Final 3 of 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 9 Revealed

November 18, 2009 03:31:00 GMT

'We're really proud of ourselves,' Mya spoke for her and partner Dmitry Chaplin after learning that they are on the run to become a winner of the dancing show.

Final 3 of 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 9 Revealed
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Mya and Donny Osmond were the first two celebrities announced advancing to the finals of "Dancing with the Stars". The former topped the leader board on Monday, November 16 performance night with 87 out of 90 points. She scored a perfect 30 for their Salsa, 29 for Cha Cha Cha and 28 for Waltz. Osmond, being the one with strong fan base, grabbed 27 for Jitterbug, 26 for Samba, and 21 for Tango.

It was between Joanna Krupa and Kelly Osbourne when the hosts were about to announce the third couple in the finale. Krupa earned 81 points on Monday and fell at the second place. Osbourne meanwhile, received 78 points and sat at the third place. Although she scored higher, Krupa did not get the same vote of confidence from the audience and was thus eliminated. "It's been such an amazing experience... I've grown as a person," Joanna said.

The three finalists of season 9 thus are Mya and Chaplin; Osmond and Kym Johnson; and Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel. In the finale airing on Monday, November 23, the finalists will dance Tango Tap-Out, Freestyle and favorite dance of the season.

Filler of the result night included musical performances by Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and Bee Gees. Last season's participant Melissa Rycroft also came back to the dance floor while Bee Gees serenaded her and the other pro dancers like Tony Dovolani and Cheryl Burke. There were also the dancers from musical "Nine".


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posted by peggyb on Nov 19, 2009
I am one of those who grew up with a crush on Donny Osmond and am thrilled he is in the final. Its not always about being technical -- there has to be some showmanship there and no matter what he was doing Donny's dancing always made me smile. Mya is a ringer and should not have been in the competition because she's obviously a trained dancer. And I'm glad Kelly got in there.... I think Joanna's personna is why people didn't vote for her. And I don't think Derek helped. Derek needed that big slice of Humble Pie -- he outdances her and taking nothing away from his talent, this season seems to have gone to his head -- he comes off as cocky and arrogant and "look at me" -- Bruno too -- lose Bruno. I think we're in for an entertaining finale -- and I would bet you that Donny and Kelly got the most phone votes even over Mya. Why begrudge them their fan base? All the reality shows are based on popularity as well as talent.
posted by Oregon woman on Nov 18, 2009
I can't believe Kelly was safe and Joanna got elimated. Kelly has a great personality and spark, but she isn't very graceful.
posted by taylor on Nov 18, 2009
Joanna Krupa was positively elegant. Kelly Osbourne could not hold a candle to her yet Kari Anne continually pumped her. It appeared to be a bit of a sham!
posted by longy u.k on Nov 18, 2009
cool donny in final dances well every week puts his heart and soul into every dance, well done donny your fantastic go dony go
posted by Keep It Real on Nov 17, 2009
He's a nice guy so he should win a dancing competition! Makes sense.
posted by Keep It Real on Nov 17, 2009
Mya is clearly the better dancer and should win. You should not just vote for someone b/c you've been a fan since forever ago. Stick to what the show is about please!
posted by Tammy from Mulberry on Nov 17, 2009
I am so happy Donny is still on!! I've been a fan since Donny and I were teenagers!! I have met him in person and he is sooo nice. So genuine. I've also met brothers, Wayne, Merril and Jay. What nice guys! Go Donny! I'll be voting for you!!!!!

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