'SYTYCD' Season 6 Winner Is Russell Ferguson

December 17, 2009 04:11:08 GMT

Despite lacking experience in some dances and his last minute injury, the Krumper got the highest total of votes from audience and the judges.

'SYTYCD'  Season 6 Winner Is Russell Ferguson
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Bruised but not beaten, Russell Ferguson took the crown on this season's "So You Think You Can Dance". He is the 20-year-old Krumper who has been the judges and audience's favorite throughout the season although he has little formal education in dancing and has little experience in the type of dances required during the competition.

Interestingly, Russell was injured during the finale on Wednesday, December 16 within the first 45 minutes. He broke his ankle after a routine and was crying. Ryan Di Lello had to help him to get on the stage to hear the result where Ryan was announced as the dancer who finished sixth.

More results were read out, Ryan's wife Ashleigh finished fifth, Ellenore finished fourth, Kathryn finished third and Jakob became the runner-up. In between the announcements, there were performances by Leona Lewis who sang the "Avatar" theme, Adam Lambert who performed "Whataya Want From Me" and Jennifer Lopez who belted out "Loubutins".


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posted by SA on May 07, 2010
Congratulations to Russell, he was my favourite and my family's favourite. He is so versatile and will definitely go far in his dancing career. Who cares if he got training or not, he is still the best the winner and my favourite Unfortunately not everyone will be satisfied. You go Russell, you really look like a cool and decent guy. God will bless you more
posted by Tisleem Anderson on May 04, 2010
hello everyone i'm doing a project, my project is making an article and my artcle is about russell ferguson do you mind if you could answer some of these questions. thank you :) 1.) why do you think russell ferguson should or should not win? 2.) did you think mr. ferguson was the winner because he was america's favorite or chosen for his dancing talent? please be sure to put your first or last name. :) thank you
posted by Canada - #1 in HOCKE on Mar 25, 2010
You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Russell deserved to win - the majority of the dancers are professionally trained - so what's the big deal - you all should be proud of the fact that a young man in this day and age, graduated from a school of arts? I don't see any of you dancing on tv, winning the contest, collecting lots of mulah and touring all over the world - I watched RUSSELL win SYTYCD......
posted by asutenan on Mar 10, 2010
so what gitu loh if Russell was da winner...
posted by Alison on Dec 22, 2009
I went to college with Russell at the University of the Arts in Philly where we MAJORED IN DANCE together.... all of this "no training" talk on the show was getting me a little angry... and since I know Russell personally, I can say that he is one of the nicest and most wonderful people I have ever met and truly deserved to win the show =]
posted by Russell Fan on Dec 19, 2009
Russell has been clear in his post-win interviews that although his ideas about formal training and the producers were different. Russell has always said he had formal training (listing Boston Arts Academy on his SYTYCD bio, for example). I find the language about Russell being "pimped" offensive. And his true personality? Yes, the end showed Russell thanking the show, God, and his family. If you could see beyond your own cultural limitations, you would see his true personality in his reaction.
posted by thoughtful on Dec 19, 2009
How do you know Russell really won. Did you see certified results by an accounting firm? The producers (Nigel)were clearly pushing for Russell and his "lack of training." Makes for a feel good story and ratings, but do we know for sure the true results were what came out. Release the vote totals and have them certified by a reputable accounting firm. I personally will never watch the show again...I believe it is rigged. Jakob is the best dancer, Kathryn is second. Russell maybe top 10 at the very best.
posted by ms 234 on Dec 19, 2009
I think Jakob should have won. He is a much much better dancer than Russel. He also has more presence than Russell. I can't figure out what Mary was so teary eyed about Russell. I don't think he had any charisma!!
posted by ashii on Dec 18, 2009
i'm so excited that Russell won. he's been amazing thought the whole thing. the shows about the favorite dancer. not the best. I couldn't remember jacob until the very end. and even then, i was impressed, but it was hard to remember him. they always gave him the same things to do over and over in his routines. I'm so happy he won. he really deserves it!
posted by AMATH on Dec 18, 2009
The show is about America's FAVORITE dancer, not the best. Despite the fact that Jakob and even Ellenore were better dancers than Jakob, he was America's favorite and he therefore rightly won.
posted by Joeydee on Dec 17, 2009
I agree with shame, Jakob should have won. The show is supposed to be about the best dancer, not the most improved dancer. I think Russell did a great job and should get props for doing so well, but he shouldn't have won. Almost all of the competitors on any SYTYCD season are "trained" dancers. It's what they do with that training that sets them apart. If this is going to turn into the best liked like that popularity contest American Idol, the name should be changed to So You Think You're the Most Popular Dancer on This Show. Jakob was and is the best dancer of this season.
posted by sfea on Dec 17, 2009
well i will agree with those who said jakob was the best technical dancer on the show because he was . he had many years of formal trainning where russell had no formal trainning and went on stage week after week with amazing preformances . he deserves his title as AMERICAS FAVORITE DANCER .
posted by cc on Dec 17, 2009
I think Ellenore or Jakob should've won, they were phenomenal. I'm disappointed with Russell winning.
posted by Firby96 on Dec 17, 2009
I think all of the finalist did a good job, but Russell was not trained and he was a better entertainer. I also think he did alot without knowing alot in the begining. Congratualtions Russell, I was rooting for you.
posted by jcdancemom on Dec 17, 2009
I think it's awesome Russell won. Jakob and Kathryn have their careers made after this. They have the training and skills to go far with any company. Russell has not only inspired a generation of up and coming dancers of all talent, but now has the opportunity to take his own dance future and run with it. Imagine the possibilities if he starts training in all areas of dance. Bravo were truely my favorite also, you passion heart shined through!
posted by joy on Dec 17, 2009
its all about who got the highest vote and who people think can dance...most people think he was the best and he can dance so he won...and he deserves it...we are all in the position to choice who we like to win and it happens that most people like should have voted as much as you can then if u want your bet to win so instead of blaming and trying to get some excuses just accept it and go on with ur life....THEY are all good anyway!
posted by SHERLOCK on Dec 17, 2009
posted by MAS on Dec 17, 2009
Response to Shame comment: clearly Jakob was the best technical dancer on the show no doubts about it but Russell with no formal dance training came to the show did amazing in every routine out outside of his style and he did great solos. America feel and the world feel in love with Russell and that's what the show is all about. Not America's best dancer but their favorite and Russell deserves to win.
posted by Anna B on Dec 17, 2009
Russel was definitely the most entertaining and versitle dancer. I'm glad he won - he's awesome!
posted by RussellWins on Dec 17, 2009
shame, Jakob may have been the best technical dancer but it's about who is America's Favorite. Jakob grew so much during the competition and danced with his heart and passion as much as Jakob did. I'm glad Russell won.
posted by Yes! on Dec 17, 2009
Ellenore, Kathryn, Russell and Jakob they all deserve to win. In the end it's America's decision and so Russell won. Congratulation!
posted by joy on Dec 17, 2009
well people...its who who got the highest vote so what ever you say the winner was already announce.Russell got the highest vote because most people think he is the best....he showed he can dance even though he was not well that the show all about anyway>SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!
posted by shame on Dec 17, 2009
i cant believe russel won instead of jakob...jakob was the best i am really disappointed
posted by Mallory on Dec 17, 2009
I agree with previous posters So Sad and No. This is why my husband quit watching a few seasons ago, and why I will quit watching too. It's a bunch of B.S.
posted by rbrashier on Dec 17, 2009
we all know that to make it to the top 10 you have to be extremely talent and so they all were and I enjoyed them all but am very happen a krumper won this give my 20 year daughter a sense of pride and joy because she also is a krumper
posted by ASH on Dec 17, 2009
I believe Jakob should have won, he was the best dancer - and with everyone saying that Russell had no formal training I just wanted to share an interview he did recently..."Iíve been doing hip-hop all my life. So, I figured if I was going to take on any big dance projects later in life, I would have to learn other things to be well-rounded in the dance field. I did four years at Boston Arts and I did a good year at The University of the Arts, so I got a good amount of training in." Shame on the judges for saying he had no training! SHAME!
posted by So sad on Dec 17, 2009
It's extremely disheartening to see that so many people believed everything portrayed on the show. Russell was the most pimped contestant this season thanks to Nigel and Mary saying nothing but good things after every time he danced, and all of America was fooled into thinking that he was this huggable little teddy bear that was a diamond in the rough because he had little training before the show. The way he reacted to winning is his true personality and the producers couldn't edit it to their favor because it was live and he already won so it didn't matter anymore. I will say, though, that it's a good feeling for myself that I did not have the wool pulled over my eyes like the rest of you. Jakob Ellenore and Kathryn all deserved it much more than Russell, plain and simple.
posted by RussellLover on Dec 17, 2009
I don't care if Russell was personally trained by Debbie Allen and Alvin Ailey - the boy can DANCE and he is a PERFORMER!! He had my heart from the start and I am SO glad the he won!! FYI - Most of the dancers on the show are trained - whether they play it up or not!!
posted by RussellLover on Dec 17, 2009
Russell was awesome!! He was my winner from the beginning. Yes, Jakob was GREAT technically and I loved all of his dances, but Russell makes me feel something when he dances. I think he totally deserved to win. Also, let's see Jakob krump. :) Cannot wait until the show comes to Georgia.
posted by No on Dec 17, 2009
"He is the 20-year-old Krumper who has been the judges and audience's favorite throughout the season although he has little formal education in dancing and has little experience in the type of dances required during the competition." Can I please call bullshit? He clearly stated in his auditions that he had training in different styles and he graduated from the Boston Arts Academy with a Major in Dance, for goodness sake. Maybe you should do your research before you believe everything that comes out of Nigel's mouth.
posted by K on Dec 17, 2009
The show is about America's FAVORITE dancer - not necessarily the best. There's no way to determine how AMERICA will VOTE. Jakob was awesome, but he didn't give us anything new. The choreographers played to his strengths. Russell on the other hand, is a lone street dancer. He had to adapt to partnering, and to many different styles of dance. He also had to contend with 3 parnters that he only had 1 DAY to practice with bc his original partners were injured!! Not to mention that those parnters were professionals - he had a lot to live up to! He was so very graceful and light, when Krumping is all about grinding it into the floor. Side note - Billy Bell can't come back to the show bc he already made top 20. The alternate they had for him IS allowed to re-audition bc he didn't make the original top 20 and he only danced for one week. Nigel had to get special permission to grant him the opportunity to return next season. We will have to see Billy Bell somewhere else, I'm afraid.
posted by Um... on Dec 17, 2009
So yeah...Russell went to the Boston Academy of Arts and majored in Dance...good thing no one ever mentions that when they're saying how 'untrained' he is.
posted by j9bt on Dec 17, 2009
Yay for Russell! He is America's FAVORITE dancer, which is the point of the show. His energy and entertaining style definitely won me over very early on. For me, a robotic, technically perfect dancer isn't the most entertaining. I also think this article is incorrect - Russell didn't say he broke his ankle. He said he strained it.
posted by TRISH on Dec 17, 2009
I had Russell picked from the very beginning. Not only did he pick up all the other styles and danced them VERY WELL for never being trained, but he also had a stage presence and changed characters everytime he hit the stage. Russell, Legacy, and even Ashley were blessed, through being on this show, with an opportunity that they may not have otherwise been able to have and I truly believe that Russell deserved this chance. They are inspirations to others to follow your dreams because anything can happen. Yes, Jacob is technically the better dancer which is why I'm sure this is not the end of the road for him. I like shows like this because they give people who otherwise would not have the chance or the opportunity to learn and grow. Keep growing Russell and the rest of you. I loved you all this season and I hope that you all have long successfull careers ahead of you.

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