First Look of Alyssa Milano on 'Castle'

December 16, 2009 06:50:55 GMT

Not only she reconnects with Castle on her wedding day, Milano's Kyra will catch him by the lips.

First Look of Alyssa Milano on 'Castle'
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Alyssa Milano is going to give Stana Katic a tough competition. Her guest appearance on "Castle" has been teased through a new still released by Entertainment Weekly and it includes a kiss on the lips for the titular character.

According to ABC, Milano is Richard Castle's former love interest who will give Castle and Beckett's relationship the shake up. Named Kyra, the character reconnects with the writer on her wedding day where "sparks fly". The episode is called "Rose for Everafter" but the air date is still unknown. "Castle" is slated to go back on screen starting January 11.

Alyssa Milano herself is under the contract to play one of the regulars on ABC's new show "Romantically Challenged". She will play a girlfriend to Kyle Bornheimer's character who makes him choose between her and his male best friend. "We start work in January. I think it will start airing on ABC in April 2010," Milano tweeted recently.


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posted by yummi on Oct 07, 2010
nathan u sexy beast! (and alyssa *_*)
posted by bobbycabby on Dec 26, 2009
Alyssa Milano is so gorgeous, I wish that was me being kissed!! My oh my.....

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