Video: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Rehearsing for Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve

December 29, 2009 07:28:10 GMT

Take a look at the preparation Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are doing for the 2009 Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve which will be hosted by Fergie and Ryan Seacrest.

Video: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Rehearsing for Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve
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It's two days before 2009 Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is kicked off. As a sneak peek to the upcoming star-studded concert, E! News brought forward a video featuring two of the musical guests Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's rehearsal sessions.

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve will be started at 10:00 P.M. ET and is going to be broadcast live on ABC. In addition to Selena and Justin, there will also be Black Eyed Peas, Orianthi, Colbie Caillat, Keri Hilson and Robin Thicke rocking the gig.

Like its previous years, the concert will be divided into two segments, a show taking place in Las Vegas and seeing Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie taking the hosting job, as well as a live report from NYC's Time Square which will be presented by Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark.

After singing at the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber will be paired for another gig. This time, the two young singers are booked to host and perform at Pop-Con festival for tweens between 8 and 18 years old which will be held on February 20, 2010. They will be joined by Push Play, Care Bears on Fire, Mercy Mercedes, The Naked Brothers Band and Natt & Alex Wolff.


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posted by loana cabrera on May 28, 2011
mentira justin nunca aria eso y menos cn una estupida cm selena gomes
posted by tia sykes on Mar 07, 2011
justin bieber I rely rely love you and if you kant under stan tis its becus im ownly 8 rumemb i love you buy your face is realy buteful
posted by jb fan on Feb 26, 2011
Hi I never seen you but I thank justin should go out with selean
posted by gabriele on Jan 23, 2011
justin biber love yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu amo vc sou brasileira
posted by estelle ngado ketema on Jan 17, 2011
moi je crois car l'amour est capable de tout je veut qu'il soit heureus pour toujour merci abientot bye.
posted by aaliyah on Jan 16, 2011
go out with josiah he is going to the audition on saterday he will see you there
posted by aaliyah on Jan 16, 2011
selina dont go out with justin beiber your to prety to go out with him
posted by josiah on Jan 16, 2011
selena shoud go out with me insted of justin beiber
posted by rusho on Dec 11, 2010
how many brother and sister do you have ?
posted by jasmine on Oct 10, 2010
i love jb so much i wanna kiss him
posted by sofi on Oct 04, 2010
posted by jennifer on Sep 30, 2010
my téléphone number 410851 i'm the tahiti i'm french. i love youuuuuuuuuuu i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu justin bieber.
posted by jennifer on Sep 30, 2010
i love you justin i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
posted by dannita on Sep 13, 2010
drew los dos seben muy bien juntos ojalas q dure muy bien pero eso no es importante lo importante es q se amen
posted by demetria on Sep 07, 2010
wot kaet yuw
posted by demetria on Sep 07, 2010
selena liek justin
posted by Novita on Sep 07, 2010
Justin!!!Ilove You!!!You is Handsome And Selena is Pretty.
posted by isabella on Aug 23, 2010
sólos muy lindo0o y k bueno0o k aseeee un video0o ko0on selena aunkee no0o es un po0oko0o meno0or justiin ko0omo0o para andar ko0on selena diigo0o selena parese de la miiisma edad de justiiin se ven muy pekeño0os ko0omo0okiiiera siii ello0os andan k lesss vaya muy bien de noviiio0os despues de k a selena la engaño0o nick jonassssssss k lastiiima selena devessssss de vangarteeeee muiiii biiien ADIIO0OOSS???????
posted by naymara on Aug 23, 2010
ola tem alguma brasileira ai ou esta mt díficil....
posted by minayoli on Aug 18, 2010
ok ok girls a dont understand justin its handsome but he is gay and selena its mary with jake t ustin
posted by selsna gomez on Aug 17, 2010
come to me
posted by selena gomez on Aug 17, 2010
justin u should go out with me
posted by natalie on Aug 04, 2010
Justin ask her out she is the one for you even though you are 2 years younger who cares it dosent matter you have to write back on here to tell us if she said yes
posted by natalia on Aug 01, 2010
trqbva justin y selena da se saberat
posted by karen. on Jul 24, 2010
i love selena y justin
posted by miranda elshani on Jul 23, 2010
i love selena gomez
posted by beltina morina on Jul 23, 2010
i love you justin biber i love you selena gomez
posted by daishanae on Jul 16, 2010
justin bieber u should go out with selena gomez.
posted by FAN DE MJ on Jul 07, 2010
yo creo que justin bebe es un gey a conparacion de selena gomez osea abajo justin dede y ariba MJ
posted by MiCa on Jun 13, 2010
i believe that selena is going out with justin beiber
posted by BIBER WANNA BE on May 22, 2010
posted by a concerned biber lo on May 22, 2010
Yes ... the truth is age is but a #.. REALLY!. The media will not even care I' mean you two are too cute 2gether THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!! I promise they'll just say GOOD things about you guys 2gether why is it so bad she's '2' years older than you AND AGAIN WHAT'S SO BaD about it!!! OMG! LISTEN!!! justin bieber one day you'll date her...eventually and then IMAGINE YOU'D get MARRIED HAVE KIDS AND LIVE OUT:) justin my advise to you is....... follow youre HEART♥ PS: I did'nt know who you were until this MONTH!! but I'm starting to like you MORE and MORE!!!;)
posted by me+u on May 05, 2010
Justin just don't listen 2 these haters.Even though i love u with all my heart, i think u should go out with whoever u please.
posted by justin bieber on Apr 08, 2010
selena ur going to lose all ur fans case ur liaing that were going out is not true so back of
posted by justin bieber on Apr 07, 2010
yeah gentana is my girlfriend isn't she fablous
posted by Gentiana on Apr 07, 2010
I'm justin's girlfriend (seorsle) selena fucker and player also non as a biq !!!
posted by cameron on Mar 06, 2010
justin u rock
posted by selena put on Feb 25, 2010
Selena Gomez is a liar out with all the guys look I say with whom sale: Taylor Lautner and David Henrie and Jake T. austin and nick jonas and sprouse dylan drew seeley and you got a lot of boyfriends
posted by justin biebers größt on Feb 22, 2010
ich mag selena gomez aber jetzt nicht mehr denn sie macht meinen freund an justin bieber ist mit mir zusammen und finger weg sonst gibst eine auf die fresse okay justin bieber i love you so mutch also wie gesgat lasst eure finger vom meinem freund justin bieber er gehört nur mir okay sonst gibst eine auf die fresse
posted by Larissa on Feb 16, 2010
I love YOU jASTIM Bieber and Selena Gomez
posted by al on Feb 06, 2010
hi congratulation
posted by al on Feb 06, 2010
hey beaber u are the best
posted by ANESSA on Jan 22, 2010
posted by ANEESA on Jan 22, 2010
posted by kayla on Jan 18, 2010
thae dnt go out nimwit even though they should
posted by beiberfever98 on Jan 16, 2010
I love jb ans sg is right for him and they make a extreamy cute couple so back off all of u other girls u need to let them be and plus he will never go out with any of u in a millon years.
posted by lilytiger on Jan 15, 2010
I love Justin Bieber he is lik the best and all my friends in my class do to also my neighbor to
posted by tigger34 on Jan 12, 2010
They are not going out. Because he has a girlfriend and thats me. Selena is just a ever good friend so stop fucking says that ok. I LOVE YOU MY LOVING BOYFRIEND I HOPE I SEE YOU SOON. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
posted by kaila on Jan 11, 2010
what ever sg is so not a slut, for all u know its just rumors. dont be hatin cause ur jelouse they r perfect for each other!
posted by dorothy on Jan 10, 2010
Wow u guys have to calm down, no need to be jealous,i mean if u guys r so mad after him, how can u think he will go out with some crazy girls :P i mean the boy has a right to go out with any1 he wants and u guys have to deal with it :P and i think they would be a nice couple :))so no need to talk funny things about them just because u guys don't have a chance on him xD Wow i wander how u guys will be when he gets a girlfriend and it's not one of u guys :OO so i'm just saying calm down :PP if don't agree well i don't care :P
posted by sm+jb on Jan 10, 2010
they are goin out i even asked him and he hinks she is nice and dont shout at me mahnn because he is and sg is nice so i dont know why u are all sayin she is a slut
posted by emily Bieber on Jan 06, 2010
selena gomez is a cokey little slut wannabe demi lovato yeah im throwiing that ho down????????
posted by priscilla on Jan 04, 2010
you need to calm down tiffxo your just jealous.
posted by tiffxo on Jan 04, 2010
HOLY CRAP you guys. no need to swear at Selena just cuz Justin Bieber likes her. I mean, seriously, will he EVER go out with any of you? you guys already sound eccentric. bahaha. im a fan of biebs, but ya'll need to calm down. geezzz.
posted by priscilla on Jan 03, 2010
justin and selena are not going OUT who ever stared this rumor they need to STOP!!!!!!!!!!
posted by priscilla on Jan 03, 2010
justin bieber broke is leg and i feel so sorry if i was there i would kiss his leg and make it feel better!
posted by mz.bieber on Jan 03, 2010
first of all he takin 2 of all no they dont make a good couple i like selena but she betta back off my man i dont share n that go for all the other gurls too i did lke the performins it was nice but selena thought she was all that im the one less lonely gurl n they favorite not selena
posted by Kamry on Jan 03, 2010
Justin can you come 2 Oklahoma City!!! :D
posted by Kamry on Jan 03, 2010
Justin can you come 2 Oklahoma City!!! :D
posted by Kamry on Jan 03, 2010
Justin is HOT!!!! I love u!!
posted by Kamry on Jan 03, 2010
Justin is HOT!!!! I love u!!
posted by Mandy on Jan 02, 2010
Sorry, I meant to put go instead of gp
posted by Mandy on Jan 02, 2010
Justin bieber is so hot!!!!!!!!!!! I think Selena and him would be a cute couple if they did gp out,even though I love love love him!!!!!!!!!!
posted by selena on Jan 02, 2010
i think they cannot be together selena is older than justin if i were selena i will not go out with justin even if he is cute.
posted by Jb+sg=4never!!! on Jan 01, 2010
Omg she is stealing my bf I really like Selena but now she is a butt :p
posted by JB girl on Jan 01, 2010
she just better back off my man(just kidding) but they would make a cute couple and age is just a # it doesnt mean they cant go out
posted by luke on Jan 01, 2010
posted by justin on Jan 01, 2010
ooooooooooo me to i do not like her
posted by Andjela majkic on Jan 01, 2010
SELENA GOMEZ is really lucy girl beacuse she going aut whit JUSTIN BIEBER.I thing they cannot be together cuz she is 17*years old and he 15*years old this is terrible!!!!
posted by Justin b on Jan 01, 2010
I hate Selene gomez GRR I got so jealous wen I saw her there :@ stupid how i hope u die!!!! He's mine I'm his biggest fan I know all his songs and all by heart better back off Selene fucking looooser!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bieberfever2010 on Dec 31, 2009
yall needs to shut up about selena and justin goin out yall r soo imatr!!!! :) dumb asses oops did i just say that!!!!!! :)
posted by justin bieber\'s #1 on Dec 31, 2009
justin bieber is the best! im soooo gonna watch this! sooo excited....and selena and him ARE NOT going out...wouldnt be a good! <3 justin bieber's future wife
posted by Arianna on Dec 31, 2009
i am so exited to see selina and justin together i can't wait.
posted by gilby on Dec 31, 2009
OMG I love Justin Bieber!!! I can't wait 2 c him and Selena sing!!! But ur right they aren't going out.
posted by justin fan on Dec 30, 2009
i cant wait im going to the concert with selena gomez and justin bieber
posted by sydney miller on Dec 30, 2009
that is so grasom well great and awesome
posted by kaite on Dec 29, 2009
yeah their not going out dumb asses
posted by Lori on Dec 29, 2009
I'm sooo excited!!! I can't wait to see Selena perform.
posted by SellyNDemi4evaa on Dec 29, 2009
whoever thinks they're going out are idiots like hamms and olivia -_- selena is not going out with anyone. She's two years older than him
posted by Maggie on Dec 29, 2009
Their not going out. Just because their doing a show together doesn't mean anything. Justin is still single
posted by highlandlove on Dec 29, 2009
just because they are doing a show together doesn't mean they are "going out"
posted by hamms on Dec 29, 2009
i can,t believe you are going out with that freak what about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
posted by Justin J. on Dec 29, 2009
im not Justin Bieber no not at all but Selena if youre readin this i made you a poem its on the article about you goin off to college soon.
posted by KittyCaitlyn on Dec 29, 2009
no they shouldnt go out cuz hes my man and if she doesn go out with him shes realllyy lucky
posted by Mmat on Dec 29, 2009
you spelled bieber wrong olivia-no effense at all. but they are not going out either-im not going to call you anything mean either i try to be nice always :)
posted by olivia on Dec 29, 2009
i cannot believe selena is going out with justin beiber.

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