Hope for Haiti: Madonna and Taylor Swift's Performances

January 23, 2010 02:56:52 GMT

Madonna delivers 'Like a Prayer', while Taylor Swift showcases the acoustic rendition of 'Breathless' at the concert opened by Alicia Keys.

Hope for Haiti: Madonna and Taylor Swift's Performances
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"Hope for Haiti" benefit concert has been kicked off. Madonna performed from the New York City studio, singing "Like a Prayer" with a choir backing her up, while Taylor Swift strummed her guitar, playing Better Than Ezra's "Breathless".

Prior to their performances, Alicia Keys opened the telecast, sitting behind a grand piano and singing her song "Prelude to a Kiss". George Clooney then appeared, explaining why this benefit is so important while the camera shoots the bank of all-star phone operations.

Coldplay was the next performers. They sang a rendition of "A Message" from London. Bruce Springsteen then followed it with an acoustic version of "We Shall Overcome", calling it as "a small prayer for Haiti." Afterwards, Stevie Wonder performed "A Time to Love" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with a choir.


Taylor Swift:

Stevie Wonder:

Alicia Keys:


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posted by ..miley iddict on Mar 06, 2010
...taylor's gud but 4 me miley sang's beautiful dan her...
posted by samantha on Jan 24, 2010
Madonna was wonderful!!!
posted by rose on Jan 24, 2010
taylor swift has chosen a great song. her voice sounded beautiful
posted by susan on Jan 23, 2010
deedee come on. stop over analyzing a national treasure. just sit back and enjoy the performance, will you? can u do that for just this one night? for haiti?
posted by hold up on Jan 23, 2010
Madonna was EXCELLENT last night. So beautiful and restrained. She sounded sweet and lovely and the choir was fantastic. Best performer of the night.
posted by ben on Jan 23, 2010
I used to think Madonna would be a rubbish live singer, as I've never usually been interested in her, but after her performance last night I think she's amazing - definitely the highlight performance of the night, without a doubt. Beyonce was amazing too.
posted by Deedee on Jan 22, 2010
I don't take away that Madonna's heart is in the right place buy geez does she ever sing where she doesn't have to go over the top to be center least keith Urban can share a stage. Madonna is just to much to handle any more!
posted by Shelly on Jan 22, 2010
I usually don't like Taylor Swift, but I found her song and voice tonight was actually good. Great for her for supporting the cause.

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