Lady GaGa Up Against Adam Lambert for GLAAD Outstanding Artist

January 13, 2010 06:48:22 GMT

Lady GaGa and Adam Lambert will face off against Brandi Carlile, The Gossip and Otep in the Outstanding Music Artist category.

Lady GaGa Up Against Adam Lambert for GLAAD Outstanding Artist
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Dance queen Lady GaGa and openly gay singer Adam Lambert will be battling against each other at the 21st Annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards. The two are nominated for Outstanding Music Artist prize.

Lady GaGa makes it to the list for her 2009 studio album "The Fame Monster", while Adam gets the nod for his debut effort "For Your Entertainment". Joining them in the category are Brandi Carlile, The Gossip and Otep.

2010 GLAAD Media Awards will be taking place at New York's Marriott Marquis on March 13, Los Angeles' Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on April 17 and San Fransisco's The Westin St. Francis on June 5. In addition to honoring musicians, this annual event will also hand out awards to people working in movie, television and journalism.

Special honoree at the show is Cynthia Nixon who will be given the Vito Russo Award at the New York ceremony. The Vito Russo Award is named after a founding member of GLAAD and is presented to an openly LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for the community.

"Cynthia Nixon has been a vocal and visible advocate who has transformed cultural attitudes about our community," said GLAAD President Jarrett. "She is a perfect example of how sharing your personal story and speaking out for marriage equality can inspire change among fair-minded Americans. It is our privilege to honor her."


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posted by imafreakbitchbaby on May 28, 2010
i love adam and gaga.. i'm a super duper die hard fan of them bcos i believe in their aims.. i soo love their bold and expressive personalities,that makes them more famous. And that makes people understand them more. Gaga and Adam. I love you both :*
posted by Babs on Apr 18, 2010
Adam's popularity in mainstream America is building, and taking hold across the globe as well. He is first pronounced GAY signed to a major record right from the start of his career. He wants his sexual preference to be a non-issue while he focuses on his career. He knows he cannot always avoid the questions, and the hype, but he has never denied who he is. He might not be yelling from mountain tops for Gay rights, but what he is achieving in American POP culture, and the gay community right now is huge.
posted by rick on Apr 12, 2010
GLAAD!! this is such an important honor! OTEP! She inspires others to be leaders and be proud!
posted by *Thorn* on Apr 11, 2010
OTEP deserves to win - I'm sure the other nominees do just as much hard work and show their support just as well - but my vote is in for OTEP! SS4l! Serv Asat, Sevas tra, Sevas peto.
posted by ritzombie on Apr 11, 2010
posted by britt on Apr 11, 2010
OTEP for sure!! OTEP better win!She speaks out for GLAAD, RAINN, Equality for everyone! NO ONE stands up for us like she does! She lives her life OUT and is proud of it
posted by SRA on Apr 11, 2010
posted by Stacey on Apr 11, 2010
Otep should win! She's done more fot he GLBT community than the other nominees.
posted by Alex on Apr 11, 2010
Otep's music helped me come out to my family. She needs to win.
posted by Wynter on Apr 11, 2010
OTEP! Not only does Otep stand up and speak out for the GLBT community, but she inspires others to do the same. To me, that is the mark of a true leader.
posted by cory on Apr 11, 2010
otep or lady gaga
posted by NOTCOOLOtep on Apr 11, 2010
I was happy with ANY of the nominees to win the award, but after seeing Otep being rude to fellow nominees on twitter, I hope anyone BUT Otep wins. Not cool to dis on other artists your up against for an award.
posted by Disappointed in Otep on Apr 11, 2010
Not happy seeing the negativity about Adam Lambert that @OtepOfficial is spreading and retweeting on twitter. I thought the band and Shamaya were really cool before what I saw on twitter today. Why does the gay community always go against themselves? Adam supports his fellow musicians and artists, especially from the gay community.
posted by Mydnyght on Apr 11, 2010
Otep hands down.
posted by artu on Apr 11, 2010
PLEASE! What about Otep?! I'm sorry, but I fail to see what Adam Lambert and Lady GaGa have done. Playing with your sexual orientation to make people speculate so you can sell more issues of a magazine is ALL but's disgusting. Otep is passionate about what she believes for, and that's intoxicating to us, her fans, and we are glad for it. She transmits that passion for equality and makes people want to fight for all those who are undermined. I fight for equality not only because I believe in it, but I know that it is so important for people I admire so much like her. If there is anyone who needs to get recognition for everyday fight, that is OTEP!
posted by RJofTR on Apr 11, 2010
Though i like both Adam Lambert and Lady GaGa, Otep totally takes the cake! SS4L!!
posted by battah on Apr 10, 2010
posted by isis79 on Apr 10, 2010
OTEP should WIN! She does more than anyone for equal rights for all!
posted by josette on Jan 14, 2010
i love your songs
posted by josette on Jan 14, 2010
i love u your my #1 fan
posted by vae_victus on Jan 13, 2010
posted by Teia on Jan 13, 2010
OTEP should win!! Otep Shamaya stands up for Gay Rights every single day!!
posted by JLM on Jan 13, 2010
Adam Rocks!!!
posted by Maria on Jan 13, 2010
Lady Gaga isn't gay why is she nominated? I don't believe she is bi. She has a boyfriend right now too. Whatever.
posted by anonimus on Jan 13, 2010
I am sure you have never seen Adam Lambert performing. Adam is an absolutely talented and sensational phenomenon. Except for his talent, Adam is a beautiful personality, a true professional who aims for perfection in everything he does. I know there homophobic heaters who don’t want to see and/or understand anything related to a guy person, but… how blind and negative can they be? Fortunately high level professionals and media know what that Adam Lambert is an undeniable and rare talent. This is why he was rewarded so far and will be in the future.
posted by Natrod25 on Jan 13, 2010
To Maria, she's bi, she could have boyfriends. Bisexual means you're attracted to both males and females. Plus, she's nominated for standing up to gay rights in Washington, D.C. Christina Aguilera won a GLAAD award and she isn't gay or bi. If you don't know why, it was because she showed her support for gay love in her video 'Beautiful.' Anyways, I like that Lady GaGa and Adam Lambert are nominated.
posted by irisita69 on Jan 13, 2010
GLAAD? Adam Lambert? These guys suck big time! Didn't they just left him unsupported in that ABC-AMA scandal? Now they need Lambert's ratings?

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