'Sons of Anarchy' Gets Season 3

December 03, 2009 04:20:12 GMT

The SAMCRO gang will be back although not soon, after FX put a 13-episode order following a season finale high.

'Sons of Anarchy' Gets Season 3
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About 4.33 million viewers hooked their eyes on "Sons of Anarchy" season 2 finale on Tuesday, December 1. It was FX Network's number-one program for the night, the top-rated show on television in the 10:00 PM time period and also the most-watched episode ever for "Sons", surpassing its season two premiere. For that, "Sons" is granted a third season order.

"The success of Sons of Anarchy is very gratifying and the show has become a bona-fide hit," said FX President and General Manager John Landgraf. "The critics have recognized Sons as one the best series on television, and the show has earned its place alongside FX's great drama series The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me and Damages. Creatively, this season was spectacular and all credit goes to Kurt [Sutter] and the incredible cast led by Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman."

A full 13-episode season is in the order and creator/executive producer Kurt Sutter reached a deal on a two-year extension to continue his services as showrunner/writer. Additionally, all the cast are in place to return with the premiere slated for September 2010.

In an interview with, Sutter said that in the next season he wants "to take them into a world that is outside their own, where they don't have control, where they are subject to other people's laws and beliefs and perameters. Where they aren't quite the big fish in the small pond."


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posted by susie q on Feb 28, 2011
best show ever does anyone know when series 3 is being shown in uk...and what channel ??????
posted by Tara on Dec 25, 2010
THat song in episode 13 season 3 is This Charming Life, by Joan Armatrading.
posted by Hannah on Dec 25, 2010
Please does anyone know the song in the end of episode 13 season 3??
posted by jhon on Dec 19, 2010
sorry all i miss type bikes angile lol
posted by jhon on Dec 19, 2010
well i love the show and did u all no that happy is a former hells angil look it up my bros are all biker like me and jax is alot like me take no shit lol keep show going happy keep the biks running
posted by The big figure on Nov 05, 2010
Glasgow loves SAMCRO !
posted by bullcat on Oct 20, 2010
best damn show ever. i wish that the satellite companies and fx would reach a agreement and put it back on satellite.
posted by conan on Sep 28, 2010
my dad was a biker this show is nutz keep making it .keep up the good work
posted by Sunshine on Sep 17, 2010
I watched the first 2 seasons on satelite on the showcase chanel, but they aren't showing it there this season. Does anyone know what chanel on the Bell system that it might be on? So frustrated! I'm MISSING it!!!
posted by CSF on Sep 14, 2010
My husband and I don't miss an episode of Sons of Anarchy we look forward to our Tuesday Nights. We are actually gonna purchase the DVD's so we can always watch it. Great Show FX
posted by hippie on Sep 12, 2010
someone tell me the name of the song at the end of the show season 3
posted by BIATCH on Sep 07, 2010 shiot! KS didn't pass! Learn the facts before you post! SOA...keep it rollin! We waitin!
posted by Jeffyu on Sep 02, 2010
Sons; Is without among the all time best shows in television history. Lets keep it going for a few more years.
posted by EWS on Sep 02, 2010
Season 3, YEAH BABY!!! I ♥ this show, best of the best for sure. Thanks FX.
posted by Patty on Aug 30, 2010
I heard that Tommy Flanagan is only going to be in 3 episodes. Has anyone heard if he is getting killed off the show???
posted by kara on Aug 29, 2010
So excited for season 3. I have watched every episode of seasons 1 and two 4 times now. They better keep this show going forever.
posted by the Truth on Aug 07, 2010
this is the best show period. please continue, i am fed up of all the shows these days like two and a half men and everybody loves ramond..there the same and repetative, this show is different. and Amazing do not stop making it
posted by M.Engelen on Jul 24, 2010
Lolzz lookin' eagerly forward for 3 ses..
posted by soaobsessed on Jul 23, 2010
literally obsessed no lie way better than family guy southpark or any other show ever created in showbiz keep the intenseness going every seen is amazing
posted by donna on Jul 23, 2010
i'm fae scotland just luv it hurry season 3. xx
posted by Cheggs on Jul 21, 2010
Absolutely the dogs bollocks... Absolutely awsome ... cant wait till season 3 AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!
posted by harleybt7 on Jul 16, 2010
Local Angels and Outlaw chapters not happy about the filming in Belfast watch this space.Some friends working as body doubles for cast as they cant ride in the UK so should get some idea of story lines for season 3
posted by harleybt7 on Jul 16, 2010
New season filming started in Belfast today we cant wait to see Belfast featured on soa in the fall
posted by john on Jul 13, 2010
no u r
posted by lilpip1 on Jul 12, 2010
absolutly LOVE SOA!!! pls keep it on for many seasons to come. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by KAREN on Jul 09, 2010
posted by bentshot on Jul 07, 2010
hi, im from the uk,same town as chibs actually, and wer'e half way through the second season,i wish i hadn't read some of the comments. :-( soa is the mutts nuts, my girfriend actually gets moist watching jaxx, why?:-)
posted by jennkitty on Jul 01, 2010
This is my all time fav show of all the FX shows! I can't wait til season 3 starts.
posted by lexiexo420 on Jun 29, 2010
S0A is the bestttt show in the world ,so glad they're continuing for another 2 years (:(:
posted by Tiptoe on Jun 28, 2010
Well ladies and gents, it is absolutely sad that the prospect died, however given the circumstances I am fairly confident he will be burried in a full patch cut which is an honor he more than deserved. The ending was a little strange to me aswell. If someone took my son and I had already chased them that far I would have no quarrels with stealing a boat to continue the chase and i'm not an outlaw. I guess they will give us good reason in season 2. Also if you do not like the show why would you spend so much time looking up a forum about it just to talk trash? My guess is you secretly love the show but since you have no friends you start shit with people just to have conversation
posted by Desi on Jun 27, 2010
This show kicks BUTT!!! Me and my family are so freaken addicted to it. We've been dying waiting for season three to come. My Grams luvs bikers and she is in love with all of them on this show. Eeee!!! Can't wait!!! :D
posted by odin on Jun 27, 2010
Could vic mackey, somehow, some way, make an appearance on this show? Good stuff!!!
posted by SAMBOGuy on Jun 21, 2010
I just took a personality test, turns out I am most like Jax, which I am cool with. I'm just happy I'm neither Tig nor Clay. May the crown prince become the king. SOA rules.
posted by karly on Jun 20, 2010
Im from Australia and have just watch season 1 and 2 in 4 days. Hurry up season 3. The best show ever....
posted by Antixxx1 on Jun 17, 2010
You guys are lucky, im from Australia and they are still not showing it here. I was lucky to get a copy of the first season from a friend in the states and im hooked. Bought both series on dvd and can't wait for the third season. After the sopranos, which ended really badly, there was a mass void in the market of REAL television, things that the average joe can relate with, and this is what SOA brings to the table. I think it may even top sopranos. Im aching to see the next season.. Bring it on.....
posted by Lyssa Kroeger on Jun 15, 2010
When this show started I looked at the previews and is "uh NO" Then my mom and I decided one day to give it a shot in the middle of the first season, we started off with episode one and OMG we were hooked! I have been around bikes my whole life, my dad and uncle used to work on them and I just absolutly loved them, and still do. I am actually watching through the first season dvds again and this show is just perfect, Kurt Sutter has a way with music, with the characters that just makes them loveable killers (Kinda like The Sopranos)But I love it. After I got into it I got every single one of my friends into it and then they go their parents and friends into it! I cannot wait for season 3!!! Also quick funny note, I dont know about anyone else but my mom, myself and my best friend jamie all have our own dance to the theme song :) LOL
posted by Sam on Jun 10, 2010
shows great wish it'd continue its bad its jus a 3 season thing dont believe me watch the extras on season one Jax clearly says he gon have fun doin the nex 2 seasons
posted by Casandra on Jun 08, 2010
i am so addicted to this show! i can't wait for season 3 to come on!
posted by Miamor on Jun 07, 2010
This show should get an award. ♥ IT
posted by Joker on Jun 01, 2010
Quit knocking it about being BS and a bunch of wanna bee's. If it was real it would be on the history channel...Dah FX
posted by Black Mask Lowell , on May 28, 2010
posted by john on May 26, 2010
u can call it unrealistic.... just because your eyes are shut closed and u look the other way doesnt mean it doesnt happen. cross a real 1% and see for urself how real and close this show gets. hope ur heaven sent and hell proof
posted by nordberg on May 20, 2010
cant wait for season 3
posted by doogle on May 12, 2010
show is so unrealistic, wow how they can make a soap opera out of a bunch of wannabes
posted by Hunter on May 11, 2010
posted by da fan on May 03, 2010
I really enjoy the show. It is nice to have a refreshing new style of show. Too many homo flicks and shows, inc soprano's. Did they really have to go gay to make the show great. NOT! Lets see real writing and keep up the great work. Signed a true fan.
posted by shell on May 02, 2010
this show is nockin the sox of us down under its been along time since there was anythin decent to watch, just got seasons 1,2 thank god for ebay. BRING ON SEASON 3, 4, 5, 6 ETC!!!!
posted by Tony on Apr 28, 2010
Dont let half sac die just because he was protecting Baby Able
posted by julie on Apr 26, 2010
Omg love this show jax is hot hot hot...a heap of us aussies got together and come up with an idea for the producers.....Bring Sam Elliot into the show he could come back as jax dad who isn't really dead but has been in witness protection for all these years ...what do u think
posted by unknown on Apr 24, 2010
this show is awsome man just watched the last episode of season 2 n cant w8 4 the new season
posted by big guy on Apr 20, 2010
how said it was not coming back for another season.
posted by ratrod on Apr 19, 2010
Season one Brilliant. Season 2 excellent, plot got a bit tangled at one point. Not sure on the IRA kidnapping. Could not work out why they all stood around in the last scene, with fingers up butts rather than looking around for another speedboat, or at least contact the coast guard to follow the boats course? Still will have to wait for that outcome.
posted by momof4 on Apr 18, 2010
posted by God on Apr 15, 2010
posted by mom on Apr 06, 2010 This show is to violent ... To bother to spell or punctuate your opinion correctly?
posted by jeffsgirl1977 on Apr 14, 2010
LOVE LOVE LOVE The show, but there is to much time between seasons, max there should only be about 4 months apart, please change this, and qas for JaX OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!
posted by billybean714 on Apr 14, 2010
We love this show! I am pregnant and am due the date season 3 is to start (not planned btw). If it is a boy his name will be Jaxson (and called Jax). We do agree that there is just way too much time in between, however obviously not too much that we forget. Keep the seasons comin. We will watch as long as they allow us to
posted by crazypropeck on Apr 11, 2010
This show is the shit gemma plays a bad ASS biker chick! Jaxz is mmmmm. september needs to hurry up and come.prospect should of lived This show sure does make u tense.Those of u who down talk this show have no idea!!!!!! AWSOME SHOW
posted by tetka on Apr 10, 2010
So I saw the preview to the show a few times on TV and decided I had to watch it and see what it was all about. I just finished the last episode to season two and I thought season three was already under way. Sooooo disappointed that I have to wait until September for season three. AWESOME SHOW!!
posted by Mário on Apr 08, 2010
Hi i'm from Portugal and love SOA i'm a biker my self and this is the true. I can't wait for the season3 Please extend the merchadising for other coutrys for exp:PORTUGAL
posted by marktx on Apr 08, 2010
season 2 rock cant wait till 3
posted by lflan on Apr 07, 2010
posted by rodney on Apr 06, 2010
This is a great series. I like how the writers took bad guys and made them into the good guys.
posted by biker fan on Apr 06, 2010
Just finished watching season 1&2. We don't get the show in Cda so will be waiting for the dvd to come out - best show on ever.
posted by s.o.a girl on Apr 06, 2010
i love this show and cant wait till september to find out what will happen with the baby
posted by brender on Apr 06, 2010
sutter dude keep it up man.
posted by mom on Apr 06, 2010
This show is to violent
posted by Money on Apr 04, 2010
This is by far one of the best series ever. September?????? What the fuck. thats too long. hurry up wit it already
posted by psycho on Apr 04, 2010
Sons Of Anarchy is a kick ass show !! I love it and we don't even get it, a friend gave me seasons 1 and 2 and I watch an episode per day... fucking awesome !! SOA rules, SALUDos desde CHILE !!!
posted by ShadowOPs12 on Apr 03, 2010
I'm in the Army and always deployed so we look forward to kickass shows like SOA that motivate us! I'm sick and tired when I awsome show comes these TV companies want to cancle it! Like THE UNIT, THE SHIELD and 24! Cancle some other gay-ass show so ur American Troops can stay motivated by action showns and fight for ur freedom!!
posted by SHAZZA on Apr 03, 2010
I am from Western Australia, and I absolutely love this show, I hope it continues on from season to season as it is so ADDICTIVE!!!!!
posted by procyongirl on Mar 31, 2010
LOVE SOA - One of the best TV shows EVER !!!
posted by Miles on Mar 30, 2010
C'mon get the fucking season 3 going already god dammit I can't wait much longer!!!!!
posted by martin on Mar 29, 2010
Soy mexican! I don't even like the "mayans"...SOA is the shit!!
posted by moi on Mar 29, 2010
WHEN SOA SEASON3 IS COMING ? can someone thel me ? pls ?
posted by moi on Mar 28, 2010
when season 3 comes?
posted by dutchy on Mar 25, 2010
THIS IS the best show ever!!!!!!!! I'm from the netherlands! we totaly dig this show!
posted by Dean on Mar 25, 2010
best show on tv right now, don't stop at only 3 seasons you need to sign for at least 6 seasons.
posted by Sam Cro on Mar 24, 2010
No way i can wait 6 months! hurrryyyy
posted by st666 on Mar 23, 2010
do the right thing and put the show on as sooon as posible
posted by Supraman on Mar 22, 2010
I love this show, first saw it on showcase in aus, a friend gave me season 2 to watch lol shhhhh and made me love it even more, my missus and i cannot wait for season 3 4 5 etc bring them on!!!
posted by Opie on Mar 22, 2010
@Richy22 posted by Richy22 on Feb 02, 2010 "SOA is seriously as close to drugs as you can get with out worrying about passing a piss test..." Hilarious.
posted by republic of macedoni on Mar 20, 2010
posted by charles on Mar 19, 2010
i love this show its bad ass i really want to see it now not 6 months from now i thought this show was going to suck but i was wrong
posted by jaxgurl23 on Mar 19, 2010
I love this show so much!!! You evr came up with it is a genius! Wish it was on alot sooner the sept tho!!! looking forwrd to season 3!!! I love jax!
posted by anarchist12 on Mar 15, 2010
okay dont laugh at the screen name.. i didnt make it up because of the sons.. i have been using it for years.. since i have been a teenager which was 10 years ago i have waited for a show like the Sons.. Its is full of suspense.. and keeps you on the the edge of your seat.. its action full filled.. its every thing in a show that yyou can posssibly want!i am a believer of the true meaning of anarchy.. which i have beieved all my life to be the definition on you show.. thank you for the awesome show guys.. and tell jax (charlie hunnam) hi for me.. thanx guys later
posted by Kaylan=) on Mar 14, 2010
Oh my gosh this show is billiant.. I have watched it from the very fisrt episode! The writing is wonderful, the story complex and captivating, tha characters bigger than life.. This is by far my favorite show i have ever watched.. I hate that im going to have to wait til September to see eason 3... The finale left me wanting so badly to see what happens next... Keep up the good work SOA...
posted by mean on Mar 11, 2010
take your time and make the next script with a lot more not fade out as other shows do and things get predictable.i love this show dont get me wrong i just want the next season to be better than last.cant wait.sick of one hit wonders
posted by mummyjo on Mar 11, 2010
I am a mother of seven and everyone of us love the show even my one yr old dances to the theme song. Can't wait for season 3
posted by ROADDAWG88M on Mar 10, 2010
MAN..... THIS SHOW IS AWSOME.Makes you want to go out and buy a harley and start your own MC. It is a "on the edge of your seat" type show that is depressing, to have to wait to see the next season. Let's speed it up there, boys and girls. September is way to far away.
posted by wrooom on Mar 09, 2010
6 month to go... i want a time machine xD
posted by SOA on Mar 08, 2010
i need 2 whack s3 i carnt wait its alsome
posted by squirrel on Mar 07, 2010
iam 49 year mom of 3 sons 27 24 18 we all love sons
posted by bobbi on Mar 03, 2010
i am in love with this show! can not wait to see what happens!!
posted by MyRider on Mar 03, 2010
I have doubt when my friends recommended me SOA. After the first half of the season I got hooked and right now I can't wait for the 3rd season.
posted by cab man on Mar 03, 2010
you need to hurry up and make season 3,or there will be world wide disorder.but in the mean time you should all try watching spartacus
posted by alezz on Mar 02, 2010
we love this show here in djibouti
posted by CB---MC BRAZIL on Mar 02, 2010
I LOVE SOA .BRAZIL .........
posted by BIGGB on Mar 02, 2010
Seriously...waiting till Sept. is way too long for us to see Jax kill the guy that took his son. I think you should add more episodes and bring it back in May-Aug if you can't add that's 16 shows. This show is a huge hit, and I'm not even a biker dude!
posted by Amanda on Mar 01, 2010
I love SOA too, I'm not whinning as some of the previously illiterate people complained about. I do feel that making fans wait till September 2010 is a little extreme. They should read some of these hard core fans comments, and than they could see how important this show is to a large majority of the population. I saw numerous comments from people all over the world. Australia, etc. Most anyone who has watched a few episodes, are hooked and love this show. So to those who can make a difference please don't make us wait till September to see a new Episode!
posted by hartley on Mar 01, 2010
posted by Miles on Feb 28, 2010
Hell yes!! SOA Season 3!!! Can't wait! SOA is a hell of alot better than watching Nip/Tuck. Jax is the fuckin man!! always kickin some ass! ha ha Cant wait for that season 3 and neither can anybody else ha ha!!
posted by Louise on Feb 24, 2010
Abslutley stunning show. Found Season 1 by mistake and couldn't stop looking, next day I found Season 2 and now I can't wait for Season 3 and I also looking forward ot get them all on DVD. Stunning show, stunning acting and just marvelous !!
posted by TCBROTHERHOOD on Feb 23, 2010
posted by oahu livin on Feb 23, 2010
hell yea is sow is da shits we live hawaii and w dig dis how
posted by mischefNoz on Feb 23, 2010
SOA isnt even in australia and i'm addicted. I watched two season in 3 days. Never seen anything like it. Long live the set of samcro!!!!!!
posted by Debroid on Feb 20, 2010
I think people love SOA so much that the put themselves in the place of the characters. (what to be bad asses)
posted by hellllo SOA on Feb 20, 2010
Just watch both season and I am hooked , the acting, writing so amazing.... hopefully I will be able to watch it during the regular season. I have never laughed cried and got so angry over a tv show before I LOVE SOA thank you so much for creating it. Jax's sweet smile lets what he does be ok lol
posted by LODeee on Feb 19, 2010
I can't wait for the new season. It's very realistic and a great show as a MC " Not a Gang" but a Strong BrotherHood
posted by geraldflstf on Feb 18, 2010
just want to say "Great Job"!! to the cast and every one that puts this show together. thanks!!!
posted by geraldflstf on Feb 18, 2010
hats off to Mr. Kurt Sutter !! best prime time TV out there! thanks for that!!
posted by poland on Feb 18, 2010
posted by John the Revelator on Feb 17, 2010
The reason we have to wait so long for season 3 is to give kurt and the rest of the writers time to get the storylines just right and also to give the actors time off with their families. They put so much into doing this show and kicking ass they deserve as much time off as they need. So stop bitching, you whiny ass pussies. Suck it the fuck up and if you're a true fan you'll fucking put up with it. If not, the show's doing just fine without you.
posted by samcro addict on Feb 16, 2010
fukn amazin!!! watchin in scotland please we need season 3 sooner!stahl ya fukn boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sonslover on Feb 15, 2010
me and my husband love the show its the best ever i cant wait till september that is to long and jax is my favorite we love the sons!!!!!!!!
posted by jim jijm on Feb 13, 2010
holy shit i found out some leaked info. abel ends up okay but Jax commits suicide because he gets the wrong info.
posted by MMA 3 rounds on Feb 12, 2010
Looks like somebody needs to go back to school rather than making a fool of his education on an open forum. Way to go, retard. Keep wearing that hockey helmet when you take the short bus.
posted by shitdick3000 on Feb 11, 2010
u guys r all pussys fucing retard niggaz
posted by noura on Feb 10, 2010
OMG...i can t believe season two ended in a such dramatic way and we have to wait until september 2010...i wish this show can go on for is the best!!!
posted by f u all on Feb 10, 2010
posted by santacruzsam on Feb 09, 2010
really great show one of the best I seen for years over here in the uk its speading like wild fire
posted by OrtizTito on Feb 09, 2010
SEPTEMBER! Bullshit, we need it sooner than that. Obviously the show has a great fan-base so lets not lose it and make us wait till September! SOA Babie!!! Albuquerque, NM.
posted by igotstillbothsacks on Feb 09, 2010
half sack is the best character of the hole group!!
posted by mcfollower on Feb 08, 2010
hey lally, what a tosser
posted by lally on Feb 08, 2010
OMG, WTF, what do they mean sept 2010.... please say it isnt so.... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! and mayans rule the school.... na na nana na
posted by Layla on Feb 07, 2010
My husband and I are so addicted- can't wait till Sept :( Need season 3 now please!
posted by willc420 on Feb 06, 2010
i fuckin love this show. its better than sopranos
posted by megs0788 on Feb 06, 2010
I think its obvious that this show is amazing. me and my boyfriend r so obsessed!! IT HAS TO COME ON SOONER THAN SEPTEMBER i think well go cray
posted by SamCro on Feb 05, 2010
seriously, we need season 3 sooner, we all need it sooner, get season 3 out fast, you dont wanna make your beloved fans mad now do we?
posted by Richy22 on Feb 02, 2010
SOA is seriously as close to drugs as you can get with out worrying about passing a piss test...
posted by aussie watcher on Feb 02, 2010
Gr8 show. For christ sake don't stuff it up Sutter, you've done well so far. It's a long wait for the next season????
posted by werecanadianeh!!!!! on Jan 29, 2010
watched one episode and got hooked. watched season 1 and 2 in 2 days, hopefully this show continues on for years to come.
posted by b-rad on Jan 27, 2010
i refuse to watch television until SOA is back on air
posted by manny on Jan 27, 2010
dont get ride of gema.she makes the show what it is
posted by alx on Jan 25, 2010
best show ever ! keep up the good work ! keep the show till at least season 15 !!!!
posted by muff on Jan 25, 2010
serious dont be killing of half-sack the dudes a ledgend soa is 1 of the best shows on tv much love from belfast
posted by feather on Jan 24, 2010
really we have to wait til september
posted by mike on Jan 23, 2010
this is the only show i have ever watched religiously since the first episode i have cancelled plans skipped homework for this show never missed one episode i expect at least 10 seasons anything less is unacceptable n yes we need dvd for season 2 and reruns dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Sandra on Jan 23, 2010
OMG....I cant believe I have to wait for September to see what happens!!!!
posted by crimsonpixie on Jan 23, 2010
I just finished season two!!! It is fuckin amazing!!! I loved it but omg really did yall have to end it like that if i gotta wait till sept 2010??? booooo gimmie season 3 NOW!!!! I need SOA
posted by DJ on Jan 22, 2010
Project Free TV has Season 2, every episode online! I just finished watching Season 2 ... AMAZING!!! I can't believe we have to wait until Sept 2010 for Season 3 to start .... ahhh I'm addicted!
posted by newjayman77 on Jan 21, 2010
THE BEST SHOW u have ever watched hopefully all of these comments leads to a fourth fifth sixth and maybe even seventh season... they need to have season start in the fall and in the winter to keep the wait for the next show limited
posted by parker hill on Jan 21, 2010
Please please please don't kill off the prospect. Great show, should be a full 23 shows per season.
posted by stac n taters on Jan 21, 2010
awesome awesome show what ever u do dont kill off jaxs in season 3
posted by Eddy J on Jan 20, 2010
Ive seen all the movies n all the shows on TV... and Im very picky... Sons of Anarchy is by far the BEST Ive seen... superior to 24 which is my 2nd favorite now... Prison Break was a lot of potential but I completely didnt like the last season...
posted by digger on Jan 20, 2010
i watched season 1 on dvd,best show ever,canada sucks,, cant watch it up here,cant wait to buy season 2,keep up the good work.
posted by lionel on Jan 20, 2010
posted by lionel on Jan 20, 2010
sup soa fans best god dam show ever sept 2010 wtf are they for real some one in markting needs to be told you cant have true fans wait that long most shows only have 3 to 6 months lay off grrrrrrrrrrrrr
posted by Sick Bastard on Jan 19, 2010
Best dam TV show in years. Too bad it is not up here in Canada. Glad it is out on DVD. One question, what the hell happened to Darby?
posted by 2snap on Jan 16, 2010
You've got to be kidding!!? Sept 10 before s3 is released!? What's wrong with you people? At least put on some reruns! Seems you would have s3 near completion and ready to release given the enormous success of s2 SOA saw by midway into the season!
posted by ace on Jan 16, 2010
the sooner the better r at least some re runs till the new season starts
posted by JBauza on Jan 15, 2010
Bring on the first season while we wait for number 3 already!!
posted by harley david on Jan 15, 2010
Put the show on already; nuff said.
posted by GLC on Jan 15, 2010
My husband and I have been fans since the first show, haven't missed not one show. Since we got hooked, we also got two other families hooked. None of us can wait for season three. Need season two DVDs, already have one. It sucks having to wait so long to get DVDs and wait for new season to start. Can't wait to see all of you again, have missed you.
posted by Zipper on Jan 15, 2010
The best!! Keep it going!!
posted by Paul\\ on Jan 13, 2010
it's a shame FX got it, they treat soa like another one of their reality shows nearly a year to get another season together what a sorry station
posted by bettyboop88 on Jan 12, 2010
I want my Sons of Anarchy back.... =[ i love this show why is it going to take them so long to bring it back omg thats too long to wait
posted by reckless on Jan 11, 2010
we need season 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 ect now
posted by bonez1911 on Jan 11, 2010
not only have i watched both seasons in 2 days but ive watched them over and over again
posted by aloyalson on Jan 10, 2010
an instant classic, as long as the characters stay true to their roles
posted by mable may on Jan 10, 2010
WOW I love it ... give us more ... sooner then September, 2010
posted by kimberly stuart on Jan 10, 2010
The show is great and will continue to have me on my toes till the return but to wait till Sep. 2010 is a bit long. Is there not a way to speed it up a lil bit w/o compromising the quality??
posted by darla3 on Jan 09, 2010
I love this show, it is going to be hard to wait until September. I really hope that there will be alot more season then just 3. They need to keeep it going as it is such a good show.I am so excited!!!!!
posted by mike on Jan 08, 2010
this show is the best show i have ever seen. They need to make more episodes and i dont want to wait til september
posted by SOA LOVER on Jan 08, 2010
Just started watchin this show but it is by far the best biker show i've seen no wait it is one of the best shows i've ever seen. Can't wait till S3
posted by yv on Jan 07, 2010
love the show, and loved that henry rollins was in the 2nd season even if he got killed off. september is too long to wait. they need to put it out faster and have more episodes.
posted by seaox69 on Jan 06, 2010
after all we have watched and gone through, you guys can not kill off "half sack", he hasn't even got patched in yet. and please don't make us wait 8-10 months to see what happens. PLEASE!!!!
posted by Jen on Jan 06, 2010
I cant believe we have to wait till Sept. What are they trying to do to us? I want more episodes. I love the cast, my favorite show!!!
posted by NICOX4 on Jan 06, 2010
posted by Sam on Jan 06, 2010
I'v see great shows in the past on on other networks and like I sad I thought they were great, all crumble beneath SOA, none come close to being as great. I cough the end of one of the shows of season 2 and the next morning I was waiting in front of Best Buy to go buy season one. The best show I have ever seen, and I will be buying all of the season and recommending them to everyone I talk to.
posted by david on Jan 06, 2010
Excited to hear there is a season 3 planned and hopefully more after that. I started watching the second season, but went back and rented the first season to catch up.
posted by Roxy on Jan 04, 2010
This show is awesome I don't care much for T.V. But this show is amazing they should bring it back way sooner then 10 months thats torture. I've been watching it since the begining and I cant get enough. I went out of the country and watched most of the last season online.
posted by Biker Wife on Jan 04, 2010
You just can't make us wait 10 months for a new season!!! Three months maximum!! Please shorten the length of time between seasons! We all love this show!
posted by rocky from australia on Jan 01, 2010
This is an awesome show, gritty with lots of plots etc!Some aspects of biker culture are true. Must have some good writers or advice from club guys? Great show!!
posted by SOA Addict on Dec 31, 2009
I agree about the seasons being so short. Now that the show has really taken off, they should definitely have more then 13 episodes in season 3. Especially since we have to wait until September to see it.
posted by James on Dec 29, 2009
Awesome show, I've been hooked since the first episode. I agree with others that the seasons are way too short though. Give us twenty episode seasons plz!
posted by Troy on Dec 29, 2009
Sons of Anarchy is the best show on T.V. today. I think its a great idea that Kurt wants to take the guys out of their element. Which tells me the irish better watch thenselves cause the sons are coming. If FX can do this with this show.....they should look into to picking up and at least finishing The Black Donnellys
posted by XAVI on Dec 28, 2009
posted by Elizabeth on Dec 27, 2009
Sons of anarchy is by far the best show I've seen Ive been watching it since the very first episode and have been hooked ever since! I can't believe how the show ended with Abel getting kidnapped. Can't wait for season 3!
posted by redhotlegs on Dec 27, 2009
i live in the netherlands and saw the 2 seasons of SOA not on dutch TV but through other channels. It was exciting to watch the 26 shows, can't wait to see the third season!!! Keep us posted over there, thnxxx Red
posted by Karen on Dec 26, 2009
Sons of Anarchy is the best show that I've ever seen It has a bit of everything Drama,suspense etc. I can'nt wait until the next season comes on.My kids and I are totally hooked on the show.We got together every Tuesdaynight and watched it as a family.I just hated how they ended the season with a cliff hanger.I hope Jax kicks The Irish dudes ass for kidnapping Abel.When that happened I cryed it was soooo sad.Get him Jax and have NO Mercy
posted by marinemom on Dec 26, 2009
I love this show it is so Intense!! I just love jax and the guys. can't wait to see what he does to the Irish who took his boy. Ride on guys look forward to seeing you in sept.
posted by marinemom on Dec 26, 2009
I love this show it is one of the best shows on fx. can't wait to see what jax will do to the Irish for takeing his son. I just jax & the crew. !! Ride on guys !!
posted by jaba on Dec 24, 2009
Great show, maybe the best one they have. needs to be longer though. its too short.
posted by Diana on Dec 23, 2009
My favorite show! Can't till next season but, make the season longer. 13 episodes are NOT enough and keep the seasons coming. I hope it's around for a long time.Have Katey Sagal sing more...I loved her version of preacher man!
posted by Witty1 on Dec 23, 2009
The commercials, for the most part, are shown more during the 90 minute episodes. You really aren't getting more than the hour. Most new hit shows, do air a lot of commercials since that is when the money is being made. So bear with is because of the sponsors that the show gets the funding it needs. Every sponsor wants a spot on SOA ! So give it to em. Keeps the cast and crew happy...and the viewers have excellent programs like our SOA to watch!!!
posted by ryan on Dec 23, 2009
need bigger seasons 13 isn't enough need at least 20
posted by hewitt on Dec 23, 2009
cant wait for season three been hooked since the pilot episode great cast
posted by Ashley on Dec 23, 2009
I can't wait for Season 3 to start!! Son's of Anarchy is my favorite show. I can also relate to alot of it. I hope the show never ends.
posted by at-man on Dec 23, 2009
why can't we get this show to be at least 20 episodes. 13 is too short.. the dedicated ones who watch it can't get enough.
posted by Ray on Dec 23, 2009
Best show since Shield.Get them signed up for at least 4 more seasons. Could be a few less commercials though.
posted by samcro4life on Dec 22, 2009
This is by far the best show on tv but please dont start pulling a Sopranos on us by making us wait so long for new seasons!
posted by Nais on Dec 21, 2009
Okay I just watch the 2 seasons in three days, I'm completely addicted to it. And now I read that the next one is in a year! A year! It's really not possible... This show is just absolutely great! At leat, I'm really glad there is a 3rd season, but still...A year? Gosh!
posted by simply2hxc4u on Dec 20, 2009
WHY THE FUCK do we have to wait until sept. for the show to come out again? that's the type of shit that makes me just say fuck it!
posted by meo on Dec 20, 2009
I absolutely love this show. I think it is amazing from every view and aspect there is. I don't see how anyone could not find entertainment from this. I am so excited for season 3 and I hope ABEL GETS HOME SAFE!!!!! GOD I CAN NOT WAIT.
posted by Beth on Dec 20, 2009
I would love to see more riding on the show, & there are wayyy too many commercials. Did Gemma think of wiping off her fingers prints b/4 dropping the gun that Stahl tossed her?
posted by Betzblue on Dec 18, 2009
There is somethings I just don't understand...SOA is one of the most popular shows on the air today, has a rapidly growing fanbase & has a genius at the helm...WHY was it ignored by the "Award shows" ? That's total bullshit!! Even the "People's Choice" WTF. My other beef is two fold: NOT enough episodes per season & Too many fucking commercials.
posted by David on Dec 18, 2009
I love the show. I hate watching tv nothing on is worth watching in my opinion except for SOA. If Son's isn't on i have no need to turn on the TV.
posted by cw on Dec 18, 2009
This is truely a great show!! Let's hope FX gives this show more of a contract and have more than a 3rd season. This show is refreshing and it pushes the edge. This is what we need and not some more of the same old crapy tv.
posted by SaintofSanDiego on Dec 18, 2009
Of course they will continue the show. There was never a doubt in my mind. This is the dark, musty, gritty, edgy show television has been waiting for. They can't play it earlier in the night (7 or 8pm) because of it's rating. It's too violent, obscene, and profane to play in that time bracket. It has to do with FCC regulations. I'd rather keep the show late and true to its roots, than air it 3 hours earlier as a "PG-13" show.
posted by jaxwifey on Dec 18, 2009
i dont get why there wouldnt be a season 3. how are you gonna end a show with gemma on the run for doing us the favor of killing Zobelles daughter and the most important part, finding Abel!!! Everyone that watches wants to know what Jax and the Sons do to get him back and to find out what happens to Gemma. There should be no question. There however should be better advertising for the show. The only reason I know about the show is because I have watched since day one. Maybe if more people knew and it was on earlier, like 7 or 8pm when Nip/tuck started it would have more fans. But this show is the best show on TV today. It actually is close to the real drama thats on this world. I love it because of that and Jax Teller is my dream man!! They have to keep this going. Its the reason I watch TV anymore because everything else is just stupid soap drama. We need something that holds us like the Sons do. FSSF.
posted by sonskuxass on Dec 16, 2009
I absolutely love this show best tv show EVER so pumped for season 3 sucks we have to wait a year but till then fx looks like they have a few more options to hold us over
posted by $$WHITEBOY$$ on Dec 15, 2009
posted by p stingo on Dec 14, 2009
this is the best show ive ever seen,better than the shield,sopranos,rescue me.just a great season is gonna be sick.and prospect died cause he wanted off the show.there going to ireland next season.jax is the best character ever and katey sagal is awesome.peggy bundy who?
posted by SAMCROCANADA on Dec 14, 2009
I went to go visit my cousin who lives in LA.and SOA came on and she said it was the best show on t.v. It's not even on in Canada, never heard of it.. We were hooked found the season on dvd purchased it watched it straight in 2 days. got about 100 people hooked here and the word of mouth keeps growing and growing, this show is the best thing that has come out in a very long time... Please hurry up.. Sept?? oh my!! and maybe open it up to a few more networks.. this show is way to good not to be shown everywhere!
posted by TINA on Dec 12, 2009
I just started SOA a few nights ago and I already finished both seasons. Amazing. The show has me so anxious all the time. I wish Half Sack wouldn't have died, he was my favorite. And I wish the season was sooner than Sept. 2010. Seriously, wtf!
posted by Sonsfaan on Dec 12, 2009
Great show, a must see for everyone.
posted by Amslee on Dec 11, 2009
I mean seasons, not episods...
posted by Amslee on Dec 11, 2009
I heard SOA was origonaly written to have ONLY 3 episodes, (beginning, middle, end) then the show will be over. Anyone know if this is true?
posted by Scotty on Dec 11, 2009
They are waiting till September because they didnt get the go ahead for the 3rd season until later in Season 2. But due to the number of viewers, they got their 3rd season; and for good reason! SOA is a fresh idea the world needed. It takes this Biker gang and shows what the world could be like with good vs. evil and how anyone can fall into that category, even SAMCRO who we call our heros. I am glad they did what the did i the finale. They closed enough chapters to make us happy and opened more with such dramatic cliffhangers that current viewers would not choose to not watch the next season, even with the long wait. They will give us sneek previews and such earlier in the year I am sure. Until then, We will all miss SAMCRO.
posted by 8181 on Dec 10, 2009
this show rocks hopefully many more seasons to come it always leaves you wanting more
posted by Red69632 on Dec 10, 2009
SOA goes to Ireland....Can it get any better?
posted by j daniels on Dec 10, 2009
season 3 will be the best yet. the prospect didnt have to die. he could have waited one more season to pass on. i wanted to see him get his patch. stahl is gonna get what is comming to her for what she did to gemma and the irish will die a slow painful death. the sons is by far the best show on tv. period nothing comes close. fx listen to the fans you got a hit....
posted by No.1 SOA Fan on Dec 10, 2009
So, had a Sons of Anarchy kind of marathon and gotta say. Best T.V. series by far. The plot just keeps thickening but the way you ended it sucked lol only because i wanna see that irish bastard who stole Abel to die a slow and painful death. Or for him to find out that Stahl was the one who killed Eddy and have him kill Stahl..honestly i just want Stahl dead. Also, if this show could come back sooner, that would be grand.
posted by mari on Dec 09, 2009
love the show. i had to get it on dvd ...
posted by cool breeze on Dec 08, 2009
FX show master, you're an idiot...SOA is the best show on television, glad to see another season coming, bummed that it's so far away, love the show, keep 'em coming
posted by SAMCROWGIRL on Dec 08, 2009
I absolutely love SOA!! Prospect should be saved and seasons should start sooner!!
posted by kentuckyboy101 on Dec 08, 2009
i love the show its the best one on tv..... but in my opinion they should have not let the prospect die and at least caught up with the irish and got the baby back but i cant wait for season 3 its gonna be the bomb....
posted by patient I am not! on Dec 08, 2009
You are going to lose the fan base with these log breaks between seasons.
posted by biker chic on Dec 08, 2009
SOA..I love this show...bought the first season on DVD...need the second one now...I don't know if I can wait til Sept..thats 9months to long!But, I understand the show is not on during bike season while we are all riding on our Harleys..!But, bike season is May thru could run the show October thru April?Hmm? Just a thought!!
posted by Scoot on Dec 08, 2009
The season finale was a whilrlwind of events way too many to make us wait until Sept 2010. What a disappointment. Can Hollywood pick up the pace.
posted by Ed Harley on Dec 08, 2009
Season has to start sooner. Its going to lose appeal to most like myself. Lost waited too long and lost me as a fan. SOA, do yourself a favor and show the episodes after the Super Bowl.
posted by Rage on Dec 08, 2009
SEPTEMBER????!?!?!?! PORFAVOR NOOOO. thats sooo long )=.
posted by prophet on Dec 08, 2009
about prospect dying, the actor who plays him wanted to move on. Shame really, i liked his character and was curious to see the initiation process for a full new member. As for what may happen, why not move them to Ireland. Hunt down the irish and chips can strike jimmy o at his home. Plus, take the chunnel to mainland europe on your way to Hungary to whoop up on Zoebelle having adventures along the way. The one thing that bugged me about SAMCRO is that they never really went anywhere. Seems a bit strange for a biker gang. Have em tour europe and see how that plays out. Talk about being out of your element.
posted by TRAGIC on Dec 07, 2009
No drama, then no Season 3, Drama and action is why we all watch this show... Katy sagal ROCKS! Prospect dieing was kinda of a let down, but better the prospect then baby Abel, right?.. Great writing in the first 2 seasons, I think we are all excited that we will see a season 3... thanks FX for actually listening to the people!
posted by tnflaman on Dec 07, 2009
September??????? Geez...don't make us wait. Do a side story on the Myans LOL
posted by bericuda on Dec 06, 2009
everything is great....i wish the season was year round.but, who is this kenny johnson guy!? he just don't fit....looks like some yuppie pretty boy from the local hog chapter! not convincing at all... can you say..... OK,I'LL REFRAIN.
posted by mainemom on Dec 06, 2009
I have to admit I never missed an episode and I was like WHAT? on the season finale' but left in suspense if they were going to have a Season 3 and GLAD they are! But oh my so far off A year or so from now? Wow! Long time to wait but have to be patient.. it will be a well watched new season I think for all of us that watched the finale' :)
posted by Fxsoa on Dec 06, 2009
Well I don't expect them to be the power rangers and come out on top every week but they did look alot better when they were in control and actually dangerous. After suffering so bad they are looking like easy targets and following a common pattern instead of being different and standing out. Still a great show underrated and all that but can they keep it up? Will watching them get beat up all season get boring? I wouldn't expect a season 4 if 3 goes the same route.
posted by x member on Dec 06, 2009
They took it too far making the club look kind of gay not doing more to stop the skin heads, getting punked out one episode after another I stopped watching. Things are actually getting corny which is a red flag for "WRONG DIRECTION" They were pretty bad ass in season 1 though. I caught the last episode and didn't think they got the justice they deserved, doubt they ever will.
posted by SAMCRO on Dec 06, 2009
I don't like the sound of the plans Sutter has for season 3. They already lost control for almost the entire 2nd season. Watching them get torn apart and moving to another location doesn't seem like a good idea. The same idea ruined weeds.
posted by jeckyl on Dec 06, 2009
Hell yeah bring on season 3....I wanna see Zoebelle go down, Cameron get strung up by his toenails, and Stahl lose her fuckin job with the ATF. Gonne be the best season yet I can feel it. Although Sept is a long way off, be patient people. I much rather have all the talent take their time and get it right.
posted by profisher on Dec 06, 2009
soa is the best show on tv and the best show i have ever watched... can't believe we have to wait till sept 2010 for season 3!!... too bad the prospect had to die... and i hope chips kills jimmy if the sons go to ireland to get the baby back!!!
posted by Dave on Dec 06, 2009
Hey actors need a vacation too, Just glad to season another season coming up. The show really rocks!
posted by FX SHOW MASTER on Dec 05, 2009
posted by Joker-SOA on Dec 05, 2009
by far the best show on television, i am an SOA addict to the core, september better come fast
posted by half-sack on Dec 05, 2009
prospect was killed off because the actor playing him wanted to move on, check wiki. Love the show, 1. The Wire 2. Sons of Anarchy 3. The Shield That's how good it is in my opinion. Can't wait 'til september.
posted by jaxsgirl on Dec 05, 2009
ughgh pfft i cant beleive there makin us wait sooo long im gettng anxiety thinking about the finally and everything that happenned thats so messed up and besides i cant wait a year to see jaxs face lol oh and absolutely the best show on tv !!!!
posted by iflippedatable on Dec 05, 2009
Oh and you need to release the third season sooner waiting almost a full year is not acceptable by any means, this show is the only thing worth watching
posted by super prawn on Dec 05, 2009
posted by maize3561 on Dec 04, 2009
Why do we have to wait till sept....bring it back sooner...and really? There was a question for season 3? The best show on tv....without a doubt. Bring it back SOONER.....
posted by jaxlover on Dec 04, 2009
they need to bring the show back sooner! I want to be Gemma when I grow up!
posted by JUTYR on Dec 04, 2009
posted by Jensen, Norway on Dec 04, 2009
Are we going to have to wait until Sept. 2010 for season 3 ??? Seriously?
posted by Gooder on Dec 04, 2009
I hope they don't pull a Fonzie and jump the shark too much. Taking them out of Charming? Probably put them in Ireland or something stupid like that.
posted by joey on Dec 04, 2009
ATF agent stahl has to die for the shit she has pulled
posted by dan on Dec 04, 2009
soa is twice as good as the sheild ever was keep in coming for many more seasons
posted by jay on Dec 04, 2009
i love the did you have kill the prospect have doc save him
posted by brsm96 on Dec 04, 2009
I can't believe we have to wait till sept 2010. I'll have to just watch my box sets in the mean time!! Love love love SOA
posted by mike loyer on Dec 04, 2009
this show is the best show ive ever seen keep it cumin and keep up the great work
posted by ZEN357 on Dec 04, 2009
There was no better song to play during the final moments of the season finale than a remake of the classic Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter. If you know the lyrics then you know how it fits in place to the SOA!
posted by BABY on Dec 04, 2009
i want jackie boy BAAAAAACK
posted by gina mata fresno, ca on Dec 03, 2009
I am so stoked! Have watched Sons of Anarchy since it first came on!!!! Love all the cast! Jax, chibs and tara are the best! so glad it is on for another season. I cried so much last night, the cast brings out the best in their characters and i feel like i am a part of each of them. Kurt Sutter is the bomb! love you all and can not wait til season 3
posted by viv on Dec 03, 2009
SOA is without a doubt the best show on tv..great writing and acting...So excited for next season!!!
posted by JP on Dec 03, 2009
Why would there be any question that it should be brought back for another season? This is one of the best shows out there. The writer is an absolute genius, but I hate for leaving this in such suspense...hah.
posted by greg on Dec 03, 2009
ur a faaag^^
posted by marker maker on Dec 03, 2009
this is every rider,gang member, and anybody part of any set. this is the best show ever and the on the love.

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