Katherine Heigl Takes Second Break From 'Grey's Anatomy'

November 12, 2009 09:23:11 GMT

Her character may be showing up at Seattle Grace this week but she won't stay long at the workplace for the actress wants to take a leave again.

Katherine Heigl Takes Second Break From 'Grey's Anatomy'
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Just when she returns on this week's episode of "Grey's Anatomy", a report emerges that Katherine Heigl's Izzie Stevens will be out of the screen again. EW's Michael Ausiello cited some sources as saying that the actress wants to take a break from the medical drama again, this time for a personal reason.

Heigl has once taken a hiatus from the show last month to complete her feature movie project "Life as We Know It". While it was for professional reason, this second leave is for her family's sake. She reportedly wants more quality time with her newly-adopted daughter Naleigh. This means Izzie will not appear in several episodes most likely those that air in early 2010.

This week, Izzie pops up at the nurse station and blames Meredith for telling Cristina and her rival Charles that she is there. Alex notices her presence but leaves without saying anything. Izzie actually returns to Seattle Grace with her high school mentor to seek treatment for his dementia. "New History" airs November 12.


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posted by izziefan on Nov 19, 2009
Izzie's the best! The show is seriously nothing without her :(
posted by ams on Nov 12, 2009
She needs to go away for good. I don't miss her and I don't think that she's needed on the show. go way and stay away Katherine, Please!!!
posted by heigl is an idiot on Nov 12, 2009
she is such a waste of space...she bites the hand that feeds her all the time..she is an ungrateful witch she was nothing before greys, she thinks she is a big movie star but she is not! shonda should just fire her diva wanna be behind!!!! get over yourself heigl! you are not a queen!
posted by oldredgrandma on Nov 12, 2009
Could she just go away like George did? P L E A S E . .
posted by PPB on Nov 12, 2009
We know she is only back for one episode - as she is still completing LAWKI. So who knows.

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