Official Tracklisting for Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth'

November 28, 2009 07:38:32 GMT

Lil Wayne tags Eminem, Shanell, Kevin Rudolf and Nicki Minaj as his collaborators in his upcoming album 'Rebirth'.

Official Tracklisting for Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth'
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Lil Wayne's first rock-themed album "Rebirth" has got an official tracklisting which is obtained via Amazon U.K. site. Twelve songs appear on the list with Eminem, Kevin Rudolf, Nicki Minaj and Shanell set to lend their vocal.

The album is slated to be released across United States on December 21. It will be made available for purchase as a single disc, not paired with Young Money's compilation album "We Are Young Money" as it was previously claimed.

"Prom Queen", the first single off the record, has been released since late January. Featuring heavy use of Auto-Tune, the song rose to number 15 on Billboard Hot 100 and charted at number 16 on Billboard Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles despite its rock genre.

Beside prepping to release his own album, Lil Wayne has also hit studio with "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester, collaborating in a song called "Make It Rain".

"Rebirth" tracklisting:

  1. "American Star" feat. Shanell
  2. "Prom Queen" feat. Shanell
  3. "Ground Zero"
  4. "Da Da Da"
  5. "Paradise"
  6. "Get a Life"
  7. "On Fire"
  8. "Drop the World" feat. Eminem
  9. "Runnin" feat. Shanell
  10. "One Way Trip"
  11. "Knockout" feat. Kevin Rudolf
  12. "The Price Is Wrong" feat. Nicki Minaj


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posted by B3A$T on Aug 14, 2011
fuck all of y'all niggaz oh and by the way lil Wayne is way better rapper than eminem
posted by thurman on Jul 18, 2010
kacia is gay
posted by quandric on Jun 10, 2010
a i 4 got one wen i was talkn bout dat song wit u an Luda add T.I CUZ DAT NIGGA COLD 2
posted by quandric on Jun 10, 2010
free my nigga wayne flatout no homo dats my favorite rapper its Y M all day an drake,nicki,tyga,mack,gudda is holdn it down doe 4 real an wayne u should make a song wit Luda dat shyt wuld be hard as hell one mo thang free my nigga wayne man cum on
posted by kill you on Jun 04, 2010
told yall i
posted by young carter on May 31, 2010
knock out was made with nicki minaj not kevin rudolf
posted by Paaaigee. on May 30, 2010
Lil wayne is dirtt .. ++ is a propaa good rapperr ;) i actually love the man!
posted by lil i on May 14, 2010
datz wuz up
posted by ti on May 04, 2010
posted by da best eva on May 04, 2010
lil wayne iz da best sexiiest n fineest eva so STOP HATIN
posted by fuck them pussies on Apr 20, 2010
yo guys weezy the best rapper alive who says no, den u better go fuck urself hard.i dont c y u all pussies hate on the nigger fuck off..""""""""""""""""
posted by weezy12 on Apr 08, 2010
mannnn free weeezy u heard muda fucccaaaaaaaaaaz
posted by lil alex nd lil wayn on Apr 07, 2010
gooo wezzy your da best bro
posted by Nereyda Rojo on Mar 11, 2010
damm lil wayne is so sexy and what ever he does he makes it works. has anyonw seen him in prom queen, he looks good:).......
posted by sponce on Mar 09, 2010
lot of understated comments on this page, yall need to listen to the music and not just hear the melody , then run and bark saying you heard the music
posted by bussin ass female on Mar 05, 2010
hld up i knw dess bitchesz aint tlkin bout weezy n if u think he garbaqe den kum up wit yo own shyt n c if kuld pit em 2 sleep so b4 u hate on em make sure u better den him ok get yo shyt str8 weezy can rap u jus dnt get da message in his songs so go fuck your self weezy da best
posted by iaintracist on Feb 22, 2010
lil wayne is one of the best rappers out there im not gonna say hes the best cause hes not hes close and eminem yea hes bad ass but thrs better
posted by nevermind on Feb 21, 2010
if you don't like wayne, why do you waste your time going to these sites hatin'?
posted by tony g on Feb 19, 2010
lil wayne is a shitty rapper he spits no knowledge....i turned to heavy metal because all da new rappers suck ass.
posted by shoshone15 on Feb 17, 2010
lil wayne is the best rapper ALIVE so you best belive it!
posted by CowsAlwaysBark on Feb 09, 2010
Niggers suck dick... Little Wayne is a dick-sucking nigger faggot.
posted by aCanz on Feb 05, 2010
Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive bitcheessssss fuck wat u think
posted by stevend8790 on Feb 03, 2010
hey idiots there are two albums one is the regular version and then there is a deluxe version with two hidden tracks hot revolver is not on this one though.
posted by vadimrapstar on Feb 02, 2010
not real tarcklist Em Wayne and Game 3 of the best
posted by Mutha Tucka on Feb 01, 2010
You guys are all fucking stupid. LiL wayne is the greatest rapper of all time. Eminem is one of the best two. If you think Lil Wayne sucks you are a fucking retard. This is pretty much the right track list. They messed up on a couple things, and there is two songs missing.
posted by dantolovic on Jan 29, 2010
ahahah i just heard the entire cd ... lmao its a rock genre and it blowssss assss.. and yes it is a real track list
posted by DRF on Jan 26, 2010
can someone just give me the deff answer.. is it the real tracklist or not...?
posted by daljjz12 on Jan 23, 2010
This is not the real track list..the songs are skrewed up and theres songs missing
posted by M2Z on Jan 20, 2010
oh and hot revolver is wit dre
posted by M2Z on Jan 20, 2010
track listing is messed up. first off, knockout is wit Nicki. second, One Way Trip is wit Kevin. but i got dis album n its dope.
posted by king on Jan 18, 2010
is hot revolver on the cd
posted by Knockout on Jan 11, 2010
Revin Rudolf isn't on "Knockout" - it' Nicki Minaj
posted by upyurs on Jan 10, 2010
yo momma
posted by Josh is black on Jan 08, 2010
yeahh just got this album and this is real tracklist... but i cant hear kevin in "knockout"... anyways its a good album if you like rock and rap 5 star :)
posted by djmedina on Dec 30, 2009
it is the real tracklist...loser
posted by ass on Dec 30, 2009
not real tracklist
posted by man2010 on Dec 21, 2009
um if u dnt like wayne then y r u looking at his tracklisting...doesnt make any sense
posted by sickassmotherfucker on Dec 21, 2009
cant believe 'hot revolver' isnt on there :O:O:O :(:(
posted by Junior on Dec 17, 2009
posted by the650angel on Dec 11, 2009
btw this is not the real track list
posted by aftermath on Dec 06, 2009
lmao you mean the best and one of the worst are gonna make a track, em will outshine wayne just like the forever track, wayne is such a wack ass rapper its so fuckin annoying.. dont even know why em is doing a track with him :( makes me so upset !
posted by timo on Dec 05, 2009
this is the real tracklist promqueen was a single and spit in your face and hot revolver was on his underground tracks
posted by npaproductions on Nov 29, 2009
this looks fake. Prom Queen, Spit (feat. Kevin Rudolf), and Hot Revolver isn't on this tracklisting.
posted by emenememenem on Nov 28, 2009
ha fuck u mariah
posted by asid on Nov 28, 2009
whoaaaaaaa...Eminem and Lil wayne.....2 of tha best rappers out there,,,,shit gonna be dope

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