Adam Lambert Is on Diet

December 22, 2009 04:33:31 GMT

"I'm on such a diet now. I want to stay in great shape so no candy for me," so says the singer.

Adam Lambert
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Wanting to remain in shape while he is promoting his debut album "For Your Entertainment", Adam Lambert reveals to Fox News, "I'm on such a diet now." The openly gay singer continues saying, "I want to stay in great shape so no candy for me."

The 27-year-old "American Idol" star then relates that topic to general opinion that people have on someone's physical appearance. "Everyone should get out of the mirror, that's not what matters," he says. "We are programmed in society to be so hard on ourselves and our appearance."

In another Adam Lambert news, he has been spotted on Sunday night, December 20 filming a music video for "Whataya Want From Me", the second single from his November 23 release "For Your Entertainment". It is said that the video will follow the singer from his fans' point of view and see aspiring actress Julianna Milton playing one of his female fans.


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posted by Santa Bob on Jan 01, 2010
Clarification. I meant he was doing "Hair" the musical.
posted by Santa Bob on Jan 01, 2010
Adam has always worried about his weight. When he was younger he was heavier, heck so was I. When I was his age I obsessed about it too. I remember when he came back from Germany after doing hair, he'd lost so much weight that he looked like he might have a serious illness. He explained that being naked in front of so many people had made him much more self-conscious about his weight. That's when he really started to get work in Los Angeles as well, so I guess it paid off.
posted by ok on Dec 28, 2009
old news
posted by amelle on Dec 28, 2009
He is flawless, stunning, inspiring, amazing etc. Imperfectly perfect. I love his personality, smile, voice, life outlook. He's my role model, you have no idea.
posted by WTF on Dec 28, 2009
DIET?! HE BETTER NOT BE STARVING HIMSELF AND CUTTING OUT ESSENTIALS. If anyone wants to get healthier, they need to CHANGE their diet not go on a diet. Love him btw. Hate Idol but he's already part of popular culture so.
posted by sexyjako on Dec 28, 2009
Adam is not fat! Eveyone needs to stop with these comments.
posted by He is perfect. on Dec 28, 2009
He looked amazing on Leno. That interview was hilarious. "Safe plucking with Adam Lambert." He's such a beautiful person.
posted by lol on Dec 28, 2009
I don't understand tabloids. He answered a question weeks ago and you print it now? This is old and pointless.
posted by Susan on Dec 27, 2009
Adam looks great no matter what he wears. His voice, his face, his personality is always wonderful. He is the most honest entertainer around. He is just wonderful and I wish him the very best.
posted by cherry on Dec 25, 2009
adam lambeert is mr. perfect he is my elvis presley today. good looks-good body and god voice.
posted by glimmers on Dec 23, 2009
I Think Everyone's Jealous of him He Loooks fantastic! Very Very Sexy!!!!
posted by Beauty on Dec 23, 2009
He was pictured rather thin at one of the Jingle Balls recently. I hope his "diet" consists of healthy food choices and moderate exercise, rather than just calorie restriction. He did look great on Leno, eventhough the outfit looked a bit baggy. Hope it was because of style choice rather than poor fit.
posted by Number8gurl on Dec 23, 2009
Adam looks amazing and I hope he just maintains his weight..he really doesn't need to lose anymore. I just saw some pics taken of him yesterday walking in Beverly Hills...and ohhh Mama..he's def not fat and def not skin and bones...he be lookin F~I~N~E. @Beauty that coat he wore on Leno was kind an unstructured design...I thought he looked gorgeous...but a completely different look than on SYTYCD where the suit was very tailored and slim-fitting...Adam's drop-dead gorgeous no matter what he wears. And I'll agree with the others...there isn't an ounce of unwanted fat on Adam's body...the one bulge he has is a VERY desireable one!
posted by Drake on Dec 22, 2009
Adam always was a fat kid that always wanted to be famous. This is why he dyed his hair from blond to black but still a fat queen.Pity!
posted by birdie on Dec 22, 2009
Kikii if i were as "fat" as Adam, I would think I was doing good. I agree there is not a fat bone on his body, except THAT one! :) Kikii can "pluck herself" HA!
posted by loren on Dec 22, 2009
Oh Kikii, you are funny! NOT! There is only one part of Adam that is fat,and it looks good on him! The boy is FINE!
posted by Kikii on Dec 22, 2009
He is quite fat so good idea.

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