Confirmed, Jay Leno to Restore Reputation on 'Oprah'

January 23, 2010 02:29:55 GMT

The host who officially takes back 'The Tonight Show' will tell his side of story in response to him being blamed for Conan O'Brien's departure.

Jay Leno
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Oprah Winfrey snatches the chance to have the first interview with late night TV host Jay Leno who is embroiled in NBC's scheduling fiasco. Jay has been the villain in the situation whereby Conan O'Brien is forced to quit when Jay wants his old job back. This appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" will restore his reputation.

Oprah has the tendency to put her guests in better light. Thus Jay reportedly reaches out to the queen of daytime talk show in order to shed off the image that he is to be blamed for Conan's departure from "The Tonight Show". "Oprah and Jay love each other," said a source. "They talk constantly."

Oprah announced on Friday, January 22 afternoon that she will conduct a quick interview with Jay in Los Angeles and it is scheduled to air on next Thursday.

On January 21 morning, it was finalized that Conan O'Brien is to leave his eight-month stint starting Friday for a total of $45 million. Jay Leno will take back his job hosting "Tonight Show" on March 1.


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posted by fgreen on Jan 25, 2010
Jay's reputation will never be restored as far as I'm concerned. Not as long and until he apologizes for the disgraceful way he treated Michael Jackson before, during and after the trial--even after his death. Really funny--to kick someone when their down..
posted by jan on Jan 24, 2010
oprah never tried to show MJ in a good light she washed straight over the vitiligo so why bother for him. The guy thinks he is hilarious. I don't!
posted by Heather on Jan 23, 2010
Sick move by Oprah. I don't like this at all. No love!!!
posted by majalen on Jan 23, 2010
Not even Oprah can get me to ever watch Jay Leno again, and I haven't since he dragged Michael Jackson through the mud for laughs.
posted by retroguava on Jan 23, 2010
Oprah will need to weave her magic over Jay BIG Time to get his image back to anything near what it was. catch me on Twitter Retroguava

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