'The Hangover 2': Shooting Starts This Fall, Zac Efron Not Yet Signed On

January 19, 2010 06:06:13 GMT

Bradley Cooper is willing to share about the shooting schedule, while his co-star Justin Bartha reveals that the 'High School Musical' actor has not been attached to the upcoming movie.

'The Hangover 2': Shooting Starts This Fall, Zac Efron Not Yet Signed On
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Bradley Cooper has provided another information from his upcoming movie project "The Hangover 2". Being met on the red carpet of the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, the actor has confirmed that the film is happening and they will start shooting this year. "Yeah, we're gonna do that in the fall. That'll be a lot of fun," he shared.

In another news from "The Hangover" sequel, Justin Bartha has cleared up rumor that Zac Efron has been slated to appear in the next movie. Being met at the same awards show, the depicter of Doug Billings in the comedy noted that the news came from an unreliable source.

Though Efron has not signed on for "The Hangover 2", Bartha said he would welcome the 22-year-old hunk into the group. "I love that guy," he said on the "High School Musical" actor. "He's actually really funny."

Efron himself has claimed that he hasn't "got that call yet" to join the cast for the second installment of the franchise, but he would be interested. "That would be amazing," the 22-year-old smiled. "I think that they're amazing and I love the cast that they've got going on."

Back in December, Todd Phillips said he has been writing the script for "The Hangover 2". It was additionally reported that the film will take place in Thailand, with Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms expected to reprise their roles as Phil Wenneck, Alan Garner and Stu Price respectively.


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posted by big dick on Aug 25, 2010
theyll probs give him a beard and shave his hair off to make him fit in..
posted by chris on Jul 11, 2010
posted by ikonomous on Jun 28, 2010
i hope not, he will ruin the movie
posted by dan on Jun 14, 2010
FUCK ZAC EFFRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by wahhh on May 17, 2010
zac efrons gonna luk lyk a kid wif da group. so its jus not gonna work.
posted by she on May 03, 2010
haha woow he is not..
posted by Awesome Guy on Mar 30, 2010
posted by chizam on Mar 28, 2010
buttface is gayer
posted by buttface on Mar 28, 2010
aurora is gay
posted by aurora on Feb 27, 2010
High School Musical is First!!!!

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