Justin Bieber and Ludacris Team Up for 'Baby' Video Shoot

January 29, 2010 05:48:30 GMT

The young pop star has filmed the Ludacris-featuring single in Los Angeles, tweeting that he has a fun day with the rapper.

Justin Bieber and Ludacris Team Up for 'Baby' Video Shoot
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Rihanna and Lady GaGa apparently are not the only artists who kick off the filming process of their music videos as Justin Bieber has also begun shooting a video. While Rihanna filmed "Rude Boy" video and GaGa has Beyonce Knowles for the "Telephone" video shoot, Bieber joins forces with his collaborator Ludacris to film an accompanying video for single "Baby".

"Fun day so far in LA. shot first scenes of BABY with Luda," the YouTube singing sensation wrote on Twitter. Hours later, he re-tweeted Ludacris' post which includes a picture of the rapper jokingly wrestling him who is wearing a purple top.

"Baby" is the first single from Justin Bieber's upcoming album "My World (Part 2)" which is due to arrive in March. The other single set to appear in the forthcoming release is a solo track "Never Let You Go" which accompanying music video has also been filmed earlier this month.


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posted by mask on Feb 15, 2011
oh fuck what a bad song
posted by joe on Feb 06, 2011
be careful...... let you become high as sky/.... but be aware you couldget a next chance
posted by nick has bieberfeave on Feb 05, 2011
what is up only a few dudes like justin bieber and like evry girl is crazy about justin bieber
posted by Bieber\'s babe 12 on Oct 20, 2010
I wish our hearts could come togather as one
posted by JUSTINBIEBERVEVO on Oct 03, 2010
posted by FRANCISCA on Oct 01, 2010
posted by elisa ramos on Aug 26, 2010
eu sei que e uma bricadeira eu acho que ta maltratando meu amor bjs justin
posted by kayla on Jul 23, 2010
you are so hot pleas give me your phone number.
posted by kayla on Jul 23, 2010
i love justin bieber i wish he wood kiss me. i wish he wood be my boyfriend
posted by juana250 on Jul 14, 2010
justin beber te amooooooo
posted by 100 % Fan de Justin on Jul 08, 2010
"***k you", at Justin?????? 0_0 it's not possible because he is the must beautiful singer!!!!! :D
posted by Maria not ral name on Jun 17, 2010
I hate justin bieber
posted by ? A.K.A maria not on Jun 17, 2010
Rome the g that whet J.B in baby is jasmine.V why u car u hate on her
posted by ? on Jun 17, 2010
I dont luv you lol
posted by Maria not ral name on Jun 17, 2010
He cant sing he is ugly but i love him but i sad i hate him what had i do
posted by Beautiful kid on Jun 13, 2010
Justin to biber I love you you are my favorit singer I love you with all my heart!!
posted by rome on Jun 13, 2010
what is the name of this girl in the video of baby
posted by jasmin on Jun 10, 2010
justin bieber is so hott than the other boys
posted by pixie Bieber Jackson on May 28, 2010
love the song and love you justin bieber x
posted by mikayla on May 25, 2010
i love you
posted by jp on May 25, 2010
wat up justin
posted by Alan on May 07, 2010
justin ***k you
posted by reilly quaide mccann on Apr 29, 2010
your so hot please give me your phone number please please please
posted by reilly on Apr 29, 2010
you so hot
posted by lacee on Apr 15, 2010
i love ludacris and justin beiber i want to see you love you
posted by justinbieberbiggestf on Mar 31, 2010
i luv u justin biber xo much!!!!
posted by I LUV JUSTIN BIEBER( on Mar 05, 2010
luv all yur songs mate marry me kplzzzz
posted by Bieber all the way ( on Mar 05, 2010
I luv this song AMAZING LIKES xx marry me lol xx:)
posted by k on Feb 20, 2010
who;s the girl in the video? :D
posted by bieberbrogan on Feb 20, 2010
its not ushe its ludacris if you know anything about justin. What can i say about this multi-talented young man, well i know one things for sure i LOVE him (: but saying that who doesnt. I also want to add how in the video's for; one time, one less lonley girl + baby he has chosen brunette girls! :D i am soo happy about that as i am a fellow brunette my self (A)i think all the justin bieber fans will agree that the work he is doing now is absolutly amazing + all his fans are behind him 110% of the way. LOVE YOU JUSTIN XXXXXXXX
posted by gina on Feb 11, 2010
justin whin i here your your song i think that we are togather i relly love your song
posted by biebersgirl14 on Feb 09, 2010
i love you so much i love everything bout u never give up and i will always follow my dream of meetin you love me love me fool me fool me
posted by lilypop on Jan 30, 2010
i like him but he just is so bad. what am i saying hes gourgeous.
posted by prettygirllika on Jan 29, 2010
I love ur music so much that it make me happy nd make me want to dance
posted by brooklyn anderson on Jan 29, 2010
Hey justin ur sosososo HOT and cute ur the best acter Ever and I can't wait for u to be in school girls in feb. So bye love me
posted by lauren on Jan 29, 2010
posted by lauren on Jan 29, 2010
is usher chocking him
posted by sexyrose on Jan 29, 2010
what happen ?
posted by theresa lee on Jan 29, 2010
hey wit u deing up 2 man
posted by dianne on Jan 29, 2010
i idolized you

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