Nick Jonas Debuts Another New Song 'Rose Garden'

December 04, 2009 06:55:37 GMT

Nick Jonas performs an acoustic rendition of his new song with The Administration on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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After showcasing his new single titled "Who I Am" live for the very first time at 2010 Grammy Nominations Concert on December 2, Nick Jonas debuts another fresh material the next day. The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers visited Ryan Seacrest's radio show and delivered an acoustic version of a song called "Rose Garden".

In addition to performing, Nick also has an interview with the "American Idol" host. On debuting his new band, The Administration, at the Grammy Nominations concert, he raved, "Performing last night was amazing. To see the response has been great so far."

When addressing on how the project was born, he also said, "I talked to them [Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas] both individually and from step one, I went to them and told them that the songs I wrote, stylistically, weren't exactly right for the Jonas Brothers sound. But I said, that with their blessing, I'd like to do this on my own."

Nick added that both of Kevin and Joe are very supportive toward him. "They said go do it, can't wait to hear it," he stated.

Nick Jonas and The Administration will release their first studio album "Who I Am" on February 2 next year. A month prior, they will be touring beginning January 2, 2010 at House of Blues in Dallas and continue traveling across U.S. until January 30 at Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, CA. In the meantime, fans can purchase their first single which is also the title track of the album on digital retails.

"Rose Garden" acoustic rendition:


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posted by Ilovenick on Oct 01, 2010
hey you why handsome and unfortunately,the sound is very beatiful genius are under 3 points so sorry
posted by MARIE JACOBS on Mar 05, 2010
posted by MARIE on Mar 05, 2010
posted by musicnote on Dec 23, 2009
He has changed very much since he first started out. I really like this new sound, it reminds me of something very classic. I think he is very mature for his age and that will reflect on his new album. But on the other hand, 75% of his new music will only sell to a younger female audience because of his popularity with the Jonas Brothers. I highly doubt many people will see his true talent.
posted by Sarah on Dec 11, 2009
love it ,
posted by loving it <3 on Dec 07, 2009
i have always been a fan of the jonas brothers, but after their third album i wasnt feeling the music as much. thank the LORD nick got the nerve to go solo. this is so much better than their group stuff :) :) :)
posted by rose girl on Dec 07, 2009
wow love him soooo much and this song !!!!!!!!! yay nick keep on rock'n
posted by Wayne on Dec 06, 2009
The Jonas Brothers should win an Oscar for performing on South Park with Mickey Mousse."The Rings Stay On!"
posted by ash3737 on Dec 06, 2009
nick is only 17 and he can write songs like this he is amazing and truly talented!!!!!!!! :):):):):)
posted by Firepot on Dec 05, 2009
Hmmm. Now I have to suck back all the bad things I said about the Jonas Brothers. This just put me in my place. If you didn't tell me that was a Jonas Brother I would have never believed it. Solid tune.
posted by Kathy on Dec 05, 2009
Great song. He sounds good.
posted by greenenvy on Dec 05, 2009
He knocked this one out of the park. I heard the interview and he talked about how they recorded the album as more of a jam session rather than singling out each instrument and vocal. There are not many bands out there that can do that. Nick Jonas you just earned my respect.
posted by Julie on Dec 05, 2009
Loving this NEW sound from Nick Jonas. He has grown so much musically in the last year. My favorite tracks off the Jonas Brothers latest album were two written exclusively by Nick "World War III" and "Black Keys". I also truly enjoyed his new single "Who I Am" but "Rose Garden" is the best I've heard so far and looking forward to hearing more.
posted by Flip DJ on Dec 04, 2009
A 17 year old wrote this? What? If that is the case, Nick Jonas deserves a little more recognition. This was hypnotic. Loved it!
posted by Farley on Dec 04, 2009
Thank god we have some substance from one of the Jonas Brothers. This has more soul than anything I've heard before. I would purchase this song and maybe even the entire album. Sounds great!
posted by JC Fam on Dec 04, 2009
This song is beautifully written and executed. This is one kid to watch seriously in 2010 and I think the album will do well. If he is writing for the Jonas Brothers why are they not putting this material on their albums. I would stand up and take notice. If the rest of the album is as good as this song, it will be a major hit.
posted by NickJRocks on Dec 04, 2009
lóve the song rose garden, I seriously can't wait till the whole album is coming out. for now, I just keep listening to "who I am" and "rose garden"

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