Pic, Trace Cyrus Unveils Just Finished Tattoo

November 14, 2009 07:07:03 GMT

There is the word "Forgiven" etched on the Miley Cyrus' brother's stomach.

Trace Cyrus, Metro Station
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Photo credit: Robin Wong/PR Photos

Giving a quick update to his Twitter followers, Trace Cyrus has just posted a new photo of himself that proudly shows off his just finished tattoos to the lens. The body arts are that of Jesus crucified on the cross, mother Mary, and the famous hands that hold a rosary.

"Ummm I finished my tattoo. I'm covered now," Trace writes in companion to the shot. He, however, doesn't share publicly his intention of getting his upper body covered with those tattoos.

A number of fans has commented on Trace's latest tweet. Most of them post positive responses, calling the Metro Station guitarist, songwriter and vocalist's tattoos cool, awesome and sweet.

Prior to getting the inks, Trace Cyrus has already had several tattoos on his body. And he has been talking about tattooing his upper body since late last week.


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posted by someone you dont kno on Jan 25, 2010
he is so hot and i think on his left hand says stay and on the right its nora or 1989
posted by #1metrostationfan on Dec 03, 2009
i think Trace's new tatts are so cool,and awesome yeah they will look way different when he gets older and everything but for now they look great i love them and i love Trace he is so hot and the tatts and peircings r so hot too i really love metro station like i said i love Trace he is hot i have pics of him and the band everywhere. everywhere from the wall in my room to my binder for school he is everywhere lol. love u 4ever Trace. P.S. on your next tour please come to Windsor On cuz i really want to see u live.
posted by coliomar rox on Nov 18, 2009
hes as hot as hell okay
posted by Tamara on Nov 18, 2009
posted by Paul on Nov 18, 2009
Tina, don't you mean the Three Stooges and the "Virgin"?
posted by Tina on Nov 18, 2009
I like to see his back tattooed with a mural of Justin Gaston, Nick Jonas, and Liam Hemsworth surrounding a picture of Miley Cyrus with the words, the Wholly Trinity. Heh, heh.
posted by Marta on Nov 18, 2009
Was Geronimo a Christian? I thought he was a heathen pagan who had to be defeated by the White Man. Symbols sure are confusing.
posted by Paul on Nov 18, 2009
Hey,'s probably more like drink my wine. Pinot Spermo.
posted by Levi on Nov 18, 2009
Wonder if his "basket" has 4 loaves of bread and 7 fish. Sure must smell like Holy Mackerel. Ha,ha,ha!
posted by Simon on Nov 18, 2009
Ha, ha. Hey, Paul, he probably has the last supper tattooed there with the words "Eat my bread" across his g's.
posted by Paul on Nov 18, 2009
Does he have the 12 apostles tatooed on his wiener?
posted by Leo on Nov 18, 2009
Nothing like having 2 winchester rifles above Jesus Dead on the Cross to symbolize peace on earth and good will towards all.
posted by Mai on Nov 18, 2009
Is this his way of getting girls to genufleck before him?
posted by Luke on Nov 18, 2009
I wonder if his tea bag will ring with bell like precision on Sundays...
posted by udai on Nov 18, 2009
So for Thanksgiving, do we have to kneel when he enters each room?
posted by Father Mike on Nov 18, 2009
Just remember. The "Holy Water" is below the belt line.
posted by Tina on Nov 18, 2009
I guess it's to distract from the fact he can't sing or play music. Love Demi's comment about having Mother Mary, and Jesus dead on the cross being smacked in a girls face while she is being "forgiven".
posted by Sahib on Nov 18, 2009
No. No. No. He will never be able to get into Mecca.
posted by Kiana on Nov 18, 2009
He should have had a bar code put on too. Well, maybe he did on his hot dog. That way he can scan while he's being forgiven for being such a lousy lover.
posted by Jack on Nov 18, 2009
What a horses behind! So let me see, when he is on stage in front of thousands of little girls, he is going to rip his shirt off, and grind with Miley, and the picture the blogs will pick up is Jesus on the Cross pumping in and out as he heaves his chest in and out. I know he doesnt have his high school diploma, shouldn't someone in his family tell him what an idiot move he made.
posted by Demi on Nov 14, 2009
Dude, how insane are you? While the artwork is fantastic, and the symbols represent symbols worthy of tatooing your body with, what girl is going to want to make love to you with praying hands, Mother Mary, and Jesus dying on the cross? That is every woman's dream to have Jesus dying on the cross coming at her right between the eyes or looking up at the three holy symbols while she is giving you head. Good luck buddy, a live of chastity is soon to come. P.S. Once you get the beer gut and love handles Christ on the cross will also become bowed and expanded. Feel sorry for you and what you've done to yourself. Someone really must have messed with your head when you were young.

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