'The Bachelor' Pregnancy Is Publicity Stunt

January 19, 2010 07:37:10 GMT

Tenley, the 25-year-old from Oregon, was only joking when she told bachelor Jake that she is with a child, and ABC is responsible for making it appear as if it were true.

'The Bachelor' Pregnancy Is Publicity Stunt
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Beside sending home three more women, ABC's "The Bachelor" Monday, January 17 also revealed that the pregnancy issue is exaggerated. Nobody in the show is actually expecting, it's only the powerful editing of the show that made it somehow Tenley is pregnant with a guy before Jake Pavelka.

ABC gave a shocking preview last week that cut shortly on Tenley saying "I'm pregnant" to Jake. It turns out to be only a joke that Tenley cracked to tell Jake during their one-on-one session that she has an ex-husband whom she divorced. Jake told her that he was okay with the fact that Tenley was once married. Tenley did not get eliminated, it was Valishia, Michelle and Elizabeth who did not get the rose. Back in early January, there was a spoiler that Tenley will be in the final two against Vienna.

The pregnancy hoax is the second drama that ABC pulls to promote the show's 14th season. Previously, Rozlyn Papa is accused of an "inappropriate relationship" with one of the producers that caused her elimination and him being fired.

A bachelorette who wants to remain anonymous said the network would do anything to create drama. She said to Radar Online, "You have to be so careful on that show because someone could step on your foot and they'll make it look like you broke your toe! ABC will do anything to create drama. Even if they were just cuddling, the producers can easily make it look like something more."


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posted by Sue on Jan 19, 2010
Jake did great last nite-glad to see Michelle gone! Poor Jake, hope some gal is playing fair!
posted by Mush-L on Jan 19, 2010
DIRECTOR, not sirector...sorry.
posted by Mush-L on Jan 19, 2010
This made me so mad...Not that she is not pregnant,..that is a good thing. But for the ABC to blatently lie in their commercials is wrong. We would watch anyway,.. but when you pull stunts like this, they risk losing fans. And poor, poor, poor Jake!! The casting sirector for this round should be shot! He is such a good guy and all these women are straight PSYCHO!
posted by cindy on Jan 19, 2010
Such a dumb show. When will it finally be off the air.

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