Danny Gokey's New Song 'My Best Days Are Ahead of Me'

November 20, 2009 07:03:35 GMT

'American Idol' alum Danny Gokey switches his debut single, replacing 'It's Only' with 'My Best Days Are Ahead of Me'.

Danny Gokey
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Another fresh material, this time titled "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me", from Danny Gokey has been unleashed. Recently, a portion of the track has been showcased live during his performance in Los Angeles for TV station KTLA.

"I love this song for what it stands for," said the "American Idol" alum as quoted by USA Today. "I don't live in the past. I live in the 'now' ... in the future ... and in the dreams that I have. I know that my best days really are ahead of me."

"My Best Days Are Ahead of Me" will be made available for digital download on December 22. The track is picked up as the first single for Danny's forthcoming RCA debut album which is aimed for March 2010 release, replacing single "It's Only" which was previously unveiled prior to "My Best Days".


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posted by Lynn on Jan 08, 2010
I think this single is really nice and his voice fits it perfectly. I hope his album is just as good. GOOD LUCK DANNY!!!
posted by PALMAJOK on Dec 18, 2009
posted by TheCheesecakeLady on Dec 16, 2009
What a positive and upbeat song. Danny is an extremely talented man, and we wish him nothing but the best of success. We will definetely buying his CD when it comes out. As for SophiasGhost's comments. We are all entitled to our own opionions, but all you have done is shown how immature and rude you are....
posted by Heidi on Nov 25, 2009
Love the new danny song! Hes doin his thing! LOVE HIM! Thank God for such a wonderful man!
posted by joeyes22 on Nov 24, 2009
you have class when you sing give me goose bumps I would love to met you at your next concert ust to say hello . I have been going thru some issues I listen to you talk or sing that's magaic and makes mre feel great!!
posted by Reality on Nov 24, 2009
This pos didn't belong in the top 6, let alone #3.
posted by Milwaukee Fan on Nov 20, 2009
Awesome, Danny! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the "tunes." A little confused on the change of the kickoff song, but I understand the second one is not quite as sad.
posted by Kathy on Nov 20, 2009
Loved both of the songs, but especially "It's Only." March is a long way off..too bad it couldn't have been released around the holidays. It would have been on my wish list.
posted by Jenna on Nov 20, 2009
I loved both of the songs. I think that It's Only really showed off Danny's vocal range, but My Best Days is more upbeat. Looking forward to the CD/DVD.
posted by SophiasGhost on Nov 20, 2009
First single pulled out of rotation after only one week? Sounds like the label is freaked out about how bad his material is turning out. What did they expect from that fat douche?
posted by Lizzy on Nov 20, 2009
I also love both songs but understand why Danny and his label want to release an upbeat song as his first single. Can't wait to buy both songs and to hear the rest of the songs from Danny's debut album.
posted by beaglemom on Nov 20, 2009
I love both songs and I hope they are both available on ITUNES as I think they will both do very well.
posted by Tim on Nov 20, 2009
“My Best Days” is an upbeat, feel good song. I think it will have wider appeal. I can see something like this being very popular in live performances. And the video will be fun. I am willing to bet they will have Danny dancing. Danny said that when it was first performed at Sony, someone said that can easily see this song being played in a movie. Ironically, the DJ who interviewed Danny said the same thing. It certainly features Danny’s soulful voice. And I don’t think the critics will claim that this is more of a CCM song. And it certainly fits Danny’s personality – he really is an upbeat, fun kind of guy.
posted by phillyinpa on Nov 20, 2009
how the hell did chris allen beat out danny. danny is head and shoulders above chris. i will take all bets on danny being more successful than chris.
posted by grace on Nov 20, 2009
I think they made the right decision by releasing "My Best Days' as the first single. It's upbeat, will get more radio play, and probably help sell more CDs. Go Danny - you deserve all the success.

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