Video: Larry Platt Performs 'Pants on the Ground' on 'The View'

Video: Larry Platt Performs 'Pants on the Ground' on 'The View'

Audience started to serenade the 62-year-old civil right activist who auditioned for 'American Idol' in Atlanta by clapping and shouting for him.

General Larry Platt appeared before live audience on Monday, January 18 to perform the original version of "Pants on the Ground". The "American Idol" contestant who joined the audition in Atlanta took the stage of "The View" with the introduction from Sherri Shepherd.

His lively performance was followed by a brief interview. Shepherd asked him what inspired the song that became a trend nationwide. He said, "I was walking one day, and [I saw] a guy with a baby bottle in his mouth, a pacifier and he had his pants on the ground. And that's what gave me the inspiration."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck then asked him how he felt when seeing himself on TV. Platt responded, "I got so happy. It made me feel good knowing that I want to get these pants up." Hasselbeck then showed him a footage of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre singing Platt's song in the locker room.

Platt's nephew Jason was among the audience and he said, "I'm very proud of my uncle. He is finally getting his word out that he's wanted to for all these years."



    Dr. Funkenstien
    Jan 20, 2010

    This could be exactly what these younsters need to hear, Now that every one in the country is gonna sing that song every time they see some one with their "Pants on the ground" with every one making fun of them they will see how immature it is to let you pants hang down your butt,the truth hurts "Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground"

    Jan 19, 2010

    They still won't put them up...even after telling them that that's a prison symbol that you want to be fkd.

    Jan 19, 2010

    Way to go General. It is time that the young men get their pants up and keep them up.

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