Big 'Gossip Girl' Split Confirmed

January 21, 2010 08:11:40 GMT

A possibly irreparable mistake will be done by one character, causing a break up between one of television's beloved pairs.

Big 'Gossip Girl' Split Confirmed
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A fact that has got fans of "Gossip Girl" rooting for the show will soon be ended. E! Online reported that the show's fan-favorite couple will meet a dead end in their relationship and that "it's a bad, bad breakup."

[Spoiler Alert] There will be no more Chuck and Blair romance in the upcoming episodes. This has been a rumor for sometime but E! could confirm the news, adding that the culprit in the split is Chuck. The Bass Empire successor does "something horrible" that everyone will hate him for it. His uncle Jack Bass is also involved in the implication.

"Gossip Girl" is taking a hiatus to give the time slot for new series "Life Unexpected". It will return on March 8 but the break up plot will only occur either on April 5 episode "Inglourious Bassterds" or the next one, "The Unblairable Lightness of Being".


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posted by tiff13 on Feb 03, 2010
no more chuck and Blair romance ,noooo this truly reeks ,chuck and Blair are the shows favorite couple ya gotta give us more chair.
posted by tiffany 93 on Feb 03, 2010
i cant beleive their breaking up chair they just got togather ,their the shows best couple ,this sucks ,chuck and Blair belong togather always.
posted by carrie69 on Feb 03, 2010
well this show will suck now no chuck and blair gossip girl will be ruined,chair is this shows best couple .chair !1duh
posted by 24debie on Feb 03, 2010
I also hate this news breaking up our favorite couple is terrible they belong togather,come on have some faith in chair .
posted by Louise on Jan 22, 2010
It's too soon for any drama between them. And I also just find it very unbelievable that they would break up because they have proven that they love each other so much and can forgive each other. This is the worst idea the show has ever had. For once I would like there to be a couple in a show that doesn't break up and that couple should be Blair and Chuck. Even haters of Gossip Girl love Blair and Chuck!!
posted by Jackson on Jan 22, 2010
I dont want them breaking up...coz i won't fancy CHUCK BASS and BLAIR WALDORF no GOSSIP GIRL.
posted by Grace on Jan 21, 2010
Ugh. Horrible news. I doubt they'll be getting over one another anytime soon, though. Maybe I will watch...
posted by Emily on Jan 21, 2010
LOL! I like how you give us the dates of the break up, so we'll know to stop watching then.

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