chicken Fried".

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    Feb 01, 2010

    After seeing Beyonce grab her crotch like that, I have lost some respect for her. That was just trashy and very unprofessional. Everytime I see a crotch-grab, I think of gold toothed, 20 lb chain wearing, can't pull your pants up rappers. Way to go and thanks for setting a fine example for all the kids out there!

    Feb 01, 2010

    soo watt if shee qrabed haa crotch .. damn its a free country ' ndd its 2010 - dat was different from wat she usee too doinqq .. damn ! youu actinqq likee kids now in days doesnt kno stuff .. dey prob kno moree den youu dink ! .. soo DINK b4 youu typee !

    Feb 01, 2010

    yes sssssssssssss

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