Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa's Wedding Peeked Through Video

January 06, 2010 08:46:22 GMT

Take a look at Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa's first dance as husband and wife at the Oheka Castle on December 19.

Kevin Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

The fairytale wedding ceremony of Kevin Jonas and his longtime girlfriend Danielle Deleasa has been shared by Access Hollywood through video footage. The clip features the time the oldest member of the Jonas Brothers exchanged vows with Danielle.

After sharing a kiss, Kevin and Danielle then made their way to the ballroom where the reception was held. "This is insane," those were the first words coming out from Danielle's mouth when she saw that a winter wonderland party has been set inside the Oheka Castle.

Best men of the evening, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas, went on to the dance floor and showed off some moves before giving it entirely to the newly-wed couple who danced to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel". Also, there is capture where Joe performed his "Single Ladies" moves.

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa got married in Long Island on December 19. They then flew to Cabo, San Lucas for a honeymoon and have recently returned from the vacation.


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posted by ASHLEY K MCCOY on Nov 03, 2010
posted by ashley mazini on Aug 30, 2010
whatever u guys decide to do with the band i just wanna let u know ur the best thing thats happened to this world u've taught me alot even through music.ur awesomest.i love you.
posted by ashley mazini on Aug 30, 2010
look,this is the greatest band to ever exist what i feel and pray is that you guys are never apart.i love you guys. congrats kevin and dani may it be a blessed marriage.joe whatever people say they dont know its your life and sometimes people see the side of u that u dont want them 2.i hope ur happy with whoever and whatever u want. nick whatever choices u make trust them.i hope ur also gonna keep on rockin it.have fun,i love you
posted by pamela on Jul 24, 2010
that is so not good that is bad for the band
posted by salvador makkons on May 30, 2010
sorry i meant married!
posted by salvador makkons on May 30, 2010
guys i"m getting mairried saturday!
posted by people on May 04, 2010
ppl u r crazey
posted by savannah on Apr 13, 2010
posted by Mrs. Nick Jerry Jona on Feb 15, 2010
the jonas brothers want to stay together but i think Kevin had too much "fun in the bed" . I don't think i'm too young for Nick because my parents are 5 years appart and so are nick and I. Also Dani is Older than Kevin. I love You Nick!!!!!!!!!:) I love You Nick!!!!!!!!!:) I love You Nick!!!!!!!!!:)
posted by Mrs. Nick Jerry Jona on Feb 15, 2010
i am sorry to say this but they won't stay together and they should of had waited at least 2 years to make a baby. Thats right Daniell is Pregnant. I LOVE you Nick! I feel it is true love and i do believe in magic but only with love because i have felt it before. For example i used to like joe and another guy and i liked the other guy more and when is thought about joe i lost the magic so i do believe in Magic. I feel magic with nick!!!!!!
posted by TheRealMrs.NickJerry on Feb 08, 2010
The Jonas Brothers will not fall apart...Kevin got married and that is his decision. That is a good thing. If you were truly a fan, you would be happy for him. The Jonas Brothers will keep having many successes even though Nick is working on a side project as well as Joe, and Kevin is happily living his own life...they will all be married eventually. I hope they are successful. However, I hope they keep their promises because Joe was said to have slept over at Demi Lovato's house. Anyway, I'm so happy for Kev and Dani and I hope to see Jonas babies!!!!! Peace and love. -Julia
posted by Cathy Viviano on Jan 30, 2010
I speak for my Jonas fans (three daughters and one son---hee hee) that the Jonas bros are not breaking up. Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jonas. The Jonas bros are excellent role models and they don't do any nasty thing (drugs/alcohol usage, violence, etc) I hope and pray that Danielle and Kevin will be happy and succesful together.
posted by njonas2010 on Jan 18, 2010
They are NOT falling apart! Kevin eventualy had to get married and the other two will also someday. They wouldnt do that to there fans!
posted by mikaelal00 on Jan 12, 2010
worser is not a word it is worse
posted by mikaela00 on Jan 12, 2010
if u think they will fall apart your a loser...ok
posted by mikaela00 on Jan 12, 2010
they will stay together...i no it
posted by Rena on Jan 11, 2010
Naw...I think they will stay together. :)
posted by Joenas on Jan 09, 2010
Kevin did not make is worse and they are not falling apart. Nick is just doing a side project and well Kevin just got married not long ago so he is doing that. No need for alarm knowing that everything is fine.
posted by breannah on Jan 09, 2010
i can not beleivehe got married anyways their band is falling apart kevin made it worser!!

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