'Dexter' Season 4 Finale Preview

December 07, 2009 06:56:23 GMT

Take a look at Dexter's desperate attempt to protect his family after he realizes that Trinity has a knowledge of his identity and family.

'Dexter' Season 4 Finale Preview
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Deemed as one of the "most incredible endings ever", the season finale of "Dexter" next week will see Dexter's family in danger because of his pursuit of Trinity. As the noose tightens, Arthur warns Dexter to back off. But Dexter will do anything to stop Trinity from eluding him, even if that means putting himself on the wrong side of the law.

Rita acknowledges the rocky relationship she and Dexter share, but reaffirms her support. Batista and LaGuerta face the consequences of their actions. Debra unearths a deeply-hidden truth, but not one she expected to find. And ultimately, Dexter and Arthur find themselves on a collision course, leading them to a confrontation that will change their lives forever.

"The Getaway" airs on Sunday, December 13 as the season finale before the show returns to Showtime for a fifth season next year.

On what her takes of the episode, Jennifer Carpenter aka Deb told E!, "I have to give a lot of our fans credit. The stuff that they come up with and the guesses that they make on how it's going to end are really impressive, but you just can't top our writers. All the time you put in [episodes] one through 11 watching the show, you'll be glad that you did in 12. Everybody matters in the end. Everybody matters. We all had to be there to shoot the finale."


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posted by Mr Disgruntled on Apr 25, 2011
Will definitley not watch Dexter ever again, as that ending and thinking about what Rita must have gone through before her last breath, seriously depresses the hell out of me. Also, as a result of that ending, i now find myself hating Dexter for all his silly self indulgent pratting around that has finally cost him his beautiful wife.
posted by Daddy jake on Dec 22, 2009
hated the end... was very clever and well done though. but has completely ruined the chance of dexter becoming a normal person, like he wanted to be. the only other way they can end the whole show now is either him getting caught or dyeing.. which i dont think any1 wants
posted by THE MAN IN BLACK on Dec 19, 2009
posted by Ruby on Dec 16, 2009
Alright, here are my thoughts on this whole fiasco! I don't think Trinity killed Rita, it just isn't his MO, I think it's a set up for next season, like maybe it was Trinity's son. I think the Grandparents were introduced in the show to take the kids in the next season, but as for Harrison, I don't know what Dex is going to do. He spoke about getting rid of his dark passenger, but I think that the murder of Rita will make his dark passenger even more pronounced now. I just don't think Trinity did it, it has to be someone who knew about Dexter and seeing he mother be murdered and sitting in the blood. Well as much as I didn't like to see Rita dead, I think it makes for an amazing twist of events, and I can't wait for next season!!
posted by denno on Dec 15, 2009
had to kill off Rita as she was distracting Dex in both work and his killings. Althought I hated her being killed off but she was a distraction.
posted by Sheri on Dec 15, 2009
It was an amazing ending. So disturbing. Some others mentioned that there were mistakes that rita, mentioned the moon, well she mentioned that the paper said there would be a full moon, not that it was out yet, so it makes sence and dexter will agonize over, whether he was in the trunk of arthurs car when it happened. Also, Arthur kept saying it's god's will, and that it was over, well for him, he thought it was gods will to start the cycle over. He is thinking that he is making dexter a killer like himself to carry on the torch. Also, Deb is going to blame herself, since she was lead on the case and dexter has the same last name and she'll see signs of a break in, or something leading her to believe he went after rita because of her. I bet Deb helps with the kids.
posted by dex on Dec 15, 2009
Wow the ending was brilliant. Rita unexpeted death suddenly provoked a new feeling from dexter ... regret. He was now regretting the murder of the man who had become his greatest enemy . And that presents the question of whether he should love his family and stop his hidden life or not.
posted by Alicia on Dec 15, 2009
Well maybe Michael C Hall will marry Deb on the show too. I was sad that Rita died, but you have to keep in mind what kind of show this is. The story behind the show is his Dark Passenger, so without it there is no show.
posted by Randall on Dec 15, 2009
When Rita went home after dropping Dexter off to get his car. This is when she died. Dexter didn't follow right after her like he said he would. He was busy looking for Arthur. This is the only way I see it happen as far as time line. Dexter didn't get home til early next morning after killing Arthur.
posted by starsandstories on Dec 15, 2009
I actually had tears come to my eyes when i saw rita dead. She was one of my favortie people on this show and i really wish they hadnt killed her. Heart wrenching, too much though. They make you love her and then do this? Not a great move in my mind.
posted by Me. on Dec 15, 2009
Having Rita die like this was a brilliant twist. We were made to loathe her throughout this season as we sympathized with Dexter, and that sympathy came back to bite us in the ass in a big way when she was in a bathtub full of blood.
posted by Dexter enthusiast on Dec 14, 2009
That ending was really a shocker but there are too many things left wide open. There is no way that Aurthur could have killed Rita. It doesn't make sense. One Rita left in the middle of the day to the airport. Her message said that she forgot her passport and that she had to go home and get it. She also mentioned that Dexter should look at the moon. Authur went from the car shop and then he his the road. Obviously Dexter was with him since the body shop that's how he was in the car to get him in the end. So the question is when was Rita killed and who did it?? And that is the beginning of Season 5. I'm hurt that Rita died because Dexter as a single dad makes no sense but Harrison is Dexter's humanity, so we will just have to wait and see.
posted by weler on Dec 14, 2009
Its a bitter sweet poetry, I do hope the writers have got serious story developed already for season 5 and know exactly how there going to recover from this loss. Why Dexter why didn't you kill Aurther when you had the chance. I loved and hated this ending. I loved it because it was so shocking, as Dexter come to finally except that he may be able to control the "dark Passanger" that he feels love for his family suddenly gets ripped away from is devestating I assume Dexter will go in a spireal of anger and go on a killing spree. I loved this show right from the start but now im not sure if I wan't to find out what happens next. Also Does anyone find that Harry When Dexter is talking to him hes not really talking to Harry but Harry represents the "Dark Passanger" and what the "Dark passanger" wants.
posted by weiler on Dec 14, 2009
I almost shut off my tv when saw Rita dead, really was a Shock ending should never have happened. I have no clue how season 5 will pan out because whats going to happen to the kids, whats Depra going to think? I love dexter but this ending ruined it for me. I love it but I hate it at the same time. I Don't understand how Aurther found out new house because went to the old apartment? I re watch it hoping that ending change cause just brings up to many questions with how Dexter will continue to try to be human want to be better? too many questions this leaves.
posted by rcinny on Dec 14, 2009
I will never watch this show again, there could not be an acceptable recovery. How could Dexter do it all as a single dad..... Rita was a saint to do all she did.
posted by rcinny on Dec 14, 2009
I hated the ending, unbelievable! so upset, never have been upset like this over a show. Rita should not have been killed. That said, the writers are brilliant, I have never cried over ANY show or movie. Still, I am mad and don't want to see any more Dexter. Ever.
posted by mzkendra on Dec 14, 2009
I am so disappointed in rita getting killed...why would they do that
posted by likea star on Dec 14, 2009
nooooo RITA why
posted by Deb on Dec 14, 2009
I am so sad that Rita was killed. She was Dexter's humanity.
posted by susan on Dec 14, 2009
i was upset that Dexter didn't show ANY emotion over Rita's death. just grabbed the kid and walked out...what's up with that. is he really a sociopath without feelings.
posted by lovelyobama on Dec 14, 2009
I just love that show, stated since season One..I really don't like Rita dying at the end of that season, i think at least Trinity could have scared her a little bet but not to the point of her dying.Dexter need Rita in his Life..Can't wait until new season start..
posted by drew217 on Dec 13, 2009
dexter is gonna cut aurthers head off
posted by dexfan on Dec 12, 2009
dexter has to make a choice his familly or the great kill of Arthur, but at the end dex gets lucky and make a clean get away ofcourse!!!
posted by Brock Lee on Dec 11, 2009
The kids will be with Rita's inlaws...remember? Hopefully this means Trinity will get to Rita before Dexter gets to him. Also, I'd look for Deb to catch Dexter in the act of killing Trinity.
posted by Who else loves weed on Dec 10, 2009
As amazing as John Lithgow's acting as Arthur Mitchell was (not to mention the excellent acting overall on this show), I'm guessing Arthur will be killed, hopefully by Dexter (it would be awfully sad to not have another spectacular scene with Dexter killing Arthur, similar to when he killed Miguel Prado). Debra confronting Dexter on his past will either evoke some sort of lie from Dexter, or a partial truth (kind of the same thing), although I can't imagine them having Deb discover Dexter's true nature (although that happened at the end of the first book). Anybody think Deb will discover the connection between Dexter and Brian (his brother) and possibly dig deeper, maybe next season? I love how this show has repeatedly put Dexter in situations with major human relationships, possibly even archetypes (long lost brother, psychotic mistress, deceitful friend, and now a sinister future version of Dexter/mentor) and each time Dexter ends up killing them, and in turn, rejecting their behaviors and morals (or a lack of them) without ever having the character of Dexter fall on one extreme of a dialectic, but placing him in a far more realistic, and ultimately more interesting state of being. The story, acting, and especially the character development of Dexter have all made this show my personal favorite on television. It's quite real too, that is to mean that the characters are real...honest.
posted by Arthur Mitchell on Dec 08, 2009
Lithgow is amazing as Arthur Mitchell and I truly hope they do NOT kill Trinity off, not yet. How will the writers ever top this season? It's the best thus far. I hope Dexter doesn't get caught, of course, if he did, we wouldn't have a show! Can't wait until Sunday!
posted by DEXISTHEBEST on Dec 08, 2009
and im a fuckin retard!
posted by DEXISTHEBEST on Dec 08, 2009
I think that Dexter and Debra are biological siblings!
posted by DEXTERSWIFE on Dec 08, 2009
posted by mrs.dexter morgan on Dec 08, 2009
the previews scare me. i dont want to see anything happen to dex. hopefully debra accepts that fact that dexters mom was sleeping with harry. trinityy needa to die....NOW!!!!!
posted by dx4life on Dec 08, 2009
arthurs family is going to find out. hopeful dex doesnt put his family in deep hate to see harrison or cody go through that. astor not so much shes a little brat
posted by robmaco on Dec 08, 2009
Arthur will survive to fight another day - I hope - John lithgow is superb - this must be the best show in the history of tv
posted by bob on Dec 07, 2009
duh. the daugther
posted by Harry on Dec 07, 2009
Dexter will not kill Arthur, some one else will.

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