Mom Approves Taylor Swift's Romance With Taylor Lautner

November 12, 2009 08:44:54 GMT

It is reported that Lautner has agreed on the conditions Swift's mother has given him should he want to date the songstress.

Mom Approves Taylor Swift's Romance With Taylor Lautner
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Leaving it all to the press to answer the long floating question if he is dating Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner is said to have earned the singer's mother's seal of approval to date her famous daughter. The story, apparently, is follow-up to earlier reports that claimed Swift has introduced Lautner to her mother Andrea Swift during a dinner at Bistro Garden in Studio City last month.

"Andrea came prepared with a list of rules for dating her daughter: No clubs, no Hollywood parties, and always remember that her career comes first," Hollyscoop cites an insider as stating. "She also told Taylor that if there was even a whiff of scandal or cheating, he'd be banned from seeing her."

"Taylor's still on his best behavior. And he knows if their romance is to have a chance, he's got to stay in her mom's good graces," continues the insider, who is quick to add, "Taylor is breathing a huge sigh of relief because he's gotten the seal of approval from Andrea Swift."

Billed to star as lovers in upcoming comedy-romance flick "Valentine's Day", Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have fueled dating rumors as they are often spotted spending time together and acting like a couple. At the time of writing, none of them has officially confirmed the nature of their relationship though.


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posted by iki i love u on Apr 07, 2010
taylor swift i love how you sing
posted by iki on Apr 07, 2010
i wish the best for her
posted by Andrew Aleman on Apr 07, 2010
i think they make a cute couple
posted by Critic on Dec 12, 2009
Idk y u guys r so judgemental! If they wanna go out, let them go out! Watevr happens will happen. It's not like u guys r psychics or anything, so u can't just say when or how they'll break up! I mean it's not like this will be the first time it's evr happened to Hollywood couples! Just let them do w/e they want, OK?!?!?!
posted by loren keyse :P on Nov 22, 2009
i really don't think taylor swift suits taylor lautner, i mean she is pretty and everything but they just do not suit each other at all
posted by kate100 on Nov 15, 2009
i like taylor lonkner better than edwerd but thats not my emineyen
posted by kate100 on Nov 15, 2009
taylor swift just likes taylor to get close to eddwerd
posted by Kourtney on Nov 14, 2009
Taylor you have the right to date whoever you want and I think Taylor L should go out with you!
posted by pigsr4mud on Nov 14, 2009
umm idk they look cute but it aint gonna last long
posted by fireman on Nov 12, 2009
they make a MUCH better couple then taylor l did with selena gomez :S
posted by dingo ate my baby on Nov 12, 2009
just wait a month, they'll be split up... they write about these romances as if they'll last longer than a few weeks.
posted by saffron xxx...haha on Nov 12, 2009
hu ever u r? Seriously? "hu." You've gotta be what, 13 or under judging by your lovely short hand? Even if she does sing better than old redgrama, she's still one of those "artists" that you wonder how they ever got a label until you realize she's a cute blonde, can carry half a tune, young, and obviously would win over the young and idiotic youth of the nation who have pitiful taste in music, books (vampires are NOT meant to be sparkly), movies, and television shows. It's the same reason many fans of the long-running, UK show, Doctor Who do not want to watch after Tennant leaves. The new guy is going to have braces and look like he's in his 20s, and the girl looks like she's twelve. They have to cater to the tasteless youth of the world. Hurray.
posted by XOXOHOLLYWOOD on Nov 12, 2009
posted by old redgrandma on Nov 12, 2009
Good for them.... Now could she get her daughter some serious voice lessons
posted by you got to be kiddin on Nov 12, 2009
songstress is not a word.
posted by KJ on Nov 12, 2009
Taylor's 19. Her mom is still laying down the law for potential boyfriends? Pretty funny.
posted by saffron xxxx on Nov 12, 2009
wat shes a great singer!!!! i bet shes better than u! old redgrandma!!!! hu ever u r!!!

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