Big Mike Allegedly Disqualified From 'American Idol'

January 26, 2010 06:31:15 GMT

A favorite in Hollywood rounds, the contestant by the real name of Michael Lynche reportedly has to end his journey just because his father violates a confidentiality clause.

Big Mike Allegedly Disqualified From 'American Idol'
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Michael Lynche, a contestant of "American Idol" from St. Petersburg, has to swallow the bitter pill of early elimination since rumor has it, he is disqualified from the Top 24. Lynche is removed from the competition because his father confirmed to a Tampa Bay paper that his son has made it to the Top 24.

Lynche, who called himself Big Mike during the audition, is reportedly a favorite in Hollywood. His name actually has appeared on Joe's Place blog which accurately leaked the names who entered the Top 24 or 36 in previous years. But his father, Marque Sr., went on confirming it to St. Petersburg Times.

Apparently, producers of the show want to keep such thing a confidential information. Since his father has leaked the news, Lynche is reportedly replaced by another contestant Antwan Michael who made it to the Top 50 but was axed. "Idol" producers or FOX have not made their comment.

This week, "Idol" is airing two more audition rounds before moving to the road to Hollywood and the first part of Hollywood round on February 9. The Top 24 will be announced on February 17 episode.

Lynche is not the only one in his family to have made it into "American Idol". His brother Marque Lynche Jr. passed the semifinals in 2004 but was cut before the final 12.


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posted by boomer on Feb 28, 2010
i dindnt know about the news until NOW.what his father did 2 him was wrong but to know that mike still had fans he should be happy. mike u rock and i thought u were the best and that 16 year old.even thow he did that 2 him he still has a sucsess so here is a shout out 2 u mike I LOVE U!
posted by madiemoo on Feb 18, 2010
i think big mike should be able to continue on american idol even though his father spilled the news. yes it was wrong to do so but maybe he didnt know better. i think the producers should let Mike back on the show and forget about an innocent mistake.
posted by GIO on Feb 18, 2010
posted by yay!!! on Feb 16, 2010
They let hhim back on but i know this post was before this but thats ok just wanted to let you know.
posted by rw on Jan 26, 2010
i really think mike should be allowed to continue because he made the cut not his father. his father was inconsiderate and he should be punished but not thru his son. he should be fined or sued but his son is over 21 and shouldnt be punished for his fathers stupidity.

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