Alice in Chains' 'Your Decision' Music Video Arrives

Alice in Chains' 'Your Decision' Music Video Arrives

Alice in Chains are sharing screen with one of the 'Project Runway' alumni Amanda Fields in the 'Your Decision' music video.

Alice in Chains have put forward a music video in companion to their single "Your Decision". Directed by Stephen Schuster, the video sees the band performing in a Malibu mansion and features a cameo from "Project Runway" season 3 model, Amanda Fields.

"It was so much fun and I felt like I was dreaming - the location was so surreal! It was this giant house between Santa Monica and Malibu off of the Pacific Coast Highway," Amanda recently wrote about the video shoot on the TV show's blog. "You look out the window and see the beautiful blue Pacific!"

"The band members, Jerry [Cantrell], Sean [Kinney], Mike [Inez] and William [DuVall], were fun to work with and the director had such an incredible vision. The stylist, a friend of mine, Cory Savage, really knows how to make a rock video couture! The band members all wore crisp expertly tailored suits and the string quartet wore flowing white dresses with black lace blindfolds!! My wig was made out of feathers!"

"Your Decision" is taken from the band's fourth studio album "Black Gives Way to Blue" which peaked at No. 5 on Billboard Hot 200.

Alice in Chains' "Your Decision" music video



    Dec 04, 2009

    YES. Thank you, Wingding

    Dec 03, 2009

    Well said wingding.

    Dec 02, 2009

    i agree 100% wingding.

    Dec 02, 2009

    blsway, you're an idiot. I love it when people post their "It's not the same without Layne" boo-hooing. Get the hell over it. The rest of the band has. If you don't like it, don't buy it and keep on listening to the same old song and dance. If you want to evolve with the band, then put on your big boy pants and realize that NO, it isn't going to be the same without and Layne, but that doesn't mean they can't still write good music. You're probably one of those douchebags who puts "RIP Layne/Dimebag" after every f**king post you make on a thread to get attention. Keep on keepin' on, wanker. The band is better off without the poser fans like you.

    Dec 02, 2009

    They'll never be the same without Layne. Don't buy this garbage. Screw Cantrell.

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