'True Blood': Meet Sookie and Eric's New Love Interests

'True Blood': Meet Sookie and Eric's New Love Interests

While investigating the disappearance of Bill, Sookie will be hooked up to a hot werewolf while Eric is charmed by his club's dancer.

More and more actors are joining "True Blood" as the fresh faces who will appear in the third season. Beside finding an actor to play the heavily recurring character Alcide Herveaux, the show also cast three additional actors for Yvetta, Reverend Daniels and Joe Lee Mickens.

Showrunner Alan Ball chose to pick lesser known actor to play the werewolf Alcide. Joe Manganiello, best known as Owen on "One Tree Hill" gets his major break as Sookie's aid in finding Bill who was kidnapped at the end of season 2. In the book by Charlaine Harris, Alcide is summoned by Eric and will have a fling with Sookie. However, Alcide is emotionally attached to his on and off girlfriend Debbie Pelt. An actress is yet to be found to play Debbie.

Ball said previously that Alcide would probably appear in the third episode. "This good-looking, rough-looking, but articulate and basically decent man is not what he seems. He is a heroic type and he and Sookie get along really well, and it's possible there's even an attraction between the two," Ball elaborated.

Eric himself will get a love interest. The casting call for Fangtasia's new dancer has been filled by Natasha Alam, EW reported. Named Yvetta, the dancer is bound to have a sexual relationship with Eric which is not what suppose to happen between the boss and the employee. Alam is best known as Ava on "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Meanwhile, Tara's mom Lettie-Mae continues to explore her religion and she will find comfort in Reverend Daniels. Cast as the spiritual character is Gregg Daniel who made a recurring role on "City of Angels". The latest actor hopping onto the vampire series' wagon is Cooper Huckabee. Dread Central reported that the '80s actor joins as filthy-looking Joe Lee aka the husband of Sam's mother Melinda.

The show is still looking for a hauntingly beautiful woman named Crystal, bikers Louie, Gus and Jimmy, a hot gay Latino named Jesus Velasquez, Alcide's girlfriend Debbie Pelt, NYU grads for Jason's threesome partners, elderly woman named Olivia and African American couple Betty and Marvin.

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    Nov 13, 2010

    eric is sooo hot

    Jan 08, 2010

    I agree with foxyroxy. I watched TB before reading the SS novels and I find the books more interesting. AB is losing me with these new people that are not even in the books. Though, I do love that Joe is playing Alcide and hope Anna and Joe have chemistry like Sookie and Alcide do in the book. Now I'm waiting on who i going to play Debbie. P.S. Make Sookie and Pam have a closer friendship like in the books. You're killing me AB.

    Jan 04, 2010

    I think it's a great idea!!! Sookie and Eric are sooooo wrong for each other, he needs someone with supermodel looks... I think that actress (Natasha Alam) fits the bill perfectly :) Can't wait to see it!!!

    Jan 03, 2010

    I think they need to keep to the story that Charlaine Harris set forth otherwise the original fanbase will be lost.We know what should happen to sookie,why ruin it with somebody elses take? Charlaine's version is the only one they should consider.

    Lely Siregar
    Dec 22, 2009

    Eric with someone else but Sookie??? I do not like the idea. Eric is amazingly gorgeous. I bet many females desire to sleep with him, as he used to with them. But after his complicated interest to Sookie, I think it is weird to have him slept with someone else but her. If he refused to 'entertain' a witch for his own benefit, why would he do that with a vamp? Weirdo!

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