Fantasia Barrino Dates a Married Man, Called Home Wrecker

November 19, 2009 07:42:35 GMT

Her new boyfriend reportedly is a 30-year-old married man who leaves his wife and sons to live together with her.

Fantasia Barrino
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That Fantasia Barrino is dating a married man and has been called a home wrecker is the latest story brought to public's notice by Star Magazine. The publication reports, the singer and her boyfriend, identified as Antwaun Cook, have lived together at her $1.3 million mansion in Charlotte's ritzy suburb of Piper Glen.

Fantasia, 25, first met Antwaun, 30, back in August while he was working at his T-Mobile store and the two hooked up shortly thereafter. "I'm not going to deny that the word home wrecker is floating around," a friend of the "American Idol" alum testifies.

Not yet releasing a denial or confirmation on the dating report, Fantasia reportedly has tattooed Antwaun's last name on her left shoulder to match one he has. "She got it to honor her man!" says the friend.

Fantasia Barrino is best known as the winner of "American Idol" 3rd season. She has so far released two studio albums and has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards. As for Antwaun Cook, he is said to be a former college football player from Charlotte, N.C. His current wife, whose name isn't disclosed, is a teacher. The pair reportedly has two young sons together.


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posted by lovely on Oct 25, 2010
Leave that girl alone its not fantasia in the wrong its THE MAN cause Fantasia not married he is think about it put yourself in her shoes HE lied to her and life is too short to stay in the past and WHAT IF the married man and his wife planned this just to sue fantasia so every body get a life and stay out of her's
posted by Queen Bee on Aug 27, 2010
I love you fantasia, your business is yours. Why not think about selling your house, move far away from North Carolina as you can. Im not saying run away but give yourself another start living somewhere with people that have what you have doing what you do and enjoying your life. Think about zion I heard you once say now I can take care of my child myself. That all you need to focus on right now along with your career. Stop worrying about what people say about you. This is your life remember fantasia only what you do for christ will last. just bought your cd its awesome.
posted by keith on Aug 19, 2010
fantasia when it all said and done u still my idol my favorite so just be carful next time do a big back gound check.
posted by mizz la on Aug 19, 2010
she grown and men lie if anybody need to suffer should be that man
posted by haha on Jul 01, 2010
she got herself a gold digger
posted by Lil mama on Mar 10, 2010
I think people need to mind their own business. I'm quite sure that all of you who are doing all this ridiculing have not only done the same thing, but have done even worse. No one really knows what's going on. The media wouldn't have jobs if they didn't put some Stank on the celeb. Gossip.fantasia's a big girl, so whatever comes out of it, good or bad she'll be able to handle it.- God bless you Fantasia-
posted by Girl straight talk on Mar 03, 2010
Fantasia, You came from and seen some dry places. God has blessed you with the title of Am. Idol, many young girls look up to you, and you have worked hard to live up to it. Don't let the industry move u to a negative direction. Enough with the TAT's they are showing a product of your past. I love u and will continue to support your carrer. I just saw you in the CP in L.A. last month u we're wonderful. Be yourself and stay true, but, also remember u have Zion who one day will see, hear, and read all the nasty things that could have been avoided. Your right "Life is'nt a fairy tale" but, YOU now have the opportunity to rewrite your story. Keep on making great music, and being a role model, and we will continue to support your carrer move Denise In Moreno Valley, Ca
posted by DURTY on Feb 13, 2010
posted by lllllllll on Feb 10, 2010
Judge not that you be not judged.
posted by get a life on Jan 17, 2010
What she do is her business rather she's famous or not she has a life and room for errors...we go through a process live and learn for him to cheat is either his greed or him filling a void at the house. Yes I'm married and would be crush if my husband left but he made the choice and if he makes fantasia happy let her be happy without the judges and constant reminders of her family affairs life time showed you. No one knows her truth.
posted by lover_gyrl on Dec 02, 2009
yall stupid ass girl need to leave Fantasia alone cause she is my girl and if thats who she wants to be with then let her cause its none of yall business anyway, live yo own damn lives and worry bout how yall gone pay yo bills and take care of yall nappy head kids, so leave Fantasia alone cause we're all only human.
posted by mytor on Nov 30, 2009
do you boo whatever we all make mistake just whatever happens learn from it luv u.
posted by nyahe on Nov 25, 2009
antwaun are my first cousin and, he dont need any of her money he came from money..fantasia is not the first to sleep with a married man and will not be the last.
posted by Wheeew on Nov 24, 2009
I know Cook very well and believe me his wife has been and seen worst... just this time he left her for money and the limelight it wont last long he will be back to her in no time.. Hopefully she is tired and will move on once and for all.
posted by WOW! on Nov 24, 2009
All I can say is "what goes around comes around" IF and only IF she knew he was married she will get it back ten fold!!!! You don't get away with anything in this world it always comes back in one form or another!
posted by BEEN THERE on Nov 24, 2009
posted by lost on Nov 24, 2009
A MESS.....
posted by DONT BELEIVE EVERYTH on Nov 23, 2009
posted by ladyboss on Nov 23, 2009
One more thing, if you meet my husband you better walk away because I will fight for mine...
posted by bossygrand on Nov 23, 2009
this is sad bc its my first cuz son who at one time could do know wrong! he is a good person and so is his wife i just don't know what happened and now its all over the news and internet! his wife is in our prayers and T man do the right thing if not for ur fam think of ur parents who have done all they could for u....cuz Judy
posted by arliana on Nov 21, 2009
first thing money does not buy happinessand remember 6 months of pleasure can bring a life time of pain. fantasia is human just like the rest of us, my prayer for her is to straighten this up if it is true and be a role model for your daughter and please, please stop getting those tatoos thats another thing you are going to regret doing. be blessed
posted by dingo ate my baby on Nov 20, 2009
to queen B - it's both of their faults. The man's fault for having no balls and deserting his wife and it's the mistress' fault, because the man wouldn't be cheating if she hadn't got her ho ass business all up in his married face.
posted by waychung on Nov 20, 2009
fantasia girl if the rumurs is correct i'm really disapointed you could have pick better am sure there's a lot of man waiting in line to hook up with you. girl leave the married man alone think about his you ahve think about your child.!!!!!!!!!!
posted by d[ane on Nov 20, 2009
get out of that.If he left his wife for u.he is going 2 leave u for somebody else.Watch ,,,,,
posted by SF on Nov 20, 2009
Fantasia if this is true, PLEASE GET OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP. Remember the WORD OF GOD. You saw this growing up with your Mom and Dad. Please don't bring a curse to your life by operating in the flesh. All that you worked hard for can go down. I PRAY THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!
posted by Msthickchickdiva on Nov 19, 2009
what a mess!!! fantasia needs to stop what goes around comes around and it is not going to last long. she is so dirty for that and he is looking at the money aspect of it. SMH!!! he must be a hella dude to have a teacher as a wife and pull a singer fantasia all while working at t-mobile. >laffin<
posted by Queenbdiva on Nov 19, 2009
Fantasia is human like everyone else. And a home wrecker i think not if the man left his wife for her who's fault is that maybe he wasn't happy people move on to different relationships after being married!!
posted by Nicole 828 on Nov 19, 2009
she Should not have got that tattoo on her shoulder that dont make him hers but like i said thats my Girl from day one
posted by Nicole828 on Nov 19, 2009
Fantasia is my Girl
posted by joella on Nov 19, 2009
Fantasia gets it from her daddy! I thought she wanted to get past all of that kind of mess and abuse. They didn't like it when her daddy was all out there with other women. She need to get with a man who can do better than T-mobile, so she can keep her house out of foreclosure. Before she was the trick, now she has the money, so she's pimping. What an example to set for her daughter.......the cycle continues......keep hoing!
posted by reality check on Nov 19, 2009

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