Official Synopsis and First Arts of Final 'Shrek' Movie Released

Official Synopsis and First Arts of Final 'Shrek' Movie Released

In 'Shrek Forever After', the green ogre is trying to get his mojo back after he realizes he has become a star among the villagers instead of a scary creature.

"Shrek Forever After" is starting to get in shape with the release of the promotional arts and the official synopsis. In the first still of the fourth film, the beloved green ogre is pictured with Rumpelstiltskin, the little troublemaker who made brief appearances in "Shrek 2" and "Shrek the Third". There's also a look of a smiling Donkey who is voiced once again by Eddie Murphy.

"Forever After" will see Shrek striking a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to regain his ogre mojo. After getting hitched to ogress Fiona and having triplets, Shrek "has lost his roar" that used to send villagers running away in terror. "Now they run to him and ask him to sign their pitchforks and torches," said director Mike Mitchell.

According to USA Today that got a hand of the stills, the pact will go awry and "Shrek must confront what life would be like in Far Far Away if he had never existed." This results in Donkey being forced into cart-pulling duty, fat and lazy Puss in Boots trading his sword for a pink bow and the underhanded Rumpelstiltskin ruling the kingdom.

With the good news comes the bad news. "Forever After" will not only be the latest installment but also the final. "All that was loved about Shrek in the first film is brought to the final film," Bill Damaschke, head of creative production at DreamWorks, confirmed. As a homage to the entire franchise, Mitchell said that the last film will see a "happily ever after".

The movie which will be in 3D is slated to hit theaters in U.S. on May 21, 2010 with the first trailer attached to "Avatar" on December 18. Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz are back as the voices of Shrek and Fiona. New characters will be voiced by Kathy Griffin, Kristin Schaal and Jon Hamm. The first two are witches who hunt ogres while Hamm is "the best-looking ogre you've ever seen".



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