CBS Renews 'How I Met Your Mother' for Season 6

January 26, 2010 02:34:48 GMT

On the heels of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas signing a three-year deal with 20th Century Fox TV, CBS orders another season of the producers' half-hour comedy.

CBS Renews 'How I Met Your Mother' for Season 6
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"How I Met Your Mother" is one of the very first shows that get a guarantee from CBS to be back for another season. The Eye has just renewed the half-hour comedy series starring Neil Patrick Harris for a sixth season which is expected to be debuted this Fall.

"HIMYM" has been a solid Monday night performer for the network beside "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory". Harris has also picked up a Golden Globe nomination this year although he lost it to John Lithgow of "Dexter".

Additionally, creators slash executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are already in contract with 20th Century Fox TV for three more years. The renewal of "HIMYM" also means they have to work double their time for the studio has also appointed them to create a new but not yet titled show about a young couple and their friends in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, THR said "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory" are in the midst of a multi-year pickup. CBS has renewed as well, "Survivor" for two more seasons and "The Amazing Race" for one more season.


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posted by HIMYM<3 on Dec 06, 2010
hey, i love the show, ive watched every season and im dying for a nother one, i hope CBS is smart enough to make more of How i Met Your Mother episodes, and seasons, cus this is a extreamly good show and i will be kinda sad if they stop:/, Keep up the good work!
posted by ash on Dec 01, 2010
season six is probably lame and boring....inpite of good start with episode 1......they kind of bragging the more barney's amusing wits and twists......
posted by Pungkoq on Nov 12, 2010
The rules of Bros!
posted by cool man on Nov 08, 2010
Lily is she one big piece of cake....yum
posted by lovaki on Sep 18, 2010
hello everybody! i love this show, and i like very much barney ad robin together! they are the perfect couple! i hope they will be together again... does anyone know something about this??
posted by Barack Obama Jr on Sep 11, 2010
cant wait for the SIXTH SEASON!!!!! and all of the people who says that HIMYM is gay! wait for me and I'm going to kill u!!! this show is the greatest show i have ever seen!!! SCREW YOU, YOU HATERS!!!
posted by Barack Obama Jr on Sep 11, 2010
posted by nakama on Sep 10, 2010
season 5 wasn´t crap. dont say shit like that , cause thats the reason they´ll stop it sometime-.-
posted by Fan [Ind] on Sep 05, 2010
Hopefully season 6 will be better than the last. Season 5 was crap!
posted by Fan [Ind] on Sep 05, 2010
Hopefully season 6 will be better than the last - was a snooze fest.
posted by star world on Aug 30, 2010
this show is "AWE......wait for it...SOME" and its "LE...GEN...DARY"....
posted by Superman\'s Brother on Aug 28, 2010
This is by far the best sitcom i have ever watched. Man i'm so happy that the 6th season is coming up. Go for it "barnicle" ;)
posted by frank on Aug 17, 2010
when is it going to release the 1st episode
posted by Max on Aug 17, 2010
I'm really sad for this show. The first few seasons were incredible. Barney Stinson was a god. But during Season 4 this show got messed up. Season 5 was trash. The most recent episodes of HIMYM are mindless stupidity meant for the brainless monkeys that are the majority of TV-watching Americans. Enjoy your sixth season of trash.
posted by Awesomesquirrel on Aug 15, 2010
I read your blog all the time. This is going to be Legendary, wait for it - DARY!
posted by HIMYM NO 1 on Aug 13, 2010
Season 6 is gonna be Great!!
posted by HimymLovesMeLotsX on Aug 11, 2010
ohmiigodd!!! im sooo friggin excited for this new season...I heart BARNEY
posted by zobie on Aug 06, 2010
This next season is going to be totaly...wait for it... AWSOME!!!! :) Cant wait guys! Love it love it love it!
posted by Biggest-waitforit-fa on Aug 05, 2010
The sixth series is gonna be LEGEN wait for it ... keep waiting .. Wait DARY
posted by vinnz on Jul 22, 2010
or 20 more or 30.. or 40? yes please
posted by AnyWhoSeesThisShould on Jul 18, 2010
if smon of u producers sees this, please, this show is the best of all(friends etc.)pleaseeeee, continue until we die of old age pliizz
posted by comoconiciaavuestram on Jul 16, 2010
¿¿¿entonces que dia se estrena la 6 temporada???
posted by Penkov on Jul 15, 2010
AWE-wait for it..-SOME :))
posted by bala on Jul 14, 2010
some of the episodes are simply mindblowing :)
posted by Stas on Jul 12, 2010
6th season's coming! Suit up!!!
posted by Rubio on Jul 10, 2010
no it's gonna be legen....wait for it.... wait for it ...darier LOL great series ever!!!!!
posted by Swedens bigestfan on Jul 08, 2010
Lege wait for it ... DARY!
posted by biggest fan on Jul 08, 2010
HIMYM best tv series ever can't wait for 6th season i'm sure that it's gonna legen....wait for it.... wait for it ...dary
posted by #1 Fan on Jul 07, 2010
No that's not how it goes. Its... Wait for it... wait for it... and i hope your not Lactose intolerant because the next word is DAIRY... LOL!!! Best show ever. Barney is my fav.
posted by aj on Jul 06, 2010
No.. This is how it goes... This season is gonna be Legen... Wait for it... Wait for it.... Dary... Ü
posted by Nes on Jul 05, 2010
GIVE ME 10000 seasons! Seriously! I f*cking LOVE this show! I've seen all seasons! AWESOME! -Please let me/us know when season6 is coming out!
posted by CPT on Jul 02, 2010
This show is.... Wait for it...... Legendary!!!!
posted by FAN (DK) on Jun 29, 2010
i dont care what some people say, this show is the best EVER, give me 10 more seasons!!

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