Justin Bieber Poses With President Barack Obama

December 14, 2009 04:32:22 GMT

Justin Bieber and President Barack Obama are also joined for the pose by Usher and first lady Michelle Obama.

Justin Bieber Poses With President Barack Obama
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Justin Bieber strikes a pose in front of a Christmas tree alongside President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle. Joined by his mentor Usher, he got the pic taken after the pre-taped "Christmas in Washington" concert where he performed.

"In DC preparing to sing for President OBAMA!!" the YouTube singing sensation wrote on his Twitter prior to the live performance. "Yeah im nervous. if i mess up he might deport me back to Canada. Lol."

Justin delivered a Christmas tune called "Someday at Christmas" during the gig. Host George Lopez introduced his performance saying, "Like you, Mr. President, this young man has many fans trying to shake his hand without permission."

Other musical guests were Mary J. Blige, Rob Thomas, Neil Diamond and Sugarland. Taking place at the National Building Museum on December 13 and will be aired on December 20 at 8 P.M. ET/PT, the concert is aimed to benefit the National Children's Medical Center.

Justin Bieber posing with President Barack Obama:

Clip of pre-recorded "Christmas in Washington" special:


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posted by bermeey on Sep 17, 2011
justin bieber i luv dis,and i love ur outfit...... justin bieber pls can u give me ur number.....
posted by Justin Bieber Sucks on Feb 12, 2011
posted by valeri on Jan 05, 2011
justiiiin! ilike your eyes *he's so cute * i so miss you ..! i love bieber always!! oh! justin!!
posted by zoe on Sep 15, 2010
posted by soly on Aug 24, 2010
I wanna fock you oh ilove you
posted by cutie on Jul 19, 2010
yi justin bieber i love your song somebody to love but i love u make sure that your gf do not see this i love u bye
posted by priya on Jun 25, 2010
i love you justin.i love your song cool like me
posted by jjs on May 20, 2010
posted by EMAAN on May 18, 2010
posted by dita on May 07, 2010
I love justin bieber so much!! Please come to indonesia :) Love u
posted by :D on Apr 14, 2010
People that say they hate Justin Bieber, you guys don't even know him, and your saying you hate him. He just became famous, ok? Justi give him a chance. I think he's....
posted by shay on Apr 13, 2010
i good singer and whoever says he sucks i hate them ! lolz does tht even make sense lolz
posted by justin\'<33 on Mar 24, 2010
justin justin justin'[!] ii wish i can sum dayy meet y0u your my fav singer/im your biggest fan today i told my friend to give me her 20 posters she hdae of you now there on my wall' you should c0me to san antonio maybe meet the girl of your dreamz;D ahhh your supper cute ill so day you<33 i l0ve you justin bieber' ohh i l0ve your hair haaa;<33
posted by Bieberchick16 on Mar 21, 2010
I love Justin Bieber, would you ever preform in small states such as West Virginia? It's not a big state but you have a lot of fans in that small place ... I Wish you the best.. We love you justin bieber!!!
posted by Aubrianna on Mar 17, 2010
I think that must be really exciting to meet your hero slash president.I wonder how it felt to sing annd hug Obama. Justin Bieber is so dreamer adorable cute funny cool goegeous handsome and hot.
posted by shawnya on Jan 22, 2010
hi this is so beueatyfull
posted by me on Jan 22, 2010
he is good
posted by mrs.Bieber on Dec 31, 2009
OMG justin im ur #1 fan i love u so much ur so hot and cute and an amazing singer i love ur music and u and ur so talented i really really like u and hope someday i meet u <3 <3 love justin bieber for ever and ever <3
posted by hotty29 on Dec 27, 2009
i <3 u sooooooo mucho justin ur so hot i wish we can meet in person
posted by Destiny on Dec 20, 2009
It's good to know that you want to be Justin Bieber's #1 fan but that person is his mom. Though Justin loves all of us.
posted by Biebergirl14 on Dec 19, 2009
AWWWWW, ur soo cute in this pic...justin!!! i <3 u sooo much. can u get any cuter??? lol:) xoxo#1 fan
posted by swetsel 101... on Dec 18, 2009
hai... i love you,.. justin bieber!!! i hope you will be having a concert here in the pnilippines...
posted by Zhanci\'e on Dec 17, 2009
wow. hes really small... and cute.. haha.
posted by <3 on Dec 16, 2009
ur really hot i luv u in a fan way cos i dnt no u i cnt say im in luv wiv u x
posted by justin on Dec 15, 2009
i am a fan i wish i can meet you in person.i can sing and my friend does not like you and he is jalous becuse i am a fan. & write back
posted by holly on Dec 15, 2009
your so cute.
posted by kaa on Dec 14, 2009
do you have the video of the performance... Please try find it... I love Jutin Bieber he is amazing!!!
posted by tabitha on Dec 14, 2009
justin bieber is sooo hot!i love him hes my bf in my world and i wish i could see him in person because im his #1 FAN IN THE WORLD!! well ttyl mwah love ya justin!!>2
posted by melody on Dec 14, 2009
ahhhmm im gf of justine bieber i love u happy monthsari love u muaah
posted by melody on Dec 14, 2009
ahhhmm im gf of justine bieber i love u happy monthsari love u muaah
posted by love on Dec 14, 2009
omg i love him he's sooo cool and the most important part is that he's really he doesn't but on an act witch i love
posted by Larissa on Dec 14, 2009
Justin is sooooooooooo cool and hot.
posted by Rayshelle on Dec 14, 2009
Mr. President, Don't deport Justin Bieber. You might have a bunch of angry fangirls voting for whoever you'll run againist for re-election.
posted by cierra on Dec 14, 2009
omg i love him sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya justin
posted by diane on Dec 14, 2009
posted by diane on Dec 14, 2009
hum.............. justin bieber i love u
posted by star on Dec 14, 2009
you are so hot you my heart beep i love you
posted by reichelle on Dec 14, 2009
wow i cant believe justin can do that ?? he so good

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