Third New Character on 'Glee' Identified

January 29, 2010 07:43:10 GMT

The nationwide search for three more characters to be included in the second season include a boyfriend for Kurt, a rival for Rachel and a male version of Mercedes.

Third New Character on 'Glee' Identified
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"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy had announced that two of the three new characters added to the musical show in the next season are Kurt's boyfriend and Rachel's rival. The third character in question has just been revealed via EW as a male version of Mercedes. "The third role is an R&B-singing teen," Murphy confirmed.

When asked whether this would mean Mercedes will get a lover or rival, Murphy said "perhaps" they would be lovers. Despite announcing the three characters who will bring a surge of fresh story to the second season, Murphy has not revealed whether they have found actors to fit in the roles.

Meanwhile, the remaining episodes of season 1 will begin April 13 on FOX. Neil Patrick Harris will be guest starring during May sweeps, while Jennifer Lopez is still in talks to guest star as a cafeteria lady.


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posted by me on Sep 06, 2010
who are the new members?
posted by XXchriscolfergleekXX on Aug 23, 2010
NEWSFLASH: Glee was expected to perform for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but NBC canceled them out. D:< Hopefully, "Glee" members may show up and I can meet my l<3ve!!! "And that's how 'XXChrisColfergleekXX' C's it!" *go glee*
posted by XXchriscolfergleekXX on Aug 23, 2010
And BTW Kurt's new love-life is a TERRIBLE idea!!! I love the show just how it is!!! And what happened to Emma Pillsbury?! Gosh, I miss her chronic OCD!!!
posted by XXchriscolfergleekXX on Aug 23, 2010
Okay, I may spiral into a depression if Chris Colfer falls in love with his crush on "Glee." He is MINE, and nobody can deny that!!! I would love to see a rival for Rachel, though. Mercedes' 'male version' will be interesting to see, too. I would love to see more Kurt solos and less Finn because obviously, Chris Colfer's voice is better than any of the others, new or old characters!!! It's just so surreal how you guys are blinded by everything else and don't pay attention to Kurt/Chris' pure geniocity. I shall make Chris Colfer my puppet and my savior. <333333 :)
posted by coop2011 on May 05, 2010
i think that these three characters will be perfect for the show! rachel needs a rival to bicker with. kurt needs something to get him outta his depression and there needs to be a male r&b soul singer on this show! ;D
posted by me on Mar 23, 2010
Santana and Brittany (BRITTANA) will have a love relationship during the remaining episodes of season 1.
posted by bambronzo on Feb 20, 2010
for me Kurt is a male/white version of Marcedes... nevermind... Ryan Murphy should consider putting a lesbian character, that would be AWESOME.

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