'The Hills' Renewed Despite Lower Rating

'The Hills' Renewed Despite Lower Rating

MTV puts faith in the show although it steadily declined in rating with 2.1 million viewers when Kristin Cavallari entered in September.

"The Hills" gets a sixth season despite a fall in rating following Lauren Conrad's departure. Kristin Cavallari who took over the spotlight from LC has confirmed during "The Hills/ The City" wrap party on Tuesday, December 1 that there are more to tell about the circle of friends.

"I've had the best time. I really have," Cavallari said when asked how she felt doing another season. "I feel like I have the best job! Why not?!" It is still not clear which cast will be involved, but Audrina Patridge has confirmed that she is leaving the show to have her own next summer.

On the same occasion, Patridge told OK! about her solo show, saying "I'm very excited. Basically it's going to be me outside of The Hills bubble. All the photos that my fans see and what they always wonder, like that's what the cameras are going to come with me and see." She, nevertheless, would not deny that there could be a crossover to "Hills".

MTV also gives "The City", which is a spin-off to "Hills", a second season. "That's my reality," star Whitney Port said. "It's where this collection is going to be sold, who we're going to put it on, what magazines it's going to be on."

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