'Star Trek' Sequel Won't Hit Theaters Until 2012

November 18, 2009 03:40:40 GMT

Director/producer J.J. Abrams claims more time will benefit the creative process for the sequel to 'Star Trek'.

'Star Trek' Sequel Won't Hit Theaters Until 2012
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Despite Paramount Pictures' earlier plan to release the follow-up to 2009 movie "Star Trek" in the summer of 2011, the second film will not come that soon. Met during a party to celebrate the release of the film's DVD/Blu-ray, director/producer J.J. Abrams confirmed to SCI FI Wire that this Untitled Star Trek Sequel will not hit U.S. theaters until 2012.

However, Abrams believes the extra time they have will benefit the movie. "You use what you've got. The more time you have, the more time you have to use to hopefully make it a better movie," he explained.

Agreeing to his partner's statement, producer/writer Damon Lindelof said, "Yeah, I think that we would be hard pressed to get it on screens by 2011. If that's the case, we'd better get to writing right now." However, co-writer Roberto Orci claimed he is still not sure about the release schedule for the second movie, stating "Who knows? It could still be whenever. I haven't heard any firm dates. It could be sooner or later."

Though they are still working on the script, Lindelof has given a hint about the sequel's time frame, suggesting that it may play time in relation to the first film. "One of the things we like to do as storytellers is drop you in the middle of something," he gushed. "And the question that you're asking yourself is 'Where am I in relation to the last time I left these guys? Could this be something that predated even, perhaps, some of the adventures that they had in the first movie? Does it happen five years later? Is it happening two seconds later?' Who knows? So we're not going to tell you."

Previously, Eric Bana has revealed that he will not return to the forthcoming Sci-Fi movie project to reprise his role as Captain Nero, claiming "It was a one-shot deal." As for J.J. Abrams, he has not been set to serve as the helmer, though he still wants to direct the next installment of the "Star Trek" film franchise. "In theory, I would be available, and it would be fun to do," he shared.

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posted by duhBorg on Sep 22, 2010
Perhaps a pre-Borg. Story about how Kirk and crew defeat that race, but unfortunately, they become the current Borg.
posted by mach-1 on Jul 31, 2010
They need to address a new Vulcan planet. Also the most logical direction would be to continue with an internal stugle with also an external one (most likely the klingons) I however would like to see an escalation in the neutral zone that leads to a possible all out war (similar to the cuban missle crysis during the cold war.
posted by ADKARK on May 28, 2010
I really think that they should do something with the borg, and/or the klingons... I mean, if I have to wait three WHOLE years to see the next one, I want something fresh and new... Oh and they should also have an android on the ship

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