Elin Nordegren to Save Marriage With Tiger Woods

January 27, 2010 04:20:26 GMT

Plus, what happened between the couple on the night of Thanksgiving that led to his car crash accident is revealed.

Elin Nordegren to Save Marriage With Tiger Woods
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Despite the shame and hurt, Elin Nordegren wants to keep her marriage intact. The mother of two who has been off the radar since her husband Tiger Woods is caught in the middle of a multiple cheating scandal, is reportedly hoping she can save the marriage for the sake of their two children and because she doesn't want to end up like her parents.

"Elin wants a solid family life," a source told People. "She was a child of divorce and felt her dad slighted her. She absolutely does not want that to happen to Sam and Charlie. So she wants to keep her family together even if she and Tiger live together as friends instead of lovers."

There have been sightings of Woods in a sex rehab in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and rumor has it, Nordegren came to see him at the facility. One of the counseling sessions included a visit from the spouse, during when the patient has to admit that he or she has cheated.

Meanwhile, it has just been revealed by CNN what allegedly happened the night Woods got into accident. After a heated argument about infidelity, Woods took a sleeping pill and went to sleep. Nordegren grabbed his cell phone and texted Rachel Uchitel a happy Thanksgiving message and she replied. Nordegren woke Woods up, asking him to leave the house.


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posted by jp on Feb 04, 2010
listen to your heart. Everyone is saying leave DON'T! You know and only you that he love you, All the one telling you to leave are those that have not been tested on their feeling yet.
posted by CLB on Jan 27, 2010
According to the latest reports, Tiger does not want Elin and the children to leave so he can show his sponsors that he is a good family man. Elin is willing to stay as friends, because apparently she does not want to have a sexual life with Tiger anymore. This means that both Tiger and Elin will have to satisfy their sexual needs with someone else. Now, how will a marriage like this be good for their children?
posted by Natrod25 on Jan 27, 2010
I am on Elin on this one. I would stay with Tiger if I was her too. It's not about money or anything but I would stay. A lot of marriages tend to turn out ugly but couples coud fix it. Many can accomplish to fix their marriages and some can't. If Elin and Tiger are one of those couples who can't fix it, then divorce is the only option then.
posted by reckless peaches on Jan 27, 2010
she's nuts. you do your kids NO favors by staying in a loveless, sham of a marriage like this one. she's a child of divorce- so are millions of kids. break it off and set an example to your kids that you don't stick around and get repeatedly treated like crap and humiliated.
posted by Puddin on Jan 27, 2010
This is to Reckless Peaches.... Elin could EASILY maintain her posh lifestyle whether she stays or not; maybe now that she has had time to think things over and calm down, maybe she still loves the man and her family. Perhaps she does not want her children to be children of divorce, and I applaud her for that. I support her, no matter what! What you OBVIOUSLY do not know, Reckless Peaches, is that he has a sex ADDICTION. You do know what that word means, don't you? It means that he cannot help what he does, that he cannot stop the behavior without getting some help. Give the man some credit; he realizes (as Elin does, I think), that he does need help, as he is now in rehab for not only sex addiction, but also for Ambien and Vicodin addiction. If he didn't love Elin and his children, do you think he would have sought the help? Do you have any compassion for addicts at all ; they cannot help what they do, you idiot! I realize that Elin does not plan to share a marital bed with Tiger, and I agree with her on that front. He has seriously humiliated and betrayed her. Trust is a BIG issue here and he needs to regain her trust before they share a bedroom again. This will take time. Elin, I respect you for realizing that your husband has a problem and are obviously supporting him if you are visiting him in rehab. I know he hurt you, but give him an opportunity to make it right and prove to you that he can be an excellent husband and father. Best of luck to all of you! I pray that your marriage can still be saved.
posted by wctw on Jan 27, 2010
We (as outsiders) didn't know what really happening in WOODS family, so pls leave them alone... Besides, it is really the exact words and meaning conveyed by WOODS family regarding what the e-article said "live together as friends instead of lovers".... Yes, it will be strange if it is really so, because it will mean both parties have agreed to turn a blind eye to the other party cheating.
posted by reckless peaches on Jan 27, 2010
Natrod25...I guess if you are a woman with absolutely no self-esteem and no self-respect, then yes, you could stay with a bum like this. I personally, would be out the door so fast if my spouse hurt me this much. Tiger doesn't give two shits about Elin. If he had, he would have maintained his vows and not degraded her like this. Not to mention exposing his family to STD's, besides the humiliation. If she stays with him now, it's definately because of the money. She isn't ready to give up that posh lifestyle.

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