'The Bachelor' Invites Rozlyn Papa to Return and Explain

January 16, 2010 04:35:48 GMT

Host Chris Harrison is hoping that Rozlyn will give his producer friend some answers regarding the affair that she claimed was not anything sexual.

'The Bachelor' Invites Rozlyn Papa to Return and Explain
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Chris Harrison believes Rozlyn Papa is held responsible for making "The Bachelor" scandal big. Therefore, he has every intention to have her back on the show so that she can explain it to him about what really happened behind the scene. For one thing, Chris is friends with producer Ryan Callahan who was accused of fooling around with Rozlyn.

"Hopefully she will come on to the 'Women Tell All' episode and sit down and talk to me," Harrison says via New York Post. Harrison regrets the fact that Ryan's identity and photo were leaked earlier this week. "...because that was never our intention," the host states.

Soon after the news of her involved in an "inappropriate relationship" with Ryan, Rozlyn denied that it was anything sexual, insisting that if it were the case then she was sorry for not doing it for real at that time. Chris slammed Rozlyn's denial and statements to the press that put the show in the wrong, saying "He [Ryan] has her to thank for digging all this up and making it 10 times bigger."

If Rozlyn agrees to re-appear on the show, Chris is ready to take her down. He says, "I can't let that happen again. I just need to go out there and butcher a girl on live TV like she is on a witness stand."


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posted by Kenfd on Jan 30, 2010
I have watched all the past bachelor and bacheorette shows. After some serious digging on the internet, I found out what a piece of shit this show really is. They care more about ratings vs peoples lives. Chris you are the biggest piece of shit of all. Fate is funny on how it always comes back to bite you in the Ass. I can't wait to hear about it
posted by milkyway23 on Jan 20, 2010
I have the most respect for chris harrison and i don't think he did it for ratings and i know for a fact that he didn't because the producer that was fired is now getting a divorce from his wife she filed for a divorce. I have the most respect for him because he didn't let rozlyn get away with having an affair with one of the producers. i would probably have done the same thing if i was in Chris shoes. i feel bad for Jake because rozlyn lied to him. and if it wasn't real than why did half the bachelorettes say they say them cuddling? I also feel sorry for the producers wife. would you think if it was not true all these people that came forward and the producer wouldn't have done it if it weren't try i for once believe something did go on with rozlyn and the producer.
posted by Suzi on Jan 19, 2010
May I suggest that those of you who "hate" everyone on the bachelorette and bachelor shows you have a button on your remote control that turns your TV off or changes channels. Chris is one fine man. I am fed up with all of you bitching and griping and judging people you don't even know. Also, how can anyone tell the bachelor or bachelorette who they "should" have chosen. Wake up, this show isn't about YOU!
posted by Eb on Jan 19, 2010
somebody needs to remind Jake about him trying to get Jillian's attention about Wes. Then maybe he will listen to what the girls are trying to tell him about Vienna
posted by beth on Jan 19, 2010
what decent girl would allow herself to displayed a national tv. not alot of class.
posted by ajoke on Jan 19, 2010
You will do anything for ratings,finally the viewers are seeing this drama for what it is. thank heavens
posted by Diva on Jan 19, 2010
The show has gotten to be too much. All the DRAMA. The best season was Tristan and Ryan, who fell in love, got married and are still together. They are my favorite and most respected couple.
posted by allison on Jan 18, 2010
Lost respect for Jake. Thought he would be able to see thru Vienna! not watching anymore. He would be so lucky to be with the nanny! at least she was real! but alas... she isnt blonde...that is what he likes.... blondes.
posted by lol2 on Jan 16, 2010
but they already have you thinking about it "lol" don't they?
posted by lol on Jan 16, 2010
so u plan to invite the girl back on the show to slam her over a tv fabricated scandal and slam her down as to get more ratings?.... You can be stupid enough to even think that she would consider or accept this offer and, if she does consider it makes this so called "scandal" look scripted and fabricated for ratings. As if this show isn't pathetic enough already, they happen to have a brain dead host as well

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