'Eastwick' Online Petition Started

November 11, 2009 07:40:13 GMT

Those who would like to see more of Roxanne, Kat and Joanna as the Eastwick witches are invited to sign a petition to bring the show back.

'Eastwick' Online Petition Started
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Loyal and dedicated fans of "Eastwick" have started a petition directed at ABC Chairman, Stephen McPherson for him to bring back the show on screen. The comedy did not receive additional episodes order on Monday, November 9 beyond the original 13-episode commitment.

"We need to save 'Eastwick', one of the best show of the year," part of the petition read. At the time of writing, the signatures accumulated have reached 2,000 plus. There is also a Twitter account to save the show starring Rebecca Romijn being set up for trending topic.

Meanwhile, star Sara Rue has confirmed on her Twitter that the show is indeed being canceled by the network. "Yes, it's true and what a sad day on the set of Eastwick ... thanks to all who watched and those who continue to do so through the 13 eps. XOXO," she wrote. Sources are telling E! that the vacant Wednesday slot will eventually be given to "Ugly Betty" which is currently occupying the Friday nights.


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posted by Bright-Eyes94 on Oct 30, 2013
Bring back Eastwick! I know its been 4 years but it was one of the most amazing shows!
posted by Lynda S on Sep 08, 2012
Seriously need to bring back this show!
posted by Regan on Feb 13, 2012
Every single show I watch has been canceled, WHY DOES EVERYTHING GO BY RATINGS??? THIS IS SO ANNOYING THERE'S SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD DO WE ALL HAVE TO BE DRONES!? I'M SO ANGRY!!! its 2012 and I cant even watch tv now all it is is stuff I'm so totally not interested in minus 1 show which will probably get cancelled to, all i ever get to do is look for canceled shows cuz there the only thing that is acctualy decent to TV networks need a differnt system other then ratings cuz YOU ALL SUCK NOW!!! I miss you Eastwick!!!
posted by Patricia on Sep 22, 2011
I agree, please bring it back. I'm still praying some other network who know value when they see it will pick it up.
posted by nariko on Feb 02, 2011
please bring the show back i really miss watching it!!!!
posted by eastwick is amazin on Jan 05, 2011
BRING IT so annoyed.
posted by Ruby on Dec 17, 2010
Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!
posted by killakam on Dec 13, 2010
Bring it back. It was one of the few good shows on ABC.
posted by beccibooboo01 on Oct 13, 2010
I only started watching this last week and I loved the series but I can't believe they are canceling it as well! By next Year I will have nothing to watch:( Why do all the good show get canceled and all the bad ones stay on! :(
posted by :( on Oct 10, 2010
I watched Eastwick when it started and loved it and I just rewatched the 13 episodes making me want it back even more. I just wish that another network would take it and finish the plots that it started and create new fun ones. It was just so nice and fresh. I want it back.
posted by Octavia on Sep 27, 2010
I loved Eastwick, I want it back, it was my comfort TV time and they took it away from me. Since they ended Charmed this was the next best thing for me. You should be ashamed you, so called tv producers/tv executives you stink. I cannot stand to watch tv anymore there is so much crap and when a good thing starts they know how to take it away and ruin it for those who love it. Bring it back you loosers who don't know a good show even if everyone is telling them so.....
posted by ladybug on Sep 11, 2010
I would live for Eastwick to Come back it was a great show! I loved the movie as well I think they did a great job of making a series out of it. I would love to see Where it goes
posted by Wtfabc on Sep 02, 2010
Why did they pull out east wick? I totally loved that show. Bring it back stupid heads.
posted by mystery on Aug 30, 2010
please bring it back! it was awesome!!!!!
posted by Dorthy on Aug 22, 2010
I am so sick of getting hooked on a tv series and them pulling the plug in the middle of it. Why start a series if your not going to finish it. When a series starts we should be guaranteed a certain number of epsodes with a beginning a middle and an end. Please bring back Eastwick and at least give it an ending. Im about to give up local tv altogether if they can't get there act together.
posted by Eastwick supporter on Aug 22, 2010
Pleeeease put Eastwick back on, I've had my dvr set for new episodes and have been waiting a really long time!!!
posted by R U CRAZY on Aug 20, 2010
R U CRAZY???? Why would they cancel Eastwick?!!!!!!! It was one of the most unique tv show i've ever watched!!! come on!!! get something fresh on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by jojo on Aug 19, 2010
Please bring this back it was great.,.,
posted by dejavu on Aug 10, 2010
Please bring Eastwick back!!!! PLEASE!!! Or someone pick it up!!!
posted by eastwick fan on Aug 09, 2010
why did ya'll cancel eastwick i watched it every wednesday faithfully and didnt miss not one show and then bam for no reason at all you cancel the show supposedly because no one watched it but that is bullcrap lots of people watched it how could you cancel this show it made no sense and i wish you would restart the whole season on again so we could watch it from beginning to the very end i am very outraged and i hope abc loses veiwers how many veiwers watched cougartown i am sure that if there was a lot of veiwers watching cougartown they watched eastwick you people make me sick and i think ya'll deserve no veiwers until you bring back eastwick sorry for the disrespect but you really got veiwers rowled up
posted by astroscopesuk on Aug 03, 2010
Dont cancel Eastwick,,what on earth are you lot thinking,,its a wonderfull series and eveyone who watched it loved it..bring it back..NOW
posted by UK on Jul 10, 2010
I love this series. Please bring it back! Spooooky
posted by steph on Jul 02, 2010
How unfair is this?? its totally unfair!! i mean its great that your showing the last two episodes but there is way more to the show and i dont want to see it come to a halt!! i love this show!! i mean there are some really stupid and i mean stupid tv shows out there but i dont know how people can still air them like eastwick is way better then some of the shows. You only need to advertise it a bit more!! gget a website for it put it in the newspaper move the time if you have to DO WHT EVER!! i live in australia and when i saw that they were putting it on here my eyes were glued to it straight away!! i havnt missed an episode yet!! i went on the computer and researched the episodes and it said it was cancelled i was devastated when i saw that!! i thought to myself this cant be happening i love this show!! but it is :( PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE for all the people that love this show and all the people that are signing pititions and trying to get your attention to air it again!! look i maybe just some 14 year old kid but i like it i really do!! please someone answer too this comment :( thanks
posted by sss on Jul 01, 2010
please do not cancel this show we all clearly love it!!!
posted by steph on Jun 28, 2010
PLEASE I HOPE SOMEONE IMPORTANT WILL READ THIS!! listen i love eastwick and you should bring it back!! there are so many petitions online that thousands and thousands of people have signed isnt that enough really?? come on eastwick is a very great tv series why cancell it !! im just a girl 14 years old and i love it!! its better than most of the tv shows on tv seriously!! why STOP it when heaps and heaps of people like it!!its better than ugly betty orthe replays of seinfeild on go!! i hope you are gonna bring it back!! i was so looking forward to watching episode 14 and when i searched it on google it said the show is cancelled it brokemy heart!! i wanted to no what happen to jamie when he came back from the dead but there was no other episode!! i might just be talking and ot making sence but the one thing im sure of is that I LOVE EASTWICK!! so... please please plase please please please please bring it BACK!!
posted by XgriouX on Jun 22, 2010
BRING EASTWICK AND UGLY BETTY BACK!!!- throw the new show scoundrels off of Sunday nights and put these shows in it's place. This is the best time for shows to be aired. Wow, how do you think Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters went so far? because they started on a SUNDAY NIGHT! (by the way brothers and sisters got old fast...yawn...)
posted by nikki on Jun 15, 2010
Eastwick was amazing! I absolutely loooved and enjoyed it. Please reconsider bringing it back. I dont think it got a fair chance. It was new and refreshing and had greeat cast chemistry! Fantastic!
posted by dana on Jun 15, 2010
eastwick was the best show ever!!!! they need to stat showng it again!! PLZ PLZ PLZ
posted by Eva on Jun 07, 2010
I loved the show and was disappointed when they took it off the air. They did not give it time to catch on I don't think. They left so many story lines open and I personally think that should at least wrap those up. ABC not a good network if they keep taking shows off the air and leaving them wide open
posted by ebrown on Jun 04, 2010
I loved this show and if you read the comments above, even though you cancelled it, it is still bringing in new viewers on-line. I really think you should bring it back. It was a huge mistake getting rid of it. Me and my friends used to have eastwick night every wednesday and we would get together and watch it.
posted by 2wicked on May 31, 2010
I want eastwick back!!! I luv that show!!! Wat is up with abc!!! Firt, eastwick, then, ugly betty!!! Wats next???
posted by too sad on May 14, 2010
all this time i thought eastwich was coming back. how sad abc didn't realize what they had. hope someone else picks the show up
posted by Princess on May 07, 2010
You should really bring back Eastwick, I always recorded it no matter what just so I could see what happened next. Absolutely loved the show, should really put it back on air.
posted by BebopBunny on Apr 30, 2010
I was extremely upset to hear eastwick got cancelled. I swore I would never watch a ABC show again after they cancelled the best show I have ever seen "pushin daisies." After my sister forced me to watch a few episodes I decided I would give ABC a second chance. I will never again watch anything put out by ABC. All they have is terrible shows that I am so sick of seeing. Do they take in to consideration the online viewers? Either way I am done with ABC and refuse to start watching any new show until I know it will have an ending. Thank you ABC for making me realize that I should just stop watching TV and rent movies instead.
posted by kiki on Apr 29, 2010
just finished watched the series streaming online... love the show! i am so sad I cant watch any more! PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK! it will attract the viewers the second time around, i just know it! please please pleaseee!
posted by sickofrealitytv on Apr 26, 2010
posted by pegs on Apr 23, 2010
bring back show on
posted by EASTWICKLUVA on Apr 22, 2010
Ugh. I love this show! put it back on,I know its been canceled for months, but I just heard about this series, started watching it online, and I absoloutly love it!! its funnnyy, and more suspense building than have the shows abc keeps.
posted by eliemay26 on Apr 21, 2010
Y would anyone in their right mind want to watch Ugly Betty or that crap like The Middle, Cougar Town or Modern Family? These new half hour sitcoms suck and I have really tried to watch Ugly Betty and it is just the most ignorant show.
posted by crossdma226 on Apr 20, 2010
this was one of the best shows left!! please bring it back!!!! it was probably canceled bc its not a stupid reality show!! this was actually a good show with ppl that can actually act!! i was so happy to see lindsey price back on tv!!!!
posted by tt1101 on Apr 19, 2010
posted by PLease on Apr 15, 2010
why not this is crap. finally gey a good one and its cancelled
posted by sullo on Apr 12, 2010
why was it cancelled bring it back omg it was't given a chance charmed had low ratings in the start and then pulled them in i was really starting to enjoy it
posted by sharatrippin on Apr 07, 2010
do not let go of eastwick pleeaassee. love the show...
posted by millie on Apr 06, 2010
Don't take this show is such a great show.....take off Ugly Betty..that show needs to go
posted by jacksom on Mar 26, 2010
Bring it back. I LOVED this show!!!
posted by aimeeg on Mar 11, 2010
Why would you take off a show that was good. Not saying that all these reality shows aren't good but really aren't there enough on TV.. They actually suck nobody cares about it we don't want to live in the world that is really going on.. If you haven't noticed this world is sucking right now and we live it already don't want to see other people we could careless about go through it... BRING BACK EASTWICK!!!!!!!!
posted by jess on Mar 02, 2010
please bring Eastwick back. I finally found a show i could get into and now its gone. Take off all of the terrible, boring, pathetic shows you have on like UGLY BETTY and bring it back. Maybe if there was promotion done for it, people would know it was on and watch it. screw abc
posted by nk12man on Mar 01, 2010
Ugly Betty is not worth it. please someone else pick up on ABC's horrible decision. Remember to advertise the show and put it at a good time for most teens to watch before bed. 8,9, or 10 would be fine. Just bring a Season 2 into the mix, I can't end with just one season.
posted by bringitbackplz on Feb 23, 2010
Eastwick was a good show, very interesting, ABC should try to maybe change the day/time of the show to get better ratings, since that's why they cancelled it, but it's a good show and should be brought back. Hopefully the petition works and they bring it back.
posted by eastwickfan0822 on Feb 22, 2010
Please bring back eastwick.. i loved this show... it was interesting..there was finally something good on.... please bring it back!!!!!!!
posted by Rosita Auvae on Feb 21, 2010
Look here ABC BRING BACK EASTWICK NOW!!!! i only watch four shows on your channel well five if Eastwick was back on but it aint because your dumbasses act like you all cannot bring this show back. I miss everything about the show and it was getting to the good parts and now you cancel it you all should be so ASHAMED and you pissed me off. UGH!!! I can't stand you all no more. if you want to respond then look me up BITCHES(FUCK ABC)
posted by tfj28 on Feb 18, 2010
EASTWICK is a great show and was just starting to get really good. They didn't even give it a chance and they didn't promote it well either. If you want people to watch you have to let them know what is on. I agree get rid of ugly betty that show has run its coarse.
posted by missing on Feb 17, 2010
please bring back eastwick really was getting intoit wed arent the same. The show ugly betty isnt very good lost interest long time ago in it!!!!
posted by Tisat on Feb 16, 2010
Please bring back Eastwick. I Love the show, so does most of my Friends. please bring it back
posted by animel18 on Feb 08, 2010
I LOVE EASTWICK PLEASE OH PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS SHOW AWAY! i was hooked like glue to this show starting at first episode please keep it on the air its amazing!
posted by Denise on Feb 08, 2010
I beg of you not to take EASTWICK off air. LOVE THAT SHOW
posted by we the people on Feb 07, 2010
charming show running time not so charming does ABC actually NO good concept feel sorry 4 u u need reality check not reality shows I still like ABC but your human and humaqns make mistakes still hopeful EASTWICK FAN FOR EVER
posted by CJ on Feb 06, 2010
ABC Bring back eastwick !!! Go read the petitions and look at the people who have joined the group on Twitter to save the show ! also go on wikipedia and look at the amount of viewers then actually think for once, and bring back the show that everybody loves ! Please don't take this amazing show away from us you already took Charmed not Eastwick too !
posted by Run on Feb 05, 2010
I finally found a show that i so enjoyed. It was funny, acting was very good, and some really good stars. Why do the networks cancel shows that are actually good and not stupid.
posted by WE PAY on Feb 05, 2010
posted by realitysucks on Feb 04, 2010
Please please keep Eastwick it's the only show on that's entertaining and NOT a crime show or reality show!! I love the girls, they rock!
posted by Jackan on Feb 03, 2010
This show was Great!!! Finally decent TV in the US and then they stop it! Stupid - Please bring it back
posted by pgriffin3 on Feb 02, 2010
Eastwick was a good show. They should be canceling some of these damn reality shows.
posted by SAD PERSON on Jan 29, 2010
posted by XOXOXOXOXO on Jan 29, 2010
posted by hummer60 on Jan 29, 2010
Eastwick was one of the best shows on ABC. The storylines were unique and the characters quirky. A totally enjoyable hour in the middle of the horrible reality shows. Please bring it back!
posted by ALICE on Jan 28, 2010
posted by djay on Jan 28, 2010
posted by OU812 on Jan 27, 2010
u might just as well stick 2 reality shows and crime scene shows eastwick should be picked up by another station oh yea ugly betty not very good so keep it on i will resort to other channels
posted by TOBAH2 on Jan 26, 2010
posted by Jim on Jan 21, 2010
Another Great show being cancelled, and they keep all those shitty shows like ugly betty
posted by ek3278 on Jan 21, 2010
Give EASTWICK series to NBC they need something to run in the 10pm slot. We dont care if it stays on your network as long as we can watch this great show.
posted by heatherlo on Jan 20, 2010
Love the show. Please keep it going.
posted by Tiff on Jan 19, 2010
I LOVE eastwick!! this is total bullshit, and I HATE UGLY BETTY that show needs to be pulled!!!! total crap, they dont even care what people like!!!
posted by bright07 on Jan 18, 2010
eastwick is the best show i hate to see it gone.please bring it back.ugly is the worst show ever.
posted by janet bright on Jan 18, 2010
please put eastwick back on i loved that has been the best primetime show in a long time well since dallas
posted by huggy on Jan 18, 2010
3 hot woman cmon that show "ROCKS" ABC
posted by lovetv on Jan 14, 2010
I can't believe you are cancelling this amazing show (Eastwick)its one the best show on TV come on there must be a way to reconisder this decison and I'm sure alot of people think the same way.
posted by Jilliana on Jan 14, 2010
Can somebody shout to ABC to bring back EASTWICK!!!!!!!!!
posted by eastwickfan on Jan 13, 2010
I didnt know the last episode was the one on 12/30. ABC could of at least finished what they started by wrappin up the season.. I LOVE EASTWICK.. Y oh Y would you do this to me.
posted by jummy on Jan 10, 2010
ABC are sooo stupid the show is really good, i love it. I think the best thing is for the show to be moved to another channel
posted by EASTWICK EVERY WEEK on Jan 10, 2010
I love Eastwick! What is wrong with ABC?? Why fix something thats not broke? Ugly Betty has GOT TO GO!!
posted by Shelly on Jan 07, 2010
Please keep Eastwick.. I love this Show.. Its my favorite.. its worth watching...
posted by samifay on Jan 06, 2010
This is a perfect example of how being paid big money doesn't mean you have brains! The story line was new and fresh, the acting was authentic, the show was entertaining. How bout not bringing back the brown nose that cancelled it!
posted by tammibenn on Jan 06, 2010
Eastwick wasn't given a fair chance, because there was alaways some type of special happening during their time slot. "I LOVE EASTWICK!" It was the best show!
posted by dj4life on Jan 05, 2010
What needs to be done to keep this show around. Finally there is a show that is interesting and fun. Where is the petition to keep this show around? Eastwick is the best show on TV right now!!!!!
posted by This show rocks! on Jan 04, 2010
Finally a show that is unique, not another reality show! My husband, daughter, and I all watch it and love it!!! Please don't cancel! I love ABC! Please love me back by returning Eastwick to the lineup!
posted by Meangurl1978 on Jan 03, 2010
Keep Eastwick....people love this show why cancel a good show and replace it with something like ugly betty come off it that show sucks it should have been cancelled after the first eastwick drop eastwick drop eastwick drop betty....
posted by Meangurl1978 on Jan 03, 2010
You keep ugly betty and have other crappy shows on but the one good show gets cancelled that sucks Keep EASTWICK lose betty...
posted by Jdavis18 on Jan 03, 2010
Please bring back Eastwick. I have watched it from the very first show. I love watching the show each week. It is a great show, full of funny and intense moments. I love the characters in the show and I cannot wait to see what they will get into next.It is fun and mysterious to try to guess what is about to happen next. Please keep Eastwick!
posted by saveEastwick on Jan 02, 2010
Please put Eastwick back on!! My husband and I looked forward to watching it each Wednesday night!! It totally kicks Ugly Betty's butt!!
posted by Judy 2 on Jan 02, 2010
This was the best show on primtime television are the network executives smoking crack
posted by Alphaj on Jan 02, 2010
Please Don't Cancel this show its awesome!!!!!
posted by JStarPaws on Jan 02, 2010
This show was really fun, come on!
posted by are you listening to on Jan 01, 2010
"Eastwick" is superior to so many idiotic shows on t.v. Watched "Ugly Betty" for five minutes, once. Thought it was ridiculous."Eastwick" is such a delight.Give it a better time slot, as previously stated by a loyal viewer. Any bets that it will take off and succeed.Please, give it another chance. If you won't, then another network should.CBS picked up "Medium". Any takers?
posted by Julie on Jan 01, 2010
I wish someone would bring Eastwick back to T.V., I don't care what channel it is.
posted by eastwick viewer on Dec 31, 2009
It is a pity that you would cancel such a delicious show, Paul Gross and Rebecca Romijn have such chemistry. Ugly Betty is stupid, I will never watch it...
posted by worried on Dec 31, 2009
dont cancel eastwick its my favorite show i look foward to seeing this show every week my friends and i talk about the shows every thrusday and we dont watch ugly betty please bring back eastwick you left us hanging brining in the new guys in on the last show not fair
posted by AMERICAN BROADCASTIN on Dec 31, 2009
posted by DJ14 on Dec 30, 2009
Don't take Eastwick off the air!!! I look forward to watching it, it's a great show. Way better than cop or medical shows which I hate! I don't watch Ugly Betty!
posted by helen on Dec 29, 2009
Please keep Eastwick going, its just BRILLIANT, why keep depressing us all with constant boring cop shows. Eastwick is so full of spice its just GREAT! Please, Please, Dont get rid of it!!!!
posted by keepEastwick on Dec 27, 2009
Please keep this show on, Eastwick is the kinda show that you cant wait for the next week to come around, the type of show you keep on your DVR so you can watch it again and again, please dont let us down ....
posted by Amy on Dec 24, 2009
Why cancel a good show that actually has good actors and actresses. Eastwick is soooo nice, its nice to sit and watch a show that has suspense and funny all wrapped up into one. NBC, CBS and FOX all allow those stupid reality shows, but when it comes to a show that actually deserves to stay on, they decide to cut it. NBC is the BIGGEST LOSER!!
posted by holly on Dec 24, 2009
I love the show. Its so nice to finally have something that perks us up on a dull evening. I really miss it. "DONT" cancel it Please................
posted by Ant on Dec 22, 2009
Ugly Betty has had its chance and failed. KEEP EASTWICK!!!
posted by desiree t on Dec 22, 2009
please don't cancel Eastwick I love this show and hate ugly betty. Yiu will lose me as a viewer.
posted by debra on Dec 17, 2009
Hopefully CBS or NBC won't be as stupid as ABC is for cancelling this show and will pick it up. There is nothing else like it on TV- Much better than the trash reality shows that make me feal brain dead or the murder and cop shows that are so damb depressing.
posted by debra on Dec 17, 2009
Please don't take off Eastwick. It is the only show I love to watch even though it comes on kind of late for me and I always have to tape it. I love this show and can't wait for it to come on each week. Some times I watch the episodes multiple times because it is so much better than any thing else on TV. I am always sad that it only shows 1 episode a week. It should be on every night. I would watch this every night if I could. Love the show and I don't want to go back to watching the terrible, boring reality shows or murder/cop shows done so many times that even a four year old knows the plot before it happens.
posted by keep eastwick on Dec 17, 2009
me and my wife look foward to this show every week. please keep it on the air
posted by TLC on Dec 17, 2009
ABC YOU SUCK THANKS A MILLION FOR TAKING OFF ONE OF THE BEST SHOW (Eastwick)and replacing it will ugly betty,watch one show and thought it was one of the stupidest shows of seen.You need to bring eastwick back .Having friends over to watch eastwick was great now we cant cause you suck for cancelling.THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Odedemae21 on Dec 16, 2009
This is the only show I really watch. Please don't cancel it. I look forward to watching it every week. No matter how tired I am, I will stay up just to see this show. You can't cancel it.
posted by lana7069 on Dec 16, 2009
don't yo think the cop and dr shows are just too much! we need this show for our sanity!!!!
posted by Eastwick Fan on Dec 14, 2009
PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW! I really enjoy this show as well as many others... I'm speaking for the silent majority, who doesn't really know what's going on. If you cancel this show... ABC will lose a lot more viewers than canceling "Ugly Betty." How do you really know how many people watch this show anyways? A lot of people I know are very upset with this cancellation! LET EASTWICK RETURN!!!
posted by A-Z on Dec 11, 2009
Please, continue the show, I Love It. It is so entertaining. How Exciting it is to watch the Actor's interact, it makes me Laugh. I very much enjoy the show and it is the only one I watch on TV. Please continue. GO EASTWICK
posted by CC on Dec 11, 2009
Please don't take it off the air we love watching it. The only show I watch on TV. The actor's are very talented. Me and my daughter stay up to watch the show. Please continue, Please.
posted by B on Dec 10, 2009
So sad Eastwick has been cancelled. Another bright, talented cast pushed aside to make room for yet another Crime Sceen dulldrome. ABC should reconsider this one.
posted by KarenS on Dec 07, 2009
Ratings don't tell the whole story now, do they? Please don't cancel it?!
posted by suzie999 on Dec 06, 2009
We have 3 generations in my family that love this show which shows it's popularity. Please reconsider and leave this show on the air!
posted by rmh on Dec 06, 2009
Eastwick is the best show on TV besides Desperate Housewives! Let me sign the petition! We fought FOX for America's Most Wanted & they brought it back! Reality shows are brain-dead etc. Eastwick has it...I so look forward to Wednesday's just to see this one show. Cougartown and Modern Family aren't cutting it. Please listen to the viewers and leave this show on!!!! Ugly Betty? You must be kidding! I am not a heavy TV viewer, but when I saw Eastwick I was hooked! It gets better every week! 3 sexy women and sexy Van Horn! Not all the viewers are brain-dead.. we love this show!!!!
posted by Freebird on Dec 05, 2009
My husband and I both watch the show Eastwick Witches and love it. Each episode keeps getting better and you want to cancel it? What is up with that!!!!
posted by azul23 on Dec 03, 2009
missed episode 1 because of the lack of advertisement, but saw ep.2 and was hooked! My mother, my daughters and their friends and now my husband is watching it!When you have three generations in a family and men coming together to watch a show you've got something special! please keep Eastwick on the air we love this show!
posted by Fusterated on Dec 03, 2009
Come on! give Eastwick a fair chance.Pick it up, I bet it will be worth it.
posted by bella5420 on Dec 03, 2009
i agreen with the person who said reality shows are growing like a viers. do not cancele eastwick
posted by Kamaru on Dec 03, 2009
It has been a long time since there was a TV show that I looked forward to so much I would sit down and watch it live instead of waiting for it to TiVo. This was a great show, I'm actually hurt that ABC didn't even give it a chance to thrive. Too many good shows have been canceled like this in the last few years. I'm going to switch to reading books and not waste my time getting invested in anymore new T.V. It seems anything remotely different doesn't stand a chance. (Think Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies).
posted by VeryUpset on Dec 03, 2009
Sorry, I'm very upset right now. That should say, "ABC, where good shows die".
posted by VeryUpset on Dec 03, 2009
Ok, now Zap-2-News is stating that ABC has bumped the final episode of Eastwick to move Ugly Betty to Wednesday nights a week early. BOOOOO. Shame on you ABC, your viewer's opinions obviously mean nothing to you. ABC reputation has fallen. They might as well change thier slogain to "ABC, where good shoes die".
posted by VeryUpset on Dec 03, 2009
We need more people to sigh the petition!!
posted by VeryUpset on Dec 03, 2009
How do we get the network to listen to us, or even read all of the postings about this show. If they would look at them, it could make them change thier minds about the cancellation of Eastwick. The show is getting so good!! Did you see last night's episode? I'm not happy with ABC at all.
posted by Mary Rooney on Dec 03, 2009
I loved Eastwick it was funny and very entertaining consider bringing it back or sell it to TNT OR USA
posted by karimari79 on Dec 02, 2009
Please bring Eastwick back!!!
posted by sistine78 on Dec 02, 2009
This show was a fantastic idea and 6 episodes is not a fair judge of its potential. It should at least be allowed to run into the second season to smooth out kinks and gain the audience which is apparently growing. It truly has much character to offer and it's such an immense waste of successful effort if it's prohibited from perpetuating.
posted by Wheezie on Dec 02, 2009
Hello NBC, CBS, HBO....anyone that has an ounce of business sense should pick this show up and run it. ABC you really need to give your "head" a shake. Shame on you for screwing your viewing audience...yet again.
posted by aneuden on Nov 30, 2009
I was upset when I saw that Eastwick was getting canceled. I'm glad that this petition was started. I don't know how much power the people have, but I hope that the show will continue. This is finally a light- hearted show. There is a lot of room for evolving story lines. ABC is finally a power house and I think their shows are far better than NBC and CBS. I don't remember this happening in my lifetime before. There is a reason for your success, but keep the good shows!!!!
posted by nightress on Nov 28, 2009
I really wish they would not cancel this show. It's one that I like to see how it can be played out because there are many ways to go with this story line.
posted by mof2ifl on Nov 28, 2009
Why do they always cancel the good shows? Have they considered that there are people, like me, that DVR the shows to watch at a different time. Maybe that might be what affects the ratings at the time. I'm sure there are a lot of people that do this. We hate commercials so we DVR everything we watch. Everytime time my husband and I fall in love with a show it gets canceled. Maybe we are bad luck for shows!
posted by Awesome Eastwick on Nov 27, 2009
I'm so sick of the well written, well acted shows getting canceled, while idiotic reality shows multiple like viruses. If Eastwick goes, I'm done with ABC.
posted by roseann on Nov 26, 2009
ABC shame on you! Best show to come on the air in years and your going to cancel it. Way to go! Whoever you ask before you made this decision is nuts and should be committed. Keept it on the air.
posted by tracyj on Nov 26, 2009
I'm very disappointed about the cancellation of Eastwick. I've been enjoying the show and would like to see it continue. What can be done?
posted by AbbyKidabby on Nov 25, 2009
I love Eastwick. It's one of the few shows I won't miss and I totally refuse to watch reality shows where we have to follow immoral people behaving badly throughout their self-centered days. After only two episodes of Ugly Betty I decided I'd rather shove sporks in my eyes than watch it.
posted by eastwick on Nov 22, 2009
dont cancel!!!!!! i love this show and i actually loook foward to wednesdays nights after a long day! this show makes my whole week! keep it on!!
posted by witchywoman on Nov 22, 2009
Don't cancel it - move it to a better time slot, for crying out loud! This show has so much potential, and such a great cast. If "Private Practice" is so popular, move it and put "Eastwick" in that spot. All the "Grey's"-watchers would probably stick around in droves!
posted by Eastwick on Nov 21, 2009
Please don't cancel Eastwick!!!! it's one of the greatest shows this season...
posted by neverposts on Nov 20, 2009
i never leave comments on web posts/articles/etc... but I'm so sad to hear that they're canceling it!! I love this show- it's one of my "guilty pleasures."
posted by apriest14 on Nov 20, 2009
Please bring Eastwick back! It was nice to have something a little different. I loved all the characters and the actors!
posted by kizzez on Nov 20, 2009
why would they take this off it was a great show. i rad they are putting ugly betty back on what a bunch of wankers hey that show ended because it was pathetic atleast this ws new and different give it back to the fans
posted by doloresrogers on Nov 20, 2009
This is a nice escape show. It is fun and funny and fanciful. For one hour every week, I do not worry about unemployment, health care reform, the budget deficit or the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. I am lost in the laughter and fun of Eastwick. I go on line to watch the episodes again because I always miss something. Please put the show back on the air. It was the only thing I watched on your damned network!
posted by Ray on Nov 19, 2009
Hey fuck ABC I loved that show. Bring back Eastwick you dumb fucks!!!
posted by blusita on Nov 19, 2009
Cancel The Forgotten and V. All the shows ABC has canceled like Cupid, Life on Mars, Men in Trees are imaginative and quite magical! Keeping Lost, The Forgotten, V - seriously what is up with that? The canceled shows should have had better time slots and been marketed like the latter shows mentioned. Seriously canceled? Awful.
posted by Selle on Nov 19, 2009
I love this show Eastwick, it is different and entertaining. I am sick of police/hospital dramas and stupid sitcoms that make people look like idiots. I think this show needs to be on a progressive network, not a tired one.
posted by WEDA on Nov 19, 2009
posted by catnichole on Nov 19, 2009
WHAT A SHAME! Im not big on watching TV, but eastwick was definately a show that could grab my attention for an hour! PLEASE bring it back! :( Maybe try putting it into an earlier time slot! Maybe then then ratings will go up!
posted by bleacherbum on Nov 18, 2009
Too good to last.. from the first episode I knew this show was not going to make it past a first season. The writing is not that great and more thought should have gone into the story. But for some reason this show still had the ability to suck you in and for an hour each week, I felt like I was in Eastwick, really was a neat show to watch and I am going to miss every minute of it. My best advice to those who are upset about this, don't watch the rest of the shows, it will just bother you more in the end.....I still have not gotten over HBO killing Deadwood. Goodbye Eastwick.
posted by nfl chick on Nov 18, 2009
I was watching this faithfully. My husband would even help me get my kids off to be so I could watch it. Why cant us girls have a show to watch. Just because the men are the ones who normally sit on the couch and watch TV doesn't mean that the girls don't want to sit down too. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. I had just gotten my girlfriends intrested. They all called wondering if they had missed it and were disapointed to find out it wasn't on, now twice in a row. Four episodes doesn't even equal a season. Give it a chance!!!!!!!!!!
posted by jess on Nov 18, 2009
I hate getting invested in a show and then they cancel it. ABC is getting as bad as FOX now with this crap! Eastwick was one of the only entertaining shows on Wen. nights, I understand the ratings were going down but give it a chance!!
posted by Buffy on Nov 18, 2009
I really cant believe they are taking off this show! Part of the problem - they didnt advertise it, none of my friends knew about it - till I told them. I guess my TV will just stay OFF. I am tired of watching the reality shows and crime stuff!
posted by N on Nov 18, 2009
This is a wonderful show. I can't believe they are going to cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted by fridays child on Nov 18, 2009
what does ABC know about anything really entertaining? They really haven't shown much in the way of a great series lately,in fact none of the networks have come up with anthing so appealing and amusingly entertaining as "EASTWICK" keeps you coming back for MORE....The only new show worth watching...What a Shame ...
posted by SUSANDWORAK on Nov 18, 2009
I love this show. I am so tired of police forensics, stupid medical shows. Your keeping Cougar Town? and cancelling this wonderful show. For shame. Enough with the vampires1 Up with the witches. Charmed was a wonderful series and lasted out. Please try a different time slot, something BUT DO NOT TRASH IT!
posted by love95 on Nov 17, 2009
omg i only seen the show once but planed to c it again bring it back eastwick must live on
posted by iloveeastwick on Nov 17, 2009
please dont cancel eastwick. its a great show.. one of the best abc has right now!
posted by dont take witches aw on Nov 16, 2009
keep this show it's awesome!
posted by mitchelljbm on Nov 16, 2009
don't take this-hot women!
posted by hmitch on Nov 16, 2009
I love this show! We watched it since the beginning! Pleasse keep this show!
posted by alexa on Nov 16, 2009
so stupid of ABC I cant believe it, this show is so awesome its the best thing to come along since charmed i actually like eastwick better. this sucks im loosing 2 great shows in one year. even though Guiding light was on CBS it still sucks.
posted by seriousfan on Nov 16, 2009
STUPID MOVE on ABC"S part! Eastwick is one of the best imaginative shows since Charmed left the air! This show is like a cross between Desperate Housewives(also a favorite) and Charmed! Second everyone on here needs to step back from Ugly Betty it's a good show and it is NOT the reason they canceled Eastwick! "The Forgotten" is the reason Eastwick is being booted! They can put shows on whatever day they want, even if they wanted to move Ugly Betty, to Eastwicks slot they could have just as easily put Eastwick in Ugly Betty's old slot. Everyone needs to boycott The Forgotten - that is the reason for no Eastwick! BRING IT BACK ABC! SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF FAN!
posted by avid viewer on Nov 15, 2009
I enjoy this show and like most everyone else who have signed I do not care for reality tv. I hope ABC will change their minds and keep Eastwick on.
posted by MobMotherScitah on Nov 15, 2009
Eastwick is one of 5 shows I bother to watch. I request that it get's brought back and if a request isn't enugh, then I will damn well demand!
posted by kim on Nov 14, 2009
really enjoy this show...have it dvr'd so I don't miss an episode. You've gotta keep this fun, quirky show.
posted by kim on Nov 14, 2009
really enjoy this show...have it dvr'd so I don't miss an episode. You've gotta keep this fun, quirky show.
posted by Jaclyn on Nov 14, 2009
posted by Carlie on Nov 14, 2009
Please don't cancel this great show! I am tired od all the doctors'lawyers and cop shows! No more reality, I want to fantasy!! I want Joanna's powers and I can definitly relate to Kat in being in a marriage for so long that the love is gone but u still want to be there for your kids and that Daryl (MMMmmmm) what a handsome bad ass guy! U love him and hate him at the same time!! My point is Please let me fantasy and DON'T CANCEL THIS AWESOME SHOW!! THANK YOU
posted by Batzangel on Nov 14, 2009
Please allow Eastwick to continue.
posted by Mystic on Nov 13, 2009
I love this show!!..just as I love love my chocolate. It's a little escape and the world gets put on hold. All 3 girls are cute and quirky. My Mom's arguement is the girls are too dingy...I will take it anyway, just PLEASE KEEP EASTWICK. It was cool to have Cybil on the show as well. I was so happy that finally found a show that I actually love. They always cancel the good stuff. And I still miss Third Watch!
posted by Mel on Nov 13, 2009
Please keep Eastwick for those of us who refuse to watch Reality shows.
posted by Bummed on Nov 13, 2009
This was the first good clean show to come along in a while. My husband and I both enjoyed this show together. He liked it for obvious reasons but I enjoyed it because it was something different. I loved the characters and was so anxious to see what happened next. I have nothing to look forward to on Wed. nights now.
posted by kayecandles on Nov 13, 2009
Do NOT CANCEL EASTWICK-it is the only show I watch on ABC, seriously. I tried watching Ugly Betty and after 2 episodes I said no thanks-even the first season of Ugly Betty was worse than this show-Eastwick is awesome, I had to DVR it twice because my kids were up, but I love watching this show and it is starting to get more interesting-if ABC does not keep it, please please lets hope another network takes it, many fans would love to continue this show-your fans are behind you Eastwick.
posted by loved eastwick on Nov 13, 2009
please dont cancel. This was a great show. Im so tired of all the other trash on tv.
posted by nightryder54 on Nov 13, 2009
great show great women looked forward to watching every wednesday night
posted by ames on Nov 12, 2009
please please please don't cancel this show!
posted by jeanie on Nov 12, 2009
Great show!!! Why not try a different time slot/day? This is a funny ,sexy, smart show-PLEASE keep it on the air !!!
posted by Karen on Nov 12, 2009
Well here we go again. You did the same bull with Dirty, Sexy, MoneY and pushing daisies. Once again not even giving it a chance. I'm flat out just going to stop watching ABC. EVERY time I get into a show because It has a great cast and storyline you cancel it and put on another stupid CSI or Reality show. PLAYED OUT!!! Get it nobody wants to watch that crap anymore. If the show had low views did you ever think that maybe its not because of the show but because the network sucks. GET A CLUE. You have to give a show a chance before you yank it. Everyone I know loved Eastwick!!! And I know nobody who watches that stupid show ugly betty!!! Give us a break ABC. I think the only reason you guys have any viewers anyway is because of Lost. Which I feel is played out as well. But thats ok cause I heard you canceling that as well. Oh well, I guess that means GOOD BUY ABC. YOUR LAME.
posted by Angel on Nov 12, 2009
Ugly Betty is lame and so not worth replacing Eastwick. If anything move Eastwick to Friday nights and put your stupid Ugly Betty on Wed. Really does any one even watch that show. Its one of the dumbest shows out there. Its been on long enough. I think its time to move on from that show in the first place.
posted by Autumn on Nov 12, 2009
Please, please, please do not cancel Eastwick. Its so hard these days to find good shows that are not the norm. And this show fits the bill. I'm so sick of all the CSI's and stupid reality shows. You didn't even give it a chance. It was hardly even advertised so people are just not starting to get into it. Its smart, sexy and mystical with a GREAT cast. Why does ABC always do this. They throw out way to many shows at once and then get rid of the best ones. 13 shows. Really what do you expect the reaction is going to be with ony 13 shows. BULL. I'm so pissed. You have to give it a chance. Its one of the best shows on right not because its different then any thing else out their. Again GIVE IT MORE OF A CHANCE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Carin on Nov 12, 2009
Why is it when something is really entertaining and better than Ugly Betty you decide to cancel? Why not move it?
posted by DISAPPOINTED!! on Nov 12, 2009
I loved Eastwick! I was so upset when I seen it didn't record Wednesday night, and found out it was CANCELLED. I've never watched Ugly Betty and I won't start. Very disappointed. How can they just leave us hanging!! I want to know what happens next, who is Vanhorn anyway?! Any who is the missing woman in the picture he burned? Bun just got her memory back and they do this? HUHHHHH!
posted by EASTWICKFAN! on Nov 12, 2009
Please keep Eastwick!!! It's a fresh fun show worth watching!!!
posted by Roxie on Nov 12, 2009
There are very few shows that women can relate to and enjoy. Too many realty crazys and crime drama. We beg you keep Eastwick, put it on with Desperate Housewives and more will watch. It is hidden on Wednesday nights . So much better than tons of shows that are on now. Perhaps we can get USA to pick it up or Lifetime.
posted by millie on Nov 12, 2009
keep this show we girls all get together and watch it once a is great...don't cancel..we love it
posted by bsktbalbabe15 on Nov 12, 2009
PLEASE DONT CANCEL EASTWICK!!!! I love this show I look forward to Wednesdays just cause I know it is going to be on. I love the cast and the story line, and it is so hard to find a good show now a days. I was hooked from the first episode and i think you would be making a big mistake canceling this show. It was just getting into it with them discovering their powers it was so entertaining. You would be a FOOL to cancel this show without even really giving it a chance.
posted by abaluk on Nov 12, 2009
Do not cancel Eastwick, there are so many hospital dramas and reality shows its sickening. Eastwick is funny, charming, and just plain fun. Its a good show and this will be a big mistake if abc takes this show off the air.
posted by Amber on Nov 12, 2009
Don't cancel a great show
posted by Angry@ABC on Nov 12, 2009
First you get rid of pushing daisies, then you screw up Grey's Anatomy, now you're canceling Eastwick?!? I'm done watching ABC. Your network is terrible and you never give shows a chance to thrive.
posted by Jmagaletti on Nov 12, 2009
posted by Biggest Eastwick Fan on Nov 12, 2009
Love, Love, Love this show DO NOT CANCEL!! Give it a chance!
posted by Pink on Nov 12, 2009
Please do not cancel Eastwick, I love this show so much!!!
posted by eternity110 on Nov 12, 2009
Is there a petition to have it on another network??? If ABC is going to be stubborn and not keep it, then perhaps another network would think it's worth taking it (BECAUSE IT IS). ABC is just missing out on all the Emmys Eastwick would have won.
posted by LavenderKat on Nov 12, 2009
I make sure that my calender is clear so that I can watch Eastwick, and heaven help the person that interupts my watching it. Everyone learned very quickly do not even disturb Mom while she is watching Eastwick! It is one of the best shows I have seen in awhile. I absolutely love Eastwick and don't want to see it end.
posted by WTH!!! on Nov 12, 2009
This is a very entertaining show. I can't beleive that you are replacing it with Ugly Betty... watched 5 minutes of that show once, and haven't touched it since. I was watching Cougar Town as well, but I think I'll boycott ABC in my household.
posted by SAD!!! on Nov 12, 2009
Please bring it back. It was a nice change from the reality crap. Try to air it on a different day or timeslot. PLEASE!!!
posted by sadd on Nov 12, 2009
Please don't cancel eastwick me and my co-workers are obsessed with that show. What will we talk about come Thursday morning?
posted by Jenn on Nov 12, 2009
I agree with everyone's post thus far. This series is fantastic. It's both clever and sexy. It really is the only show I look forward to on Wednesday's. I just got home from work (3rd shift- I DVR it) and when I saw Eastwick didn't record I got on the internet to find out why and found out it was being cancelled. Truly disappointing.
posted by great show on Nov 12, 2009
Ugly betty is lame these days sorry but its true and eastwick is way better, PlEASE KEEP it on air .. which the times of the showing that would be okay with me since i always have to record it . But im inlove with the show . so please keep it its the first show that i actally make time to watch .
posted by witcher on Nov 12, 2009
This is the best thing on TV right now!!!!! Get rid of the reality shows, never watched them never will. I watch TV to escape from reality!!
posted by :( on Nov 12, 2009
This show is the best. Don't cancel it!
posted by Lindsey on Nov 12, 2009
People haven't even had a chance to hear about eastwick now. Don't cancel it!
posted by licia214 on Nov 12, 2009
I agree with everyone. Eastwick is a great show. It's different and I do agree, Ugly Betty sucks! Don't cancel it!! I look forward to it every week!
posted by Larsongemini2 on Nov 12, 2009
ugly betty sucks!!!!eastwick will resume on nov.25th to finish out the final 6 episodes. Meanwhile there are pettions all over online to keep the show on!! some have more that 4 or 5 thousand. signatures. so get looking and please sign any petiton you find. And spread the word!!!!
posted by Michelle B. on Nov 12, 2009
I love the show also, and it would be ashame to cancel the show - where do I sign the petition? I doubt anything can fix it to where it goes back on air, since the dollar is more important to some other than having a viewing audience.
posted by Flipside on Nov 12, 2009
Figures, another good show cancelled. Lets maybe do another crime drama, reality show or hospital drama in its place. There really are not enough of those.
posted by BJMPOOKIE on Nov 11, 2009
this Sucks I love this show
posted by gnat on Nov 11, 2009
really disappointed. was enjoying this show. it's always the good ones that get axed. never the reality crap or cliche cop dramas.
posted by reality check on Nov 11, 2009
stick with the original film.... superior and unimitatable.
posted by Salwah on Nov 11, 2009
posted by Mimi on Nov 11, 2009
Whoever the retard in charge was who made the decision to cancel Eastwick should LOSE THEIR JOB. If there are execs who are happening to read over these comments, if you read no other comments, READ THIS ONE: It is SAD that they lack the PERCEPTION to realize that this show - if left on the air - WILL ATTRACT SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION. So many people I know talk about and make sure they are home in time to watch THIS ONE PROGRAM. ABC has no idea of the demographics they are hitting so thoroughly with this Show - NO IDEA. You execs have to be PATIENT and not worry about your ratings all the time -- shows like this will be huge because so many people love it now. Stop being so short-sighted and leave a wonderfully fantastic show ON THE AIR. There are aspects of this show that so many of us viewers relate to and LOVE ferociously!!!! If you take this show off it will be a wonderful demonstration of ABC's lack of INSIGHT and inability to make sound choices. Just be PATIENT and PLEASE LEAVE IT ON THE AIR. THIS SHOW IS WHAT I LOOK FORWARD TO EACH WEDNESDAY.
posted by Amy on Nov 11, 2009
I would really hate to see Eastwick go off the air, it's the only good thing on, Wednesday nights. :( please no.
posted by rjmogo on Nov 11, 2009
finally ABC finds a show worth watching and they s-can it. Ugly Betty, never watched it and won't start. Goodbye ABC you're toast.
posted by i love this show! on Nov 11, 2009
please dont take it off the rox
posted by This is crazy! on Nov 11, 2009
i love this show....what will i dont without it...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
posted by mia on Nov 11, 2009
I'm sick of these stupid reality shows getting all the ratings pushing off all the new shows!!. I love Eastwick and I loved Dirty Sexy Money!
posted by photobug on Nov 11, 2009
This show was very entertaining. At least let us finish out the season to see how things turn out.
posted by bright on Nov 11, 2009
please keep this show it is the one show I really look forward to every week!!
posted by 2Slick on Nov 11, 2009
So they're putting one of the worst shows in television history in it's place in Ugly Betty? LMAO

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