Sneak Peek to Justin Bieber's New Song 'Baby' Feat. Ludacris

January 13, 2010 03:21:42 GMT

Justin Bieber performs an acoustic version of his new song 'Baby' which will be released as 'My World (part 2)' first single on January 18.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: JDH/JCP/WENN

Justin Bieber has a brand new song and it's called "Baby". In this track, the Usher's protege will be making a duet with Ludacris. The Canadian tween singer will be releasing the song for digital purchase Monday, January 18.

"Baby" is confirmed to serve as the first single from Justin's upcoming studio album "My World (part 2)" which is due to arrive in March. He recently gave fans first listen to the song by uploading a YouTube video featuring him singing an unplugged version of the track.

"Spread the word and let's help make it my first ever #1 on ITUNES!!" he wrote in an accompanying message. "All this is really a dream and not possible with the amazing support you all have given me on youtube, facebook, twitter, and around the world. Thanks for making dreams for a small town kid."

Justin Bieber hasn't launched his own headlining concert, but already had a bunch of shows on his calendar. In addition to hosting and performing at Pop-Con festival with Selena Gomez on February 20, he is also scheduled to sing at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on March 21. Moreover, he will perform alongside Rihanna as an opener at Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam series on February 4.


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posted by jb fan on Feb 10, 2011
i love u sssooo much u r the love of my life!!!!!!
posted by yaisr on Nov 11, 2010
we all love you biber
posted by miley cyrus on Oct 26, 2010
i have a goooooooood voice than u
posted by ivee on Oct 16, 2010
he jb !
posted by Carol on Sep 04, 2010
I realLy like ur soNg justin...
posted by tina on Aug 18, 2010
i luv his song very much .iuv him also
posted by alyssa lau on Aug 04, 2010
justin favorite coulor is purple i looked it up on disney girl rock justin i love you so much
posted by alyssa lau on Aug 04, 2010
you are so cute i have 2 posters of you on my bedroom door i think you cute and all your songs.kiss you justin
posted by sherly on Jul 31, 2010
i luv u a lot justin
posted by ja2 and mem on Jul 10, 2010
you rock my world
posted by *~New Gurl~* on Jun 24, 2010
Hey Justin(: yuhr soo lucky dat yuh qot famous from the youtube thinqy... i wished some1 could find meh on youtube nn make meh a star too like yuh!!! yuhr such a lucky dude!!! im happy dat yuhr dream come true! anyway.. i love all yuhr sonqs.. im not rlly a biq fan anymore bcuz i juzt know dat i would never ever meet yuh in person :( i rlly wished i could tho but datz never qunna happen... my step sister is obssed with yuh! so be careful when yuh ever meet her.. well anyway.. ima qo... im not qunna waste anymore time cuz iknow dat yuh wont even read thiz... but i am rlly happy for yuh! nn i wished yuh find yuhr true love soon(: well have a nice life JB yuh rock!
posted by GIOVVONA WILLY on Jun 18, 2010
posted by LILLY on Jun 18, 2010
posted by natalie on Jun 18, 2010
you are so hot that i can't keep my eyes of uv you. CALL ME ! MY NUMBER IS 936-672-4911
posted by nour on Jun 11, 2010
hi JB i luv u so0o much i wish 2 meet u nd kiss u luv yaa very much
posted by Lacie on Jun 03, 2010
I lov ur songs they really rock u r so cute and so hot in the song called baby my vocie is almost the same is yours vocie and im only 11 i was born in 1998 and im in 5 grade and everybody thinks im 13 but im not and i have 1 brother that is 12 years old my brother can lift me up but this story is funny ok me and my brother was playing around with me so he picked me up and i was siting on his sholders and i was holding his hair because i dont want to fell off so my brother milo said if u dont let go of my hair or i'll make a back flip on u so i let go and he said do what i was doing then i do it and then i felt something shakeing so i hold his hair again so i was making faking crying then he let me get off and i fell and hurt my self well i hoped u have a great time:)
posted by candy on May 19, 2010
nice song baby i love it:)
posted by chloe [purdy] on May 15, 2010
posted by k.p on May 14, 2010
i love your song baby we no it so much my 4 brothers sing the hole songs i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much u rock!
posted by katy on May 14, 2010
u rock j.b
posted by kaa on May 13, 2010
justin!! i love u so much,,:)
posted by tasha on Apr 20, 2010
i luv jistin ad he all mine u cant have him lov u jistin am tell u one time ad baby.
posted by someone on Apr 19, 2010
Hey your a really good singer!
posted by azra on Apr 14, 2010
i love beatiful te dua shum shum i love you oooo sexy i love you somach
posted by mari on Apr 14, 2010
i love u justin and u r soo cute and hot and u r great singer
posted by kayla woody on Apr 13, 2010
posted by ihatejustin on Mar 26, 2010
posted by apple on Mar 16, 2010
Me and my friend want you to come over our house.
posted by apple on Mar 16, 2010
I am your best fan every hope to see you.
posted by apple on Mar 16, 2010
when are you coming down to asbury park
posted by lauren on Mar 13, 2010
love the song and you!!!!
posted by summermiller on Mar 09, 2010
canyou call me iam 13 call 601-732-6964
posted by mother on Mar 09, 2010
I love you Justin!
posted by Charlotte Bradford on Mar 08, 2010
I killed Jennny Lambert.. It was ME! I love Ben by-the-way !!! xx
posted by Jack Hurlstone on Mar 08, 2010
posted by Daniel Morton on Mar 08, 2010
posted by Shane Potts on Mar 08, 2010
Hi Justin, i'm bi-sexual and i really think your the most attractive boy i've ever seen. If i saw you in the street OMG i'd jump on you babe.. love yah xx Shane
posted by Mitchell Drakeford on Mar 08, 2010
I got no pubes
posted by Jackie Jeffery on Mar 08, 2010
im a man
posted by Jacob-Orrell-Davies on Mar 08, 2010
I just farted
posted by Shane Potts on Mar 08, 2010
posted by Shane Potts on Mar 08, 2010
Your a cunt.
posted by mandy on Mar 01, 2010
i love u sooo much u r hot but im two years younger then u which is sad!!!!!!!:(
posted by angel on Feb 25, 2010
i love you
posted by rose on Feb 06, 2010
i love all ur song and i catch the lyrics so fast!! i always wanna meet u but i dont think it would happen but im really hoping in my dreams and a wish is to meet in person! I LOVE U!!! PEACE oh and i like hanhing out with fun guys!
posted by daesha on Feb 05, 2010
i thin ur so so so sexyiest man i ever layed eye`s on ur so sexy
posted by Bianca on Feb 05, 2010
I love your sing in the sos it was so awesome. love u Justin bye.keep on rocking.bye
posted by Bllow on Feb 05, 2010
posted by kaila on Feb 04, 2010
I love the song Baby with you and Ludacris it's awesome... You and your friends are LOL !!! and so much fun I wish I have Friends like yours !!
posted by you are hot on Feb 02, 2010
I love you JB you are the best
posted by kayla on Feb 02, 2010
posted by valsmile on Jan 31, 2010
you know you can call me i am 14 how old r u your hot
posted by renee micheala on Jan 30, 2010
heey,justin i love this song so much you are so hot and cute,,i hope you come to halifax sometime i think you will like it here, lol ,i love you justin bieber,ohh, and i watched you play b-ball and your really good i am a b-ball player to love ya xox.
posted by Robynn:) on Jan 28, 2010
Amazing Babe Love You .... Will u be going to dublinn:) please:*
posted by keke on Jan 27, 2010
Jutsin Bieber u r sooooooo cutie
posted by joanna on Jan 27, 2010
goy u r fuckn cute & hot i fuckn love a lot
posted by jess on Jan 23, 2010
omg this is awsome! it's one of ur best songs! great song, just like all the other ! love u JB!
posted by Leah hates Justin Bi on Jan 20, 2010
Well hello mr. Justin bieber. the new coolest person ever! NOT! u r just like all the other famous people. the truth is u r single and still looking for your dream girl but u r just breaking every girls hearts out there. Now i have dated a star once and i promised myself i wouldn't date another. So trust me girls! hes not worth it!
posted by zahirah on Jan 19, 2010
you are all mine ok justin bieber...
posted by aliebieber on Jan 18, 2010
justin im going right now to go buy it you said it will come out at 12;00 pm so im going cant wait to get it babe yo rock
posted by jblover<333 on Jan 18, 2010
posted by barbieblondie94 on Jan 18, 2010
justin, your SO SO SO SO hotttt and amazing!!! i love you baby!!!<333 i want to be your one less lonely girl!
posted by zahirah johnson on Jan 18, 2010
i love justin beiber so much and his song rock...
posted by saddy on Jan 17, 2010
justin you rock! i love you! your doing great! loved the ending:)
posted by jb lover #1 on Jan 17, 2010
hi justin you are my role are sooooooooo HOT. will you go out with me.
posted by andrew on Jan 17, 2010
Justin Desevers This and more he has been putting his hart in every song he writes and sings
posted by jbluvu on Jan 16, 2010
OMG I luv jb but i dont like u just because ur famous and ur voice when i look for a boy i look in his eyes and if he is nice to other people or not but u r cute
posted by alex on Jan 15, 2010
god justin your hot and you have an amazin voice!!
posted by dejah on Jan 15, 2010
i love you your girl
posted by dejah on Jan 15, 2010
i love your song and you to
posted by sista lover on Jan 15, 2010
I luv justin bieber he so cute!!! more like hot tho!
posted by justinbieberfan98 on Jan 15, 2010
JB u rock and i luv ur songs and hope i get to meet u one day
posted by Jaime on Jan 14, 2010
I LOVE this song! Its one of his bests! Love Ya Justin!
posted by meme nene on Jan 14, 2010
u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo so sexy we want to kissssssss u
posted by angle on Jan 14, 2010
You are so hot
posted by tigger34 on Jan 13, 2010
Is that song the one you were wirte about me. this is nikki your girlfriend.
posted by Lucie on Jan 13, 2010
great song, hes so talented!
posted by amy on Jan 13, 2010
omg i luv justin bieber he is so fhe is all mine and not urs hahahahahahaha so watcha doin everbody lol tell me abt justin bieber i no abt him but i want to n o more abt my next future boyfriend lol hahahahahahahaha.......
posted by justin bieber4785 on Jan 13, 2010
i love you justin
posted by JODI # 3 on Jan 13, 2010
posted by JODI M. on Jan 13, 2010
posted by shosho on Jan 13, 2010
i like the new song baby
posted by shosho on Jan 13, 2010
i love u justin omg he is so cute and hes Voice like a Angel i love you justin
posted by faradudubieber on Jan 13, 2010
hope, i'll meet justin !:)
posted by jackie on Jan 13, 2010
justin bie ber jackie love yuo
posted by sophie on Jan 13, 2010
justin bieber is my love live. I love you justin
posted by sophie on Jan 13, 2010
me and my friend niah love you and your songs love you justin
posted by lisa hackford on Jan 13, 2010
jusin is my dreem
posted by VioletBieber on Jan 13, 2010
Justin PLEASE follow me on Twitter I love you
posted by some1 on Jan 13, 2010
posted by ilana richrards on Jan 13, 2010
hey justin its me ilana richards i love you so much you are ilke my mom i sing too buy
posted by Justin I really want on Jan 13, 2010
I really want to meet you please.. :) you are so talented... awesome!!
posted by vanna barbie black on Jan 13, 2010
he all mine u cant have him love u justin am tell u one time
posted by vannna barbie black on Jan 13, 2010
he da thruth justin
posted by meme on Jan 12, 2010
i love u justin

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