Adam Lambert Replaced by Allison Iraheta on 'Kimmel'

December 03, 2009 02:50:45 GMT

Soon after the cancellation of Adam from his scheduled outdoor concert, Jimmy Kimmel announced that another 'Idol' is to take his place.

Adam Lambert
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ABC is still not ready to make peace with Adam Lambert for it has just canceled a scheduled appearance of him. The "American Idol" graduate who set tongue wagging with his sexually-charged performance at the recent American Music Awards (AMAs) will not show up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

Adam was due to perform on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show on December 17 but it was suddenly canceled on Wednesday, December 2. Kimmel has updated his Twitter saying that Adam's "Idol" pal Allison Iraheta will perform in his place. A rep of ABC however would not confirm whether the axing has anything to do with AMAs, simply saying "We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time."

Adam himself has addressed the cancellation, saying that ABC probably got the pressure from Federal Communications Commission. He tweeted, "Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. :( don't blame them. It's the FCC heat. I AM doing Leno though. And lookin into something for NYE. It'll all blow over. Let's focus on being positive! :)" The appearance on "The Jay Leno Show" is scheduled for December 21 while the New Years Rockin' Eve is for December 31.

ABC had once yanked out Adam from its program following the controversial AMAs performance. Citing that it was "concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning", ABC decided not to risk another raunchy appearance on "Good Morning America".

Although being passed by ABC, Adam Lambert is still going to other shows such as "Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People" (December 9), "Z100 Jingle Ball" (December 11 and 13) and "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" (December 14).


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posted by rurikvred on Dec 17, 2009
Allison needs to "back up" Adam? Umm.. Allison has her own career and talent, which equals or surpasses Adam's. In the music biz, there's two type of performers: 1) The type that interprets the song and makes it real 2) The type that makes the song interpret the singer, which makes the song "fake". Which performer do you think fits each of these 2 descriptions? Allison will be around a long time, with many more fans that Adam, who I believe is very talented, but made the mistake of making his music about his sexuality, instead of making the himself about the music, like Allison has done.
posted by Andrew on Dec 17, 2009
You bitches are so out of touch with reality. Adam and Allison are both with 19E management. Once Adam fucked himself over with a performance he chose to do, 19E gave Allison the spot instead because ABC said no more Madam. You cows amuse me. Touching yourselves to Adam Lamberts cratered ass all day. LMFAO
posted by TRAGIC on Dec 07, 2009
"ABC will be sorry" LOL I dont think so, this gay boy fetish everyone has for Adam is over rated. thank goodness ABC has a half of brain not to put Gay boy on morning TV or even better canceling his appearance on JK.... now go out and find some REAL talent..
posted by julie for Adam on Dec 06, 2009
I am writing down every t.v. show that Adam is going to be on...can't wait to see him on Leno...Lots better than Kimmel....You are a handsome talented human being and I do wish you would take it slower, you are not totally established as a wonder star of the world yet....but you are the best singer we have and want to be able to see you lots...It would of been cool to bring in the New Year with you, but we will still be here to watch in 2010....
posted by Buck on Dec 06, 2009
To all Adam fans: Why didn't Adam canceled all of his other ABC appearances after they canceled his GMA? That would be called making a stand! And now why should Allison do that? (she even doesn't have anything to do with Adam's AMA performance...)
posted by les on Dec 06, 2009
Adam was wrong. But two wrongs don't make a right. Adam is great and one day ABC will be sorry. Not Adam remeber Elvis's Hips 5 years donw the road everyone will talk about the ignorance of ABC.
posted by amarynthine on Dec 05, 2009
Let allison get on the show and let's see what she has to sy? Maybe she has something to say abt adam for the media, so let's just sit back and see what she does.
posted by stella1 on Dec 05, 2009
Allie..... well.... You doesn't deserve Adam. I think you forget he is your brother! And he helped you. I liked to listen you. But no more! Sorry; you are a very litle baby. Hey Allison: take it easy!!!!! You are thinking about you; not that person who loves you! Please don't promove Allison album... Go away!
posted by mirror on Dec 04, 2009
i didn't like his AMA show. but ABC is out of it's mind if it think it can kill his career by banning him. i bought Adam's CD today just to suport him.
posted by Adude on Dec 04, 2009
If you are a fan of Adam and Allison go and buy their CD. Allison CD is Amazing and she needs the support from all her fans. For the haters, donít say you are not buying her CD if you were not thinking to buy it anyways; she will be fine with the support from the people who really love her.
posted by Opinion on Dec 04, 2009
How some people can blame Allison for take this opportunity? That is not fair. Adam is getting tons of promotion, he does not need the ABC show to promote his CD, he is getting plenty offers from others shows. Why you do not ask Adam to refuse all the new opportunities he is getting out from ABC to give them to her? If he does it she can refuse the ABC show, but youíre not going to ask that to him because SOME (not all) of you Adam fan are so selfish. You do not care about her nor were buying her CD anyways so you donít ask her to refuse this opportunity, she deserves it. After the infamous Adam AMA performance Allison was one of the first persons to support him. Iím sure Adam will be happy that she is taking this opportunity because she is getting so far little promotion. Her CD is AMAZING in people will start noticing her for her talent and not for her AI journal. Go girl you ROCKS!
posted by DforDiana on Dec 04, 2009
Go Adam!!!!!!!! :)
posted by Joker on Dec 04, 2009
Don't do it Allison. You'll lose fans. Stand up for your friend. He won't ask y ou to because he's too nice.
posted by Mike on Dec 04, 2009
Such ignorant hate with these comments. CNN had a report today that the people in opposition to Pres. Obama tend to be uneducated. I think we can extend that statement to the people who hate Adam Lambert for his sexuality. Homosexuality is a part of human existance. It is not a choice. I commend Adam for being brave enough to stand up for the roughly 10-20% of humans who are born with this sexual inclination. It is not a choice. So people, try and show a little compassion and humanity by stopping your hatred. If you don't think it's homophobic behavior, ask yourself why ABC in October had a couple on Dancing with the Starts engage in very graphic simulated oral sex. This routine has been all over UTube, and I actually saw it when it was televised. Not even an eyebrow was raised, but it was way more explicit than anything Adam did. And what about Janet Jackson's behavior on the same show? Please, open your eyes and see the reaction to Adam for what it is. It's nothing but pure homophoic behavior probably by a bunch of threatened men. I am a SWM
posted by Tani1981 on Dec 04, 2009
C'mon people. Blaming Allison for taking on the spot on Kimmel?? I LOVE Adam but see no reason for Allison to turn down the spot. She also is promoting her new album. What they are doing to Adam is Disgusting for it is not Allison's fault nor up to her to "right ABC's wrongs". I will not be watching but still wish the best for Allison.
posted by Rachel on Dec 04, 2009
By refusing to do the performance, Allison could have made a statement! I understand she is just 17 years old, but Adam helped her immensely on the show and concert circuit. She could have repaid the favor. It's sometimes not just about your career. It's about human rights.
posted by Ken on Dec 04, 2009
It's said that someone once asked Bob Hope to tell a dirty joke. Bob's response was "I don't have to tell dirty jokes to get a laugh." Disney can get more romance out of a single kiss than most studios can get out of a 10 minute bedroom scene. Adam should get a clue. His obscene performance was a cheap shot.
posted by Angelraj on Dec 04, 2009
Allison LOVES Adam, and she is amazing, so don't blame her. I will continue to support Allison on her non-ABC gigs! ABC is ridiculous and I am kind of relieved that Adam will not be on their NYE Special so I won't have to force myself to watch their lame show.
posted by LET REALITY BE REALI on Dec 04, 2009
@mirror, Adam nailed his own coffin when he hurled insults back at ABC. Adam has also admitted changing the choreography AGAINST what he told ABC he would be doing. Adam thought he was so important he could boss around a network, and they are banning him. HARD LESSON LEARNED. And it's sad because I like Adam and voted for him. But I think it will be ok eventually if he keeps a lower profile...
posted by LET REALITY BE REALI on Dec 04, 2009
It's simple. There is no discrimination on ABC's part at all. ABC didn't cut him from the show for kissing another guy. It was the simulated oral sex and pretending to have a dancer get butt fingered. Then Adam slammed ABC saying it was a double standard since Madonna and Britney kissed (as if a kiss is the same thing). This was his weak effort to do damage control. Now ABC doesn't want him back because since Adam violated their trust and got mad, so did they. All you "discrimination" people need to accept reality even if it's painful. The fact is no one wants to see pretend oral sex on TV even if it's two girls, or a guy and a girl period. Even Adam has admitted he may have gone to far. So all the boycott people need to wake up basically. And ABC has had plenty of gays before, so it's not like they are against them either.
posted by Michy Gonzales on Dec 04, 2009
Hey people...Allison Iraheta has nothing to do with Adam Lambert being canceled on the show. And I'm also pretty sure that Adam would be the one to pick someone to replace him on the show ... it would be his friend Allison. Please support them both. Also Allison Iraheta, she really needs us to boost her up the charts!
posted by wildturnip on Dec 03, 2009
Adam's performance on AMA occurred close to 11 PM. There is some question whether the FCC monitors or has jurisdiction that late at night. And those 1,500 letters? Very small potatoes considering the size of the viewing audience. Go Adam.
posted by karen on Dec 03, 2009
This is not about Allison. She is a nice kid. This is about ABC. Let's keep our eye on the ball.
posted by williNalli on Dec 03, 2009
Yay ALLISON, ur a ROCK GODDESS !!! I am kinda sad for Adam's fans, but at least there could not be any better person to get this gig than the PUNK PRINCESS !!!
posted by Jay on Dec 03, 2009
Not sure what good it'll do Allison to be on the show. All but a handful of her Idol fans will boycott the show.
posted by Jay on Dec 03, 2009
Can't believe Allison would take this job under these circumstances. Surely she can do better than Kimmel. I'm boycotting ABC and Disney. Have you seen Miley Cyrus lately? Disneys little princess? But they still keep her around. Disney owns ABC.
posted by Jay on Dec 03, 2009
Go to Oprah and request Adam.
posted by adam fan on Dec 03, 2009
ill watch adam on leno
posted by joliee on Dec 03, 2009
Here's a video of Pink doing the EXACT same move with her male dancer, she shoves his head right into her crotch... go to You Tube and search: Pink - God is a DJ Live @ Billboard Awards 2004
posted by Old Rocker Dude on Dec 03, 2009
Do all the embittered Adam fans that now "hate" Allison for taking this gig realize the she is not the one that booked it for herself nor is she in a position to refuse. She is under Jive management and is brand new to the industry. Its easy for people to sit at their computers and say she shouldn't do it but if they were in her place I'm sure they wouldn't be willing to throw away their careers in some "protest" aimed at ABC.
posted by Texas Mom on Dec 03, 2009
Let me start by saying I LOVE Adam's talent, but why would he or others in the industry resort to such things? Just because some people are starting to see that type of display as the norm or as "entertainment" mean that it is, or that it should be. Believe it or not, there are still people, who feel this kind of exhibition is NOT acceptable in a public forum. Remember, ABC is a NON-CABLE channel, FCC does hold them accountable. I really hope Adam and others in the industry reconsider what message they are sending out with such performances, which are being passed as "entertainment". I am not even old and I feel that entertainment is not what it use to be, seems everybody is always trying to out shock the other. And for the record, Adam Lambert has more than enough talent, and that he does NOT to resort to this type of so called ďentertainmentĒ Thank you
posted by spirit62 on Dec 03, 2009
This is discrimination, I refuse to watch ABC and called to tell them why I won't watch ABC, I also let the sponsors know that I won't buy their products and why. The rest of the crotch grabbing performers that night didn't get a peep about their performances, it is discrimination and ABC just opened a can of worms, they show many shows with explicit content before 10 pm and nothing is done, just look at the costumes and sexual dancing that borders on obscene. You can't single out one performer. This isn't just about discrimination, it is also about censorship and the entertainment community won't stand for what is happening to Adam. It's sad that homophobia still exists in 2009. Back in 1974 a streaker crashed the Oscars and he was shown butt arse naked across the stage and down the aisle and that didn't create the kind of uproar that is happening now over the AMA'S. Award shows might just decide to move their shows to other networks, and if ABC loses the AMA'S next year it is their fault. boycott abc and their sponsors and buy an extra cd of For Your Entertainment.
posted by Beelie on Dec 03, 2009
Sorry, Allison, you just lost all cred as a rocker girl by agreeing to perform as part of a punitive action designed to censor another artist. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem and Allison, you've now become part of the problem -- people willing to sell themselves out.
posted by DMARTIN82 on Dec 03, 2009
posted by tina on Dec 03, 2009
it sucks that they cancelled Adam for Kimmel and it also sucks that they think they can replace one Idol alum with another. Allison, as talented as she is, is no Adam. But she has her album to think about and needs all the promo she can get so I don't blame her for taking the opportunity presented to her. She also replaced kris during the summer on Conan when he couldn't attend a performance. Allison seems to be the clean up idol. Not good enough for an invite unless someone else isn't available. That sucks for her.
posted by rebe on Dec 03, 2009
Boycott Kimmel, Allison. You shouldn't take this job under these circumstances. I'll be boycotting you if you take it. He's your friend. Don't say he said it's okay. Adam is so gracious. He would say nothing else.
posted by irisita69 on Dec 03, 2009
They're after Adam's head. Take a stand people!
posted by franc on Dec 03, 2009
Adam does not need Kimmel, nor ABC. He will do just fine. All this does is make ABC the bad guy and create sympathy for Adam. Even those who didn't like his AMA performance will think ABC is going overboard. Adam will be a megastar no matter what. His dear friend Allison, on the other hand, needs the exposure. She put out an excellent album and deserves to have more promo opportunities. It's better that they gave her the spot instead of some other performer, I think.
posted by fay on Dec 03, 2009
fuck adam lambert, and you wrinkled up, fat ass, old stank bitches
posted by Shasta on Dec 03, 2009
Allison should not do this show. By doing the show she is condoning ABC's actions and betraying a friend.
posted by Kris on Dec 03, 2009
Allison has to make her own choice, of course, and I respect her either way, but it would greatly help Adam if other performers would boycott ABC until they drop this vendetta. Allison-be a true rocker girl and support your friend-boycott Kimmel!
posted by Lola on Dec 03, 2009
I am sick about this decision to continue to punish Adam. ABC was using Adam for ratings. In spite of his poor judgment and distastful AMA performance, I don't believe Adam intended to hurt or disrespect them. They, on the other hand, do intend to hurt Adam. For God's sake, ABC, how proud you must be using your powers against a 27 year old kid who has been busting his buns tirelessly for the past 10 years to earn a place in the music industry. He made a huge mistake. But look at his history, his work ethic, the positive comments from everyone who works with him. The many performances on TV which never crossed a line, and earned him world wide attention. Get over it. I will watch Adam where ever he performs. I do not respect this decision on your part.
posted by runawaysu on Dec 03, 2009
I have cancelled ABC and will not watch, I can see Alli other places just not here. The whole thing is Double Standard and discrimination. Have a look at Pink's performance from previous AMAs! hmm, she did the same thing with no consequinces. Double Standard confirmed!
posted by paperrosie on Dec 03, 2009
This has turned into a performance ABC didnt approve of into a blatant vendetta by ABC against Adam Lambert.I will not watch anything on ABC,I dont care for discrimination!
posted by kathy on Dec 03, 2009
I'm watching. I like Adam. But I LOVE Allison. I'm watching.
posted by Pest on Dec 03, 2009
I was counting on seeing Adam and this is the only reason I would tune in to ABC. Otherwise, I don't watch that channel anyway. Their loss on this move.
posted by deb on Dec 02, 2009
I would love to see Allison perform, but alas, I no longer watch ABC.
posted by 409musiclover on Dec 02, 2009
I am sure adam wants allison to go on the show. They talk and see each other all the time. Adam wants everyone to be quite and it will go away. Allison has an awesome album. I bought Adam and Allsion album. Share the love.
posted by Truth on Dec 02, 2009
I'm setting my DVR right now. Go Allison! btw haters, I'm sure Adam wishes her the best too.
posted by Adison on Dec 02, 2009
Adam and Allsion have seperate careers, why does one taking the gig have to do with the other? They both are promoting their 1st Albums.
posted by Rianna on Dec 02, 2009
I will not be watching anything on ABC until they come to their senses. Unbelievable!
posted by Adison on Dec 02, 2009
lol! yeah Allison you rock it out girl, for Adam
posted by Dee on Dec 02, 2009
ABC can shove Allison where the sun don't shine. I don't want to watch their stupid network anymore.
posted by shadamholic on Dec 02, 2009
I am a MAJOR Adam fan, but I can't blame Allison for taking this GREAT opportunity. I WON'T be watching, but if this helps give her a boost I"m sure Adam is happy for her!
posted by anon on Dec 02, 2009
Very disappointed in ABCs punitive actions! Will certainly lobby their sponsors to pull ads. Many of us won't be watching ABC any longer and sponsors may want to shift their advertising dollars.
posted by dazzbad on Dec 02, 2009
go to abc homepage enter your comment/complanit!! i would have watched both shows ..but now i will not! bad move abc.he was great on ellen , letterman, etc
posted by shadamholic on Dec 02, 2009
I don't normally watch Kimmel....but I WOULD have if Adam were on. NOT now, even if I do like Allison. WILL be watching NBC and Leno the night he is on there though. He has proved with TV performances since AMAs that he can and does perform amazing vocals..and my GOSH he has been smokin' HOT on both Early Show and Letterman...Elvis re-incarnate! All he has to do is STAND AND SING!!
posted by Halol on Dec 02, 2009
OMG that is soooo sad :( I am sooo disappointed, I am not watching ABC again, I cant believe that they canceled Adam.. SHAM on them, he is amazing.
posted by joliee on Dec 02, 2009
Pink did it!!!! See it at You Tube: Pink - God is a DJ Live @ Billboard Awards 2004 So, why canít Adam???? Tweet @AdamBringsChange it's trending now.
posted by dowie on Dec 02, 2009
i will not buying allisson album or all her music; i will not watch live kemmel show; to hell abc to heel with kemmel live. abc scrwed up big time-allisson irahta ur treacherous u should say no to kemmel live.
posted by bogie on Dec 02, 2009
wow, ABC sucks! i understand the first cancellation but not the second. adam made a tough mistake but it really is time to move forward. his album rocks! especially FEVER.
posted by Swordfish on Dec 02, 2009
I am extremely disappointed that Adam Lambert has been canceled off the Kimmel show. I am also extremely surprised that Allison would accept the gig! WTF Allison? I won't watch the show anymore and I won't be buying your new CD because of that?
posted by Darlene on Dec 02, 2009
I am very disappointed that he has been canceled. It's such a shame because he is an awesome entertainer. His performances are not all like the AMA. I will not watch Jimmy Kimmel! That's for sure.
posted by tara on Dec 02, 2009
Well I will not watch..ADAM!!!!!

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