'Amazing Race' Recap: Globetrotters Eliminated

November 30, 2009 02:53:37 GMT

Flight Time and Big Easy made a grave mistake when doing the Road Block, giving Brian and Ericka a spot in the final.

'Amazing Race' Recap: Globetrotters Eliminated
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Despite being the last to embark on this leg and having to perform the compulsory Speed Bump, Brian and Ericka managed become a finalist team on "The Amazing Race" season 15. The interracial couple overtook Flight Time and Big Easy in the eleventh week by finishing third. The Globetrotters therefore, are eliminated.

Brian and Ericka were the last team to arrive last week, but they were given a second chance through non-elimination round. This week's episode kicked off with a brief recap of what happened when the married couple received the good news. In the Speed Bump, Brian and Ericka had to find an M1 lounge bar, prepare an absinthe and drink a shot.

All the teams made their way to Ekotechnicke Museum in Prague where one member of the teams must perform a task. In the Road Block deemed "Kafka-eque" game, teams must find five out of more than a hundred phones that have another person at the other end of the line. They were then given five jumbled letters that must be assembled to form "Franz". As soon as they mentioned the word correctly, they got the next clue.

The catch is, the team which could not figure out the word as fast as the others, would have to take a four-hour penalty. Flight Time and Big Easy were the unlucky ones. Meanwhile, the rest went to Kryo Central where they put on tights to enter a freezing room to get the next clue.

Next was the Detour which allowed teams to choose between "Legend" and "Lager". In "Legend", teams will have to cover a wooden frame with clay and present it to rabbis at Old New Synagogue to be given the new clue. In "Lager", teams must deliver 30 beers to a bar full of football hooligans.

Meghan and Cheyne easily completed all of the tasks in the race and finished first again. They each won 52 inch LCD TV. Behind them were Sam and Dan; and Brian and Ericka. These three teams will battle for the $1 million prize next week.


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posted by Marisa on Dec 14, 2009
I'm glad they're out. Bunch of low class ghetto people. They are annoying and always cheat to get ahead. Go figure. That's the only way they will get anywhere in life.
posted by shopper on Dec 01, 2009
Once they know the first letter, their are only 24 other choices. They could go through all of these in less than and hour.
posted by jojo on Nov 30, 2009
Id sam or Dan whatver his name was...if he had some integrity, he would at least tell big easy, the first letter is F and the last letter is Z. That would have showed that he and his brothers have class...they fight with eath other two classless gays
posted by jojo on Nov 30, 2009
As an educated black man I was embarrased with big easy lazy attitude and trusting the very guy who wants him out.
posted by Marzipan on Nov 29, 2009
They didn't have to take a penalty, they just decided they would rather wait 4 hours instead of trying to finish the task

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