Mistress: Tiger Woods Is Into Threesome, Gay Sex and Girl-on-Girl

Tiger Woods

Playboy model Loredana Jolie confirms through her rep that she would like to publish a tell-all book which part of the proceeds will be put into good use.

There is more to Tiger Woods than meet the eye, or than the multiple affairs. The golfer apparently has an extensive sexual appetite that includes girl-on-girl sex, threesome, and a romp with another man, one of his alleged mistresses revealed. Playboy model Loredana Jolie has stepped up to tell her side of story about arranged sex encounters involving Woods.

Jolie is planning to publish a tell-all book that exposes Woods' "healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl, and an answer to all the rumors surrounding Woods' sexuality." She admitted to have witnessed Woods engaged in sexual activities with men.

"She's going to come out swinging. She knows all about how Tiger would arrange women for sex, and would sometimes get two or three women in his room at once," her rep said to Page Six. "Loredana is a model, not a prostitute, but she was close to a lot of what went on. She slept with Tiger more than once."

The rep further confirmed that Jolie is "in talks with a number of publishing companies" to have her book published. The number is allegedly reaching up to $1 million but it is intended for good use. "She wants to use part of the proceeds and the exposure from the Tiger Woods scandal to promote healthy living by opening a transitional home for women who wish to escape or who have already escaped the sex industry," her rep said.

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    Voodoo Foru
    Jan 17, 2010

    These filthy rich people have more money than God but spend it in a way God would not. It's true that these rich people get a way with murder while the poor and brainwashed society agree to let them get away with it. No man alive should live such a free and powerful exisistance while the rest are only there to serve them. The rich should have only one choice...spread the wealth where sick and hungry whether young or old are taken care of or we the people in the the name of God just take it away from them.

    Ur conscience
    Jan 17, 2010

    All the money that Tiger spent to maintain self gradification could have been spent wisely somewhere eles...like help feed the poor children. Sex is over in 30 seconds this is the only value it contains but having the chance to help a sick and hungry child...what's a peace of mind worth?

    Jan 15, 2010

    Please leave Tiger Woods alone. Can Jolie tell us if she is a perfect human being without any ugly past?

    Jan 08, 2010

    who'd have ever thought tiger was such a ho?

    Jan 08, 2010

    I have always suspected that there is more ugly information about Tiger Woods out there that has not come out ,yet. Tiger knows it. This could be the reason why Tiger remains silent and away from the public's eye.

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