Miley Cyrus Shares Her Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Miley Cyrus

"I like being more casual. I would much rather come underdressed than overdressed," Miley dishes on her fashion style.

When it comes to fashion style, Miley Cyrus has some dos and don'ts. To Seventeen magazine she shares, "I don't like dressing up that much, even for dressy kinds of parties and stuff. I like being more casual. I would much rather come underdressed than overdressed."

The 17-year-old Disney actress-singer, moreover, reveals, "My least favorite trend would definitely be high-waisted jeans. I like wearing my jeans low with Converse, and I was just not a fan." However, "when I started designing with Max [Azria], we did high-waisted shorts, and I said, 'Okay, I can rock these'."

Another fashion don't for Miley is shopping for clothes online. "I love instant access; I'm an instant gratification kind of person. That's why I don't shop online, because I can't wait for the three days for it to get to me," she explains.

And though she has made money from her acting and singing careers, Miley claims she is still mad for cheap things. "One day we were driving with my sister, and we went to the army surplus store, and the paparazzi were extremely confused, especially when I came out with a bunch of shopping bags," she tells Seventeen.

Despite her young age, Miley has the same stylist with that of her seniors Ashlee Simpson and Nicole Richie. "I share a stylist with Nicole Richie, so it's really cool to see something from her line and be able to ask Nicole where she got it or what her inspiration was. I'm in a cool position where the fashion icons that I have are available to me, and I can learn from them," she gushes.




    Mar 02, 2010,now miley cyrus will give her fashion tips to us?bitch....she doesn't even know what fashion is! every time,she dress up skanky/vulgar revealing her bra,breasts!she's a whore!

    Dec 06, 2009

    i hate miley yrus she is only famous because her dad is famous and she doesn't even sing live and she doesn't even know how to dress herself properly

    Dec 02, 2009

    miley i love u plzzz u know ummm write me back i lllooovvve 1 fan

    Dec 02, 2009

    i love u

    Dec 01, 2009

    Hey..."xD"'re good at coming "under-brained"....and probably "under-educated".

    Dec 01, 2009

    She's good at coming under dressed. -cough- Her birthday for example..... I like shopping online though, mostly because my town is kind of pathetic for clothes, all we have is Walmart and a store targeted mainly for older women. I kind of enjoy the wait to be honest, sometimes I forget I ordered something and then it comes one day and I'm all surprised and happy cause I have something new to wear. xD

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