'Smallville' May Be Delayed for Haiti Special

January 15, 2010 09:43:47 GMT

It looks like the episode 'Disciple' will have to be pre-empted for a TV special to help the Haiti earthquake victims.

'Smallville' May Be Delayed for Haiti Special
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There is a huge possibility that "Smallville" will not return on The CW as scheduled. The network reportedly will participate in a telethon of "Hope for Haiti", a concert/charity event aired in multiple networks to raise fund for the victims of Haiti earthquake.

"Smallville" was set to air the remaining episodes of season 9 starting January 22 but the sudden tragedy has drawn celebrities to conduct a speedy program on the same date. There is no official statement yet from The CW but should it really happen then the highly-anticipated special episode "Absolute Justice" will also be delayed. The episode which will be wrapped in a TV movie format was scheduled to air on February 5.

Beside "Smallville", another show is also premiering on January 22. SyFy's "Caprica" is set to debut at 9/8c, but it is unclear whether the cable would also participate.


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posted by clark kent on Jan 16, 2010
damn after all this time i'm needed now more then ever no offence but scrap the telethon me wants smallville
posted by lilytiger on Jan 15, 2010
I love Clark you should so go out with Lois you guys are made for each other! I mean come on its so obvious and she loves you back
posted by lilytiger on Jan 15, 2010
I dont think so i watch smallville all the time and i've been waiting so you better not cancel it cause i love smallville! GO Clark

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