50 Cent Blasts Grammy Awards

December 08, 2009 06:00:16 GMT

'I couldn't care less about the Grammy Awards,' 50 Cent says when commenting on the most prestigious awards show in the music industry.

50 Cent
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50 Cent, who got multiple nominations at the Grammy Awards but won none of them, recently told MTV that he doesn't care about the awards show. "Man, f*** the Grammys! I couldn't care less about the Grammy Awards," he said.

The rapper then commented on Beyonce Knowles leading the nominations list of next year's award. "It'll be the Beyonce and Taylor Swift show," he stated. "I guess they'll both be performing at the awards show, which means their record companies will be spending money to raise the production values of the entire show. And when you spend that kind of money you're supposed to get trophies."

Back in 2004, 50 Cent was upset when he lost Best New Artist title to Evanescence at the 46th Annual Grammys. At that time, he stormed the stage, prowling around Amy Lee-fronted band as they started their acceptance speech.


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posted by sai on Feb 15, 2011
Face it: Kanye isn't as bad as 50 Cent. At least 'Ye didn't trip about the fact that he has gotten nominated 3 times for AotY and hasn't won once.
posted by 432 on Jan 10, 2010
he deserved the award who the fuck is Evanescence
posted by reality check on Dec 08, 2009
I agree Hayley... he's a sore arse loser! How transparent can one douche be?
posted by Natalie on Dec 08, 2009
Okay,first 50 cent is being a jealous ass.And second,Evanescence is awesome and im glad they won the award.Cant wait for their album next year.
posted by dada on Dec 08, 2009
Rappers do deserve awards you other mutha fuckas don't want us to have shit fuck yall
posted by akissforme on Dec 08, 2009
don't worry Evanescence and Amy Lee will release their 3rd album next year! get ready for Evanescence on the radio again!
posted by Hayley on Dec 08, 2009
He's such a douchbag.. Jealous much? Someone please shut him up.
posted by Akoh on Dec 08, 2009
50 is a motherf**ker he deserves no award so why is the f**k complaning
posted by LLOYD BANKS on Dec 08, 2009
shut up you bunch of twats he is the 2nd best rapper alive stfu
posted by Trav on Dec 08, 2009
What the hell is it with these rappers feeling they deserve awards over other artists? No you don't. Sit the f*ck down.

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