Michael Phelps Gives Tiger Woods Advice, Wishing Him and Family the Best

December 19, 2009 03:59:41 GMT

"It can't be easy," Phelps says of Woods becoming the target of scrutiny, adding "I will say I'm wishing the best for him and his family at a time like this."

Michael Phelps
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Once also a victim of media scrutiny due to his marijuana-smoking pic, Michael Phelps addresses the brewing Tiger Woods' affair issue, offering one piece of advice for the golfer while at the same time wishing him and his family the best. "I think he's going through a hard time now, I assume," the gold-medalist swimmer told Us Weekly at a press conference in Manchester, England, on Thursday, December 17.

"It can't be easy," he continued stating. He, moreover, said that in moments like these, "you see who your actual friends are and who supports you." He then added, "I will say I'm wishing the best for him and his family at a time like this."

One piece of advice that Phelps has for Woods is not to repeat the same mistake he's done. "I'd be the first to admit I've made a lot of mistakes both in and out of the pool," he mused. "But of the mistakes I've made I've never made the same mistake again. I've become a much stronger person, and I've helped other people not make the same mistakes."

Michael Phelps was forced to issue a public apology when News of the World brought to attention a picture of him smoking marijuana from a cannabis pipe back in January this year. The scandal cost him some endorsement deals, including one with Kellogg's.

As for Tiger Woods, he has put his golfing career on hold for indefinite time after his affairs with more than ten women were exposed by the news media. He publicly acknowledged infidelity earlier this month, apologizing the damage he caused his wife Elin Nordegren and their two children; Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel.

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Tiger play internationally for a while. Let things cool down in America and hit the links with your international friends. Sign on with some international companies. Infedility is looked at differently overseas. I think you will notice a deeper appreciation for your trade by just taking a year off from America's media and hitting the links overseas. International Tiger.

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