Jon and Kate Gosselin NOT Sharing Couch for Finale

November 14, 2009 02:43:36 GMT

The November 23 episode which serves as the last one after a five-year run will not see the estranged couple reunited for a joint interview like many have said.

Jon and Kate Gosselin NOT Sharing Couch for Finale
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Contrary to a report from The New York Post that Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin will sit down together for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" series finale, Access Hollywood obtains the information that they will not do so. They were said to share the same couch and talk about the recent life events but Access said they are not even going to be in the same room.

The interviews with the estranged couple will still go on but they will be done separately. Beside providing insights to the past years, Jon and Kate will talk about what the future holds for them and their eight children. Off the interview, the finale airing November 23 also follows Kate and the kids visiting a dairy farm and a firehouse. Reportedly, there will be highlights from the five-year run at the end.

With "Jon & Kate" ending, Kate Gosselin has struck a new deal with TLC to have her own show which airs under the title "Kate Plus Eight". NY Post said instead of being a regular series like "Jon & Kate", the new show will only be specials. There will be another show developed for Kate but the details are still kept hidden.

In place of "Jon & Kate Plus 8", TLC will air "Cake Boss" at 9/8c. The cable has another family with multiple kids doing a reality show, "Table for 12", which will premiere its second season on March 23 at 10/9c.


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posted by Leslie on Nov 23, 2009
I don't care what anyone says about Kate or this show, I have been a loyal follower of it since it first started and even though Kate had her "moments" with Jon, that does not give him the right to do what he did, which was go out and act like a complete lunatic in public. They should have gotten some very good "Christian" counseling before the divorce went through, the marriage "could" have been saved. I will miss this show and the children very much. I truly hope to see Kate do her own show with the children and WITHOUT Jon. He doesn't add anything to the show anymore anyways. If he has to go through his mid life crisis, fine, but let the children at least have a chance at a great future by letting them have their show. They are not being "exploited", I don't see any sadness in them doing these shows for TLC. Jon is just being a baby because he screwed up his own life and doesn't want to see Kate make it on her own on TLC. You screwed up your own life Jon, don't take the rest of your family down in your humiliation. I love you and your children Kate, and I hope to see you guys very soon on TLC. Keep your faith in God.
posted by regina on nov.21,200 on Nov 21, 2009
i have watched jon and kate plus eight since the beginning and will watch any show featuring this family. they have real life stories and every marriage has promlems. these were just made bigger because of the show. i am very sorry it did not work out for them, not only for the children, but also for them. best to all involved.
posted by Magie 54:( on Nov 20, 2009
I started crying when they said they are stopping Jon and Kate plus 8. I love it so much. I have whatched it since the Sexpluplets were babies, they have grown up so fast. I hope Kate plus Eight gets aired. I can't wait to see them grown some more.
posted by Joanie on Nov 19, 2009
I stopped watching the show after I got so annoyed with Kate for berating Jon time after time. The man can't please her no matter how hard he tries. She is pretty self-aborbing.
posted by me on Nov 17, 2009
All of us only see what's on TV and none of know what really went wrong with their marriage. They have along rode ahead of them raising their children and judging them does nothing. All that matters is the kids are happy. How many families out there can't even raise there kids or are molesters or abusers.
posted by Aida on Nov 16, 2009
I think Kate is brave. I give her a lot of credit for putting up with Jon's immature behavior. If she has a show of her own, I will gladly watch it.
posted by Lisa on Nov 16, 2009
Kate was willing to open her doors for us to spend a day in her shoes and has shown us how rough life is when you have 8 kids over the last 5 years. I think that kate leaving Jon was one of the best moves she ever made. All she did was order him around because he wouln't take charge of things that needed to be done. Now Kate seems to be more happy and relaxed on the shows. There is a lot of people who respect Kate for the decisions she has made in life and the kidness she has shown us by opening her doors to all of us to view her hectic life. People who take there time to bash her should be ashamed of themselves. If you don't respect her move on and leave her alone! I'm sure she didn't take time out of her life to do something to you.
posted by Mr meal on Nov 16, 2009
Kate u are so ungly jon leave her n ow
posted by Np on Nov 16, 2009
Kate is so rude and mean to jon leave her
posted by sharon on Nov 16, 2009
Kate just keeps on trying to get deals to make money off of her childrens childhood. That is just sad. If she can not do it one way she will try for another. She is to lazy to get a real job and not sell the childrens childhood off for money to pay for the stuff she wants. Even if the show that TLC is now working on for her is a go, who in the world would watch such a terrible person? Kate is just a horrible person for breaking up this family! All she thinks about is money and looks like she thinks she is a star or something. She is not, she is just a woman who uses her children (The Gosselin Children) to make money. She even said that they could not go to the places they go if they are not being filmed. What does that say, she is not willing to take the children places or do these things with them if it costs her a penny. She would rather make money looking like she is doing it out of love and because she wants to be there with them. But NO-she just does it for the money. I wonder if the Gosselin children know Mama Gosselin just does this stuff with them for MONEY? Sad, so sad! Kate Gosselin IMO and all above in my opinion is no one to look up to. I would NEVER make my children earm my living like she does! She does not want to work, she just wants to stay gone it seems from the children and only be around to use the children to be filmed to earn a pay check-what a sorry snake she is! Don't want to see her or the children anymore! Jon is the only one who really loves the children no matter what Kate says. Kate, you are pathetic!
posted by summer on Nov 15, 2009
I stopped watching the show because of Kate long ago. How anyone could continue to watch this supreme narcissist floors me. The fact that TLC wants to pursue a show with her shows just how out of touch they are with public opinion. The tide's well and truly turned - thankfully people have started to cotton onto Kate's lies, greed and obsessive drive for fame to the exclusion of her children, marriage, extended family and old friendships. How is this crazy woman someone to be admired? Get real, TLC - you're not going to get the audience you think you will.
posted by GG81 on Nov 15, 2009
I cannot see what Kate has done to any of you to down her so. Having watched the show since it's beginning, including re-runs etc., I still think she is a good Mom, with a lot of stress, and I don't blame her for trying to make her kid's lives better. Do you? Having raised 6 kids myself, all born within 6 1/2 years, I identify with Kate. Yes, I divorced my 1st. no good husband after 9 1/2 years, and then was lucky enough to meet and marry the person I should have met 1st. After 34 years he passed away, and that was 17 years ago. Yes, I'm an old lady now, a great grandmother - I know Kate has to step up to the plate, and take charge. Someone does. So she smacked her kid on the behind - so what? She also set up 8 trust funds for the kids education, which Jon or anyone else can get their hands on. She donated to St. Jude, and as a registered nurse worked very hard and many hours at the beginning.What does Jon do? I'm not crazy about the new shows to replace Jon and Kate, they can get boring very fast. I know there are others who feel like I do. We'll see - I just wish Kate the best, and hope everything works out well for the adorable kids.
posted by Upall on Nov 15, 2009
Kate, go away. TLC we are done with Kate Gosselin. She is a liar and a thief! It will be funny to see her fall on her stupid crazy hairdo and face though. Good Lord Kate, the people from the view are making you look more like a fool than we already know you are. Go on stupid, keep selling your self, Karma will stick around and get you everytime you big dummy! Ha hahahaha, Kate you are so dumb! Gosselin kids know how you are and will hate you one day for it, your just a lazy wanna be!
posted by amberwboone on Nov 14, 2009
Another family selling their souls to the devil.....when will people learn. After they watched this train wreck you would think they would back out....
posted by Jenna on Nov 14, 2009
I'm glad they are finally off the air. I hope neither one of them will be on TV again. I will not watch any show with either of them on it.
posted by Jessica on Nov 14, 2009
Absolutely! Who wants to see a plain jane who's only claim to fame was exploiting her tots and eliminating helpful friends and family like nameless insignificant cast members unworthy of a cut, including the father of her kids?!
posted by dessertgirl on Nov 14, 2009
Kate has proven to be a FLOP and a LAUGHING STOCK on her talk show appearances. The ladies of The View are all making fun of her every chance that they get. NO ONE RESPECTS KATE.
posted by Denny on Nov 13, 2009
The Kate show will be the shortest running show in television history!

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