Video: TV Journalist Grabbed David Beckham's Crotch

January 22, 2010 07:11:03 GMT

For the sake of proving that the soccer stud doesn't have big manhood like featured in his Armani ad, Elena di Cioccio came closer to investigate herself.

David Beckham
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David Beckham is the latest victim of an Italian TV prankster called "Le Iene" which means "The Hyenas". The popular show's presenter Elena di Cioccio grabbed onto his testicles and declared that they are not as big as how they appear in his Armani underwear ad.

Beckham who is on loan at AC Milan, was giving interview to a lot of reporters when Cioccio shoved her hand on his crotch using yellow rubber glove. Beckham was shocked for a while before then escorted by security to his car. Some of his entourage prevented Elena from speaking to him.

The incident was captured on camera, along with Elena's introduction that reveals the crotch-grabbing is planned. "Off the pitch we have seen fascinating photographs of David Beckham in his underpants and seemingly very well endowed and even his wife says that he is well equipped and calls him Golden Balls," she said.

She added, "Well the image may have slipped slightly as he has been replaced in the Armani campaign by a younger footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, but we wanted to find out if he was as well endowed as the pictures suggest or if they were touched up." The TV journalist then reported her findings, saying "I touched it but it's small. David you have conned us all. What did you use cotton wool? It's all a trick."

Beckham has not personally responded to the incident but a spokesman of him said Cioccio only touched a handful of his trouser's leg. The spokesman added, "We have no issue with it. It did surprise him at that time but David stopped at whatever it was, harmless fun." However, soon after the incident spread out, fans of the soccer ace ranted that Cioccio should be arrested for sexual assault.


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posted by Lily on Jan 24, 2010
No matter what she touched... just talking about it in public in such a provocative way is already a kind of sexual harrasment... Ladies, what would you think if the journalist talked about your boyfriend/husband like that and grabbed him like that ?
posted by FinnisMama on Jan 23, 2010
This scene ist really funny ;-) I like it a lot ;-)
posted by FinnisMama on Jan 23, 2010
He´s sooooo gorgeous ;-) I would do that too ;-)
posted by daisy on Jan 22, 2010
I think it is discusting that this woman would assault another person like this, let alone David Beckham. She should be arrested, if a man did that to a woman someones head would end up on a plate.

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