'Silent Hill 2' to Start Filming in 2010

November 14, 2009 03:43:46 GMT

Revealing the possible production schedule for 'Silent Hill' sequel is special makeup effects designer Paul Jones, who has worked on the storyboards for the film with scribe Roger Avary.

'Silent Hill 2' to Start Filming in 2010
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A second installment of Christophe Gans-directed movie "Silent Hill" is likely to start its production soon. In a recent interview with Shock Till You Drop, special makeup effects designer Paul Jones hinted that the shooting for "Silent Hill 2" will be kicked off in 2010. "Roger (Avary) has some awesome ideas and hopefully we're going to bring that to fruition sometime next year," he revealed.

"I was working on storyboards for that around the same time last year." Jones additionally claimed, "It's going to be pretty crazy. There's a lot of cool stuff in there." However, he remained mum when asked whether or not the script has been completed.

"Silent Hill 2" will serve as the follow-up to 2006 horror thriller movie "Silent Hill", which is a movie adaptation of a video game with the same title. The first film centers on a young mother desperate to find a cure for her only child's illness. Ignoring the protests of her husband, she travels to an abandoned town in search of answers and finds supernatural occurrences taking place there.

Roger Avary has confirmed he will make a return to his writing position for the second film, while Samuel Hadida has been set to produce it. Though Davis Films has not picked up any name as the helmer and the cast ensemble for the movie, the studio has planned to release the sequel in 2011.


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posted by Baztard on Oct 21, 2010
Please!! For the love of God, if they're going to make this adaption from SH2 they should play the game first. SH2 is the best of the series. Really a great psychological thriller. This could be a great movie if they don't stray from the premise. And I think David Dachuvney should be cast for James!!!
posted by Rams on Aug 22, 2010
When you talk about STORY then "Silent Hill Homecoming" would be the freshest choice!..But if you talk about CONCEPT then "Silent Hill 4" would be the best choice because that damn concept about being stuck in your room with chains is a pretty unique and kick-ass one..I played Silent Hill ZERO,1,2,3,4,5 and Shattered Memories so far..They're all terrific..
posted by Loca on Jul 14, 2010
I agree, basing it on SH 3 would be the best choice, it's a more interesting storyline, it's something new, it'd be a better kick off for the new sequel than SH 2, which is basically a continuation of Silent Hill 1.
posted by A7X on Jun 18, 2010
I thought they shud have done a sequel based on the third since technically that is the sequel not 2
posted by Clidefrog123 on May 21, 2010
Is this movie going to be the James Sunderland story or another adaptation?
posted by Nelson on May 05, 2010
So is this movie started to film yet?
posted by christoiwas on Apr 22, 2010
Play Silent Hill 2 before you start the script! Otherwise you will ruin it!
posted by Sean on Apr 04, 2010
I just hope that the directors and other developers play through Silent Hill 2, before they start making the movie.
posted by onizuka on Mar 23, 2010
If this film will be based on silenthill 2 game than i cant wait thats my fav silenthill game this will be totaly awsome cant wait
posted by lolSh on Feb 24, 2010
I just hope pyramid head, maria, and james will be in it. :D
posted by koko on Feb 16, 2010
silent hill rulexxxxx i do really hope they are going to base the 2nd silent hill film on silent hill 2 the game as its one of the best games out off all of them i mean silent hill 3 is ace but 2 is fab xx please listen to the fans and create an amazing sequel xxxxxxxxx
posted by Rollove? on Jan 07, 2010
i wounder if piramid head will make a cheesy entrence like the last one you dont really see much of him or the monsters hope they make an improvemen. plus the games have good story lines why dont they base their movies on the games it would be much easier....!
posted by KANNABULL on Jan 02, 2010
BEST VG Adaptation ever, so far. I hope they seriously make this second film. I also hope Alessa is played by Jodelle again, man was she so f'ing creepy in the first. TELEKINETIC BARBWIRE MASSACRE!
posted by horror freak on Dec 28, 2009
i hope that silent hill 2 will be more action and horror scenes
posted by elizabeth on Dec 25, 2009
I love silent hill 1 movie .. I hope The silent hill 2 movie more good better than silent hill 1 .
posted by Itza on Dec 19, 2009
hmm espero ke sea verdad ¬¬
posted by Anya on Nov 19, 2009
I hope they are going to make a movie based on the silent hill 2 game. The story about James and Mary that would be great! Cause SH2 is the best game in my opinion.
posted by mama mia on Nov 18, 2009
Get Stephan king to Write sitlent hill 2 he is better novel writer than japan it will be better>
posted by Cujo on Nov 17, 2009
the kid in the picture looks like a miniture woman version of the joker lol thats great.
posted by ariel on Nov 17, 2009
piramid headddd yeaaaaa
posted by Token on Nov 14, 2009
Peter Jackson? It was Cristophe Gans that directed the first one!
posted by phoenix!!! on Nov 14, 2009
i love the games and loved the movie!!! cant wait i hope this happens this is gonna rock!!!!! cant wait!!
posted by lois on Nov 14, 2009
Really enjoyed it wonder who going to be in it?
posted by blah on Nov 14, 2009
Yeah, really, where did you get Peter Jackson from?

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