Chris Rock's 'Death at a Funeral' Welcomes First Trailer

Chris Rock's 'Death at a Funeral' Welcomes First Trailer

Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence are among the attendees of a funeral ceremony that devolves into a debacle of misplaced cadavers, indecent exposure and family secrets.

The first trailer for "Death at a Funeral (2010)" has been made available for viewing pleasure. Making its way out via the film's official website, the snippet gives sneak peek at the funny things happen when family and relatives gather at a funeral.

The film is a re-imagining of the 2007 Frank Oz-directed British comedy of the same name. Taking place in an urban American setting, the upcoming movie centers on a funeral ceremony that leads to the digging up of shocking family secrets, as well as misplaced cadavers and indecent exposure.

Uniting two top-notch comedians, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence, "Death at a Funeral (2010)" also has "Star Trek" beauty Zoe Saldana among the cast ensemble. Joining them as the film's stars are Tracy Morgan, James Marsden, Kevin Hart, Danny Glover, Luke Wilson, and many others. Directed by Neil LaBute, the movie will be released in the U.S. on April 16, 2010.




    Jan 11, 2010

    The problem is bruce, that this is not a remake of a movie from 50 years ago...or 20, or even 10. ITS BEEN 3 YEARS!!! The only reason it has been made is because americans need to be spoon fed comedy from their own actors, instead of having the horizons to look outside their own country. From what I see of the trailer, the movie has no chance of being "better" than the original, because it has EXACTLY the same jokes and content, down to the "you could have been a donkey" comment. Now no remake i've ever seen has been that blantantly unoriginal and downright pathetic. Go and see the trailer of the UK version, or better yet, watch the whole movie.

    Dec 06, 2009

    Even more tired than remakes are knee-jerk reactionists complaining about remakes they've never seen. There have been plenty of remakes that are better than the originals, and this one has the talent to do so. LAUDERDALEYTIGGER, there's nothing "stereotypical" about this humor; it's just a farce. If it had a white cast, you wouldn't have a problem with it.

    Dec 05, 2009

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! STOP REMAKING MOVIES....From the look of trailer they dont have quite the comedic talent the british version had.This will filled with alot os stereotypical african american humor and it will prob make a killing at the box office...What a shame..Do yourself a favor go rent the original before you see this one.. Very disgusted

    Dec 05, 2009

    I think it want even come close to the british orginal version of this movie. Why would they even remake it?

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